Friday, December 02, 2011

Why Facebook application development is on high for small business.

Facebook has become an integral part of our lives these days. This social media platform actually made our world small where we can share, discuss and find anything just through few clicks. It also boosted the social interactivity between people and gave a a great place for boosting business.
Thus, we can say that Facebook application development hold great potential for small businesses with its great social media platform. Facebook let it developers to go ahead with Facebook applications development and in turn augments the promotion of the specific brand. Facebook application development could be anything from games, horoscope and astrology, personal questions and many more.
Recent Facebook applications actual added the charm to this social networking website. If you are lucky enough to make you Facebook application popular than you can just relax and enjoy the revenue.
If you are an owner of a small business and is looking for a new Facebook application development for the promotion of your brand then you need to keep in mind few points. Initially start with exactly what type of applications does Facebook approve so that you can choose you category of your application correctly.
After you are sure of the category look for an experienced and imaginative Facebook application developers. The foremost thing to check with the development company is their application ideas and designing capability. Because applications which are visually non appealing usually fail to lure audiences.
Always check that the application development must have very easy user navigation along with being unique and engaging also. For this Facebook application developers need to have out of the box ideas to actually grab attention on the Facebook.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mozilla's Thunderbird 8 with lightening 1.0 calendar

Mozilla's ultimate Thunderbird 8, e-mail software was launched recently. Thunderbird 8 has been associated with the Firefox rapid release program. Thunderbolt 8 is crafted on the Gecko 8 Browser engine and Firefox 8 is also built on the same engine which is also released along side.
The new version of Thunderbird 8 is accompanied by the much awaited Lightening 1.0. It is an add-on under development for many years which provides Thunderbird with a calendar module. Mozilla's Thunderbird 8 also bestow enhancements in the attachment handling and accessibility, improved search feature and shortcuts. It has also introduced enough security and stability features.
The add on of Lightening 1.0 to Thunderbird 8 make it more lovable over Outlook for the people who prefer open source medium to send, recieve, search and archive email. It is built to work with Thunderbird 8 but can work equally good with older versions. The Mozilla's Lightening 1.0 will let people add their calendar entries, subscribe online calendars, manage a to do list and many more.
Thunderbird 8 will be supporting new keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+F would be used for search inside an individual message depending on the selection. For using the quick filter, you can use Ctrl+ Shift + K shortcut.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

What to lookout in an Android tab?

Android too has hit the tablet market with a vengeance, with tablet sales soaring al across the globe. Their cost on the lower side of the scale has been tempting users to find this as an alternative to the iPad as well as other netbooks. Android tabs generally come with a capacitive touchscreen which are non responsive to any stylus. Most of the android tabs are running on Gingerbread 2.3.
Most of these tabs comes with 256MB to 1 GB of RAM and an average processor speed of 800Mhz.
Android 2.2 and above has flash which is generally required by most users for their work. Google market place is exclusive and is available only to few manufacturers which comply with its terms and conditions. In case of a google marketplace you can have access to thousands of applications which are both paid as well as free. Android tabs are trying to take on the iPad, however it remains to be seen whether they overcome their drawbacks and are successful in doing so.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What effects does Cloud Computing have on information technology?

The ever growing advancements of information technology is focussing on reduced infrastructure, greater applications, storage space and cutting down on costs. Cloud computing has garnered an immense amount of attention of late, it is increasingly also being used for mobile computing. Cloud computing can also be confused for web hosting, however they both have different technologies.

What is cloud computing?. Cloud computing helps us in accessing software, data services and storage services without investing in IT infrastructure or software over the medium of the internet.Involving third party hosting these in large servers. Cloud computing solutions are being used by topo notch companies like Amazon, Yahoo,Google and Microsoft.

This is of three types software as service(SaaS, platform for service (PaaS) for developers and Infrastructure as a service(IaaS). Cloud computing seems to have remarkable effects on information technology.It offers to bring down the costs which are otherwise spent on manpower or infrastructure.Offering easy expansion it gives you the flexibility of using more resources if you are expanding your business.It has gained its brownie points in being environmental friendly.

It would be unfair to call this technology as the answer to Information technology issues. It's security as well as privacy is questionable. Maintenance of sensitive and encrypted data,recovery over loss of data and accountability are issues that have been raised with its gaining momentum.The end user today wants to protect his privacy and avoid abuse or be monitored by someone.

Increasingly being deemed as the answer to all IT requirements,it has to pass the litmus test to be adopted for IT requirements globally.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Custom Software Development

Custom software development is the process which involves development of any unique software for any specific organisation. Most software which are developed are projected to cater a wide market of millions. This type of software is generally free or can be available as commercial off the shelf (COTS) software.

There are many companies dealing in custom software,as termed as bespoke software it can be developed by the company itself or outsourced to another organisation. The initial development of bespoke software involves all the departments of any company like marketing, sales, development, research and engineering. Since this software is primarily made to cater to the various requirements, every step of development involves accommodating nuances. This also involves modifying any previously built programs which is immensely time and labour consuming.

Custom software development helps in increasing the efficiency as well as the productivity of any organisation. It helps in overcoming the security issues as there is more control over access. It also helps in further expansion of business and generating more revenues. This software development can certainly lend any organisation a competitive edge however it also has the cons of unavoidable costs and risk at times. Organisations all around the globe are investing in offshore resources for the development of custom software. Investing in appropriate custom software development can make your business prosper.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Apple Ruling the Smart Phone Market.

Nokia is on a downward slide. The giant handset maker announced its second quarterly earnings couple of days back and confirmed it shipped 16.7 million smartphones in the most recent quarter. This drop now puts Nokia in third place behind Apple and Samsung. The company reports 7% decline in net sales. The decline was so steep which makes the Apple now officially the new king of the smartphone market. The company reported the loss of $529 million in second quarter as compared to $320 million profit in the same quarter last year. Apple, which hit the cell phone market just over five years ago, its now rank as the most profitable global mobile phone maker. After this results, nokia company official's said -The challenges we are facing during our strategic transformation manifested is greater than expected way in Q2 2011.

Apple is now become the most profitable player in the cell phone market, overtaking previous king Nokia for the crown. Apple earned $1.5 billion profit in last quarter,beating Nokia's best $1.0 billion profit during the last financial quarter, which makes Apple to dominate the mobile phone world.

Apple also overtook Samsung, according to research firm Strategy Analytics. Apple smart Phone revenue was approximately 3 times to that of Nokia. Apple reported $8 billion in iPhone revenue against to Nokia lowly $3.5 billion. The most astonishing number is the fall of Nokia market share in Australia. Market share of Nokia fell from 55% to 24% in the second quarter, as the Apple gained top spot in the country. Apple fans are likely prefer to choose the more expensive iPhone 3G. Apple earning approx $500 per iPhone it sells, but users are paying actually a small protion with carriers wireless subsidizing the largest chunk.

People prefer to buy iPhone because of its vast applications. In addition to being the most preferred smartphone, Apple also ranks high in customer satisfaction, according to latest survey. Over 70 percent of iPhone users indicated that they were happy with the devices. Only 50 percent of Android users expressed their satisfaction over the device, and in case of BlackBerry users the level of satisfaction was only 26 percent. Numbers itself indicates the ruling of Apple in smart phone market.

Nokia official's hoping to partnership with Microsoft and to shift the platform to Windows Phone 7 will may help to boost these lagging numbers but on the other side, with iPhone5 & iOS5 on the horizon, which makes possibly the Apple to lead its position further in the smart phone market.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Android Market for Smartphones Redesigned by Google

It has not been really long since Google came out with a whole new Android Market website and now its all set to unveil a renovated storefront client for Android smartphones, with the aim of offering more user-friendly way to application discovery. Google is hopeful that the new Android Market client displays top apps and games in a more effective manner, as it boasts an enhanced UI and more functional download and purchase processes. Apart from this, it also will let the developers to experience better ways to market and merchandise their apps.

Some of the innovative features of the new Android Market client are a new homescreen promotional page created to feature top content, instant access to apps and games. Moreover, the page also connects users to books and movies. Whats even more exciting is that the Apps and Games pages will now include Top Paid, Top Free, Top Grossing, Top New Paid, Top New Free and Trending lists. In order to offer a more appropriate consumer experience, Google will make each list country specific.

Android market now also boasts a brand new app details page, which make it possible to move the name and price into an action bar at the top. Furthermore, the users will now be able to go through screen shots, scroll down to read the description of the app, add more information, reviews and related data or click a thumbnail link to screen a product video that displays in fullscreen mode when the device is in landscape orientation.

A more streamlined click-to-purchase flow that allows two-click transactions from the app details page is presented by the new Android Market client, when users decide to purchase an application. The Android Market also works to enhance cross-sell opportunities by presenting a list of other apps available from the same developer to the user , when he purchases an app.
In other developments, Google is striving hard to move the Android Market update to smartphones running Android 2.2 and above. It's a matter of another few weeks and the update might reach all phones.

At present, there are over 250,000 apps being offered by Android Market. May onwards, Google has been living over 500,000 new Android devices each day. The U.S. Smartphone market is 38.1 pct dominated by the Android operating system, higher from 33.0 percent three months earlier. Next comes Apple iOS with 26.6 percent market share, followed by Research In Motion's BlackBerry at 24.7 percent.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Google Trying to Take Over FB with Google+

It wouldn't be wrong to say at all that Google has pulled up its socks to soar above its competitors. That's why it recently unwrapped its new updated look, apart from unveiling Plus One, the Plus social network and the recent PageRank update. Speculations are strong that Google is planning to unveil a social network via Google+. It is unsure whether this strategy of Google will work or not.

One thing is absolutely clear that Google is aiming at taking over the popularity of Face book and become the big social players themselves. Though Google refuses to admit it, but insiders have said that the project is even called “Googbook” internally.

Before Facebook had taken over, it was Google's Orkut which used to triumph its music on web. But Google has pretty much information regarding the visitors on orkut, who can now acquire their own social opinions called +1 which helps quality websites climb up the pages. But practically seeing, it should not act as a hurdle for highly successful Facebook. Though Google+ has got an excellent response from everywhere, at the end of the day, its about an individual's own choice. Those who are addicted to FB will still remain its fan.

Also it would be hard for anyone to give up over 500 friends and 1000 tagged pics just to switch over to some other social site, even if benefits are larger. However, lets not conclude that Google+ wont have any following. One can have two accounts on different social networking sites. Apart from this, Google+ does offer quite a lot of attractive features like connections not requiring to be two-way, eradicating any clutter from people you don’t actually care about in your stream. Apart from this, it will be pretty amazing to watch how Google advertises with the aim of showing Facebook stars in daytime. But there still lies a possibility that once the initial excitement fades out, Facebook might prevail again.

Now let us give the comparison between Google and FB a backseat and rather talk about the innovative features of Google+. Overall, it's a very simple interface, notifications are great, interactions like hanging out voice chat etc are commendable. As of now, its on BETA, but it wouldn't be wrong to say that the version is much better than many other unveiled by Google in past.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Symantec calls Apple's iOS more secure than Google's Android

Recently, Symantic came out with its latest report, in which it ranked Apple's iOS as more secure in comparison to Google's Android. The report dubbed "A Window Into Mobile Device Security," includes 23 pages, in which the security approaches used by Apple and Google in its mobile operating systems are described. Apart from this, the report also emphasizes the past and possible future holes found in the iOS and Android platforms.

The report made close comparisons of both the platforms and reached on the conclusion that iOS offers full protection against malware attacks, while its counterpart offers only a little.

The report also ranked iOS higher than Android for protection against resource abuse and service attacks, data loss, and data integrity attacks. Moving further, even the fields like access control, application provenance, and encryption were found to be more securely protected by iOS.

Isolation was the only security category, in which Google's Android was termed as better than iOS. Android received highest marks for this category, while iOS was told to offer moderate protection.

On the whole, the report by Symantec credited the provenance approach of Apple for building a steady security barrier. This because all of the apps, before getting launched on the App store has to undergo vetting procedures. The report said that this avoids malware attacks, data loss attacks, data integrity attacks, and denial of service attacks.

While coming over to Android, Symantec pointed out two major weaknesses in it. The report said, “First, the provenance system in place enables attackers to anonymously create and distribute malware. In addition, its permission system relies upon the user to make the important security decisions, and considering most of Android users are not of high technical capability, this causes problems.”

But the report did term Google's mobile operating system as an enormous improvement over traditional desktop operating systems.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In-App add with Rich Format Leaves Memorable Impression on User's Mind.

A latest survey report released by Web measurement firm Compete, has specified that consumers tend to remember ads within apps for longer period as compared to the ones they see in the mobile Web. The survey found out that 52% of smartphone owners remember the in-app ads they have come across, compared to 40% who could recall ads which they encountered during surfing the mobile Web.

If we categorize the smartphones via their platforms, then 65% of iPhone users were able to recall in-app ads, as compared 33%, who could remember mobile browser ads. But, on the whole, it was seen that percentage of recalling was a little higher in users of Google's Android platform (55%), in comparison to iPhone users (51%). Meanwhile, only 22 pct of BlackBerry apps users could remember a few advertisements.

One of the reasons why in-apps are more remembered by the users might be because they display rich media formats, which simply lights up the screen. Moreover these ads appear at regular intervals, like when playing a game. Due to this, they tend to grab attention of the users more as compared to standard mobile Web display ads.
The study further revealed that the users least remembered ads coming via text messaging/ SMS, with 27% recall among iPhone and Android users.

In April, Google came out with its study results specifying that 82% of smartphone users notice mobile ads, especially display ads, and a third notice mobile search ads. These ads had positively effected many users; for instance, a mobile ad stimulated half of the users to take an action at some point, with 35% visiting a Web site and 49% making a purchase.
The survey report by Compete ranked the following app categories in the first quarter as the toppers to be downloaded.

1.Games (55%)

2.Weather (44%)

3.Social networking (39%,)

4.Entertainment (38%)

5.Maps/ navigation (36%)

In 2010, apps related to social networking moved up from the fifth to the third most-downloaded type of app
So, over all it wouldn't be wrong to conclude that the scope of Mobile App Development is on full boom for a next few years and so is the scope of the App Developers.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Approval for apps for iOS platform surpasses 500,000 mark

Yesterday was a big day for Apple as the number of individual apps passed for its iOS platform surpassed the 500,000 mark. However, if we look at the active apps available in the Apple Store, there might be approximately 40,000 of them, but the thing worth mentioning here is that the number of approved apps is a great thing in itself for developers and app seekers alike.

With the aim of celebrating this occasion and highlighting others since the Apple App Store launched on July 10, 2008, an infographic was yesterday unveiled by 148Apps, independent mobile app blog, along with Chomp, the leaders in app search technology, and Chillingo, a top app game developer. They have included top apps of all time, number of developers contributing to the 500,000 number, a timeline of approved apps, growth projections and more in this infographic.
Well, we have got a few amazing statistics for you from the infographic:

  1. Do you know, you will have to shell $891,982.24 and over 7 terabytes to get all available applications?

  2. While nearly 36% of all apps are free, paid apps have an average price of $3.64.

  3. The numero uno paid spot for the total 275 days has been held by Angry Birds released by Chillingo and developed by Rovio.

“The fact that it has taken less than three years to reach this number is remarkable. With the improved tools for developers and steady adoption of smartphone technology, I anticipate there is still a lot of runway,” expressed Jeff Scott, founder of 148Apps on this milestone.

Meanwhile, the Android Marketplace, which came into existence 8 months after the Apple App Store in March 2009, is considered to be the closest competitor to the iOS App Store. It contains nearly 294,000 apps and 3 billion app downloads.

The infographic, is available via the 500k apps Facebook fan page:

Monday, May 09, 2011

HUD Home App.

Now you can look into HUD properties in detail at the comfort of your house. Just upload the HUD Home App, which contains nationwide HUD properties data feed and a Property Condition Report on almost all the HUD property on the app. Are you aware that it is the first ever iPhone app that allows you to do something like this.

The app is operational with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It is just 1.8 MB in size and is free of cost. Just make sure your device has iOS 3.0 or latest versions installed.

About HUD:- Well…HUD stands for Department of Housing and Urban Development (US government) and undoubtedly a great source of property provider. It has a site dubbed, which provides database of liquidation properties, real estate listings, and homes for sale that contain Government foreclosures for sale, known as HUD properties.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Largest Storehouse for Smartphones Applications

Latest smartphones has altogether given a good platform for user. User wants to use latest upgraded software and application. Smartphones applications do amazing things in one's phone. In market serve Distimo has reported that the online app store Google (Android) offers 134,342 free applications and Apple's (iPhone) offers 121,845 free applications for download.

Distimo is an application analytic provider. It was founded to solve the challenges created by a widely fragmented app store marketplace filled with equally fragmented information and statistics.

Apple's iPhone new pricing are skyrocketing as compared the price offered by Google's Android. More people are now going with Android for its compatibility, pricing and less maintenance cost.

Apple's iTune is largest app storehouse at present with various applications and software option. With 75,755 applications, out of which 34,120 were for iPad alone. The total number of available iOS applications registers to 367,334.

Apart from the above surveys Distimo also estimated that over a six-month period RIM Blackberry applications will be twice in number and likely surpass Nokia's Ovi Store. With that applications provided by Symbian, Java has not been able to match the popularity of iPhone and Andriod.

With same user interface used by iPhone and Andriod, Android apps are much cheaper in price. Smartphones user are always looking for best product in reasonable price, hence Android has the potential to lead the application world.

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Friday, April 08, 2011

Don't Let iPhone See You NAKED !!!

The iPhone 4 is a wonderful gadget developed under the supervision of Mr. Steve. It was announced on June 7, 2010 at the WWDC 2010 held at the Moscow center, San Francisco and was updated on 24 , 2010 in U.S, France, Japan. The iOS of iPhone 4 is similar to previous ipad and iPhone. It is known as touchscreen smartphone with features like A4 , Retina Display and Facetime.

Iphone and Facetime:- The iphone is built with two front cameras one on the front and other on the back to serve the facetime feature properly. The iPhone software developer has designed facetime feature in such a way that only a single tap can make you use this feature. If you want to start a video call with your friend just tap on its name and tap the face time button. It is awesome as it works in both portrait and landscape modes. Someone has rightly said that Rose has thorns too same is with facetime.

Issues regarding Facetime:- Many users are complaining against facetime . According to their complains they have seen some photos taken iPhone front facing camera, which they never clicked.

Some complains are as follows:- One of the girl stated in her report , "My boyfriend and I have both recently experienced this problem several times - when one of us is calling the other via FaceTime, an old picture freezes on our screen, while the person receiving the call only sees a black screen," wrote kar0786. "It's kind of creepy, because it brought up photos of both of us at work, where I have used FaceTime a few times but he never has.

We're just wondering how/why this is happening, and if there is a fix. It's not terribly inconvenient, but it's definitely unsettling, where is seems that even if we haven't taken a picture or used FaceTime, the camera is keeping images." Another wrote, "I have a dashboard mount for my phone. I had left the phone in the car when I ran in to get my sandwich. This was at a strip mall that I had never visited before and never connected to any WiFi. I parked in the middle of the lot, about 75ft from the doors to Subway. Ran it, got my food, hopped back in the car. I hit the button to see if anyone called me (no one did) and drove off. After I got in to where I was working and ate my sandwich, I tried to use FaceTime and saw a frozen image of me in the car from 20-30 minutes prior!"

So, lets be careful while accessing Facetime.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Latest In Mobile Market

Today, smartphone are the hot topic of conservation all over the world. Lets take a look at what's new in the smartphone market and what the mobile industry players of Apple, Blackberry and Android are offering in the upcoming months.

According to Sanford Bernstein: the iphone 5 will be having these five features which are as follows:-
1.For iAds It will be having larger advertising platform.
2.A digital "locker" in the "cloud" to synchronize content between users' Apple devices
3.A music streaming service based on subscription.
4.An "aggressively priced video subscription service"
5.And voice interface service taking user request in a verbal way.

Android Go Global: The latest Android 2 Global allows users to have the same functions of their phone on more than 220 countries. The Verizon world phone automatically detects and switches to the GSM network, making for smartphone operations overseas simple.

Some of features of the Droid 2 Global include:
• 1.2 GHz processor on the Android OS 2.2
• Acts as a mobile hotspot with up to 5 other Wi-Fi enabled devices
• International power adapters
• 8 GB of on board memory; 8 GB pre-installed Micro SD card
• 5 MP camera
• Runs on CDMA and GSM networks, allowing for international use

Blackberry and PlayBook: Blackberry is one of the classic handset of today. It is not only a business phone but also good for playing games and developing games applications. Blackberry consists of java platform which is best for developing games platform. In addition, the BlackBerry JDE provides a full suite of interfaces and utilities to take advantage of some of the unique features of the BlackBerry smartphone. BlackBerry is, what some would say, the first in the smartphone solutions for business executives and RIM is constantly innovating its products and launching mobile phones that help to improve efficiencies, even when you’re out of the office. PlayBook is poised to be just as successful as its sister products. The PlayBook features:
• 7” LCD display with 1024 x 600 screen resolution
• 3 MP high-def forward facing camera; 5 MP high-def rear-facing camera
• HDMI video output, Micro USB and Micro HDMI ports
• High-def video conferencing
• 1 GB RAM
• Fully Flash enabled
• Wireless connects to BlackBerry phone for real time access to programs and apps

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Android And Market.

Android is finally beating up iPhone and blackberry phones, in U.S market. After evaluating the statics of the Android sale chart we can say that 33% of the U.S citizens owns a smart-phone, Android is on first number in the race and Blackberry stands second with 28.9 % and on third is iPhone with 25.2 % sale rate. But still android needs a lot of work to do so, that it can gain the trust of the customers in the market.

- The biggest draw back of Android application development platform is the inability of smart-phone to stay current on software. So, Android developers should reduce fragmentation. As apple stressing on new software to increase its portability and ability with new operating system like apple the android should also be in touch with latest software as the latest phones are using a version of android that became updated four months ago. So, its a time for something new.

- Android is very well known for its open source platform as codes are all ready available and you can just go on its store and develop any application with the help of given codes. It is heard from one source that Google is now paying attention to the " Non fragmentation clauses " upon licensees. It is quite upset for that users who always want to see his handsets different from others. I really appreciate this but it is very much risky concept for Google because if the other OS proves more attractive to users like Window Phone 7 they will ultimately move towards it.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Tips For Saving Battery Life- Android

The fast evolving Android mobile operating system has made android more popular and today they are preferred by more people .Daily we see number of new updates added to Android platform but still Android phones do have share of woes of insufficient battery power. Let's discuss how we can save battery life.

Switch off Notifications:- It will be better if you switch off your sound notifications and as well as LED notifications to save battery. It is true that they silently drain your battery power more than you can imagine.

Switch off unnecessary services:- Services such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS need not be kept switched ON always. Bluetooth is required only when you need to transfer files or use a Bluetooth headset, while GPS is required only if you are having difficulty finding your way around some place while traveling. Switch off GPS Geo location features in any other app that makes use of it as well.

Disable Adobe Flash:- Adobe Flash is required for the functionality of certain websites. Flash gives an enriching web experience but also consumes a lot of battery. Switching it off is one possible way of reducing battery consumption. You can set the browser to load Flash only when you want it to load. To do this, open the internet browser, go to Settings > Enable Plug-ins and set it to On Demand.

Use Battery Usage Screen:- Android phones have a nifty little utility, which lets you monitor what apps consume the most power and thus affecting battery life the most. This is the Battery Usage Screen and you can access it by opening Settings > About Phone > Battery use. You can then decide what action needs to be taken.

Who Will Be Really A Leader iPhone Or WMD 7 ?

Options are endless when it comes to choose one smartphone as there are variety of smart phones available in the market with coolest apps and most cutting edge technology. Today we see that everyone owns a smartphone like iPhone, android, Window Mobile 7, Blackberry according to their daily needs. And the new operating system puts mobile market on fire. There are two smartphones who had recently updated their operating system one is iPhone and other is Window Mobile. This up-to-date on the latest technology will make a call to competition in the mobile market between two lovely gadgets such as the iOS and iPhone.

Window Mobile 7:- In October 2010 Windows has updated its operating system in the form of Window Phone 7. The WPD7 offers many brilliant features like Internet Explorer, People hub, Games applications, Xbox Live, Customized Start screen. Recently, Nokia announced that it will be putting Window Phone 7 in all its future smartphones. This partnership could mean big things. Lets wait!!!

Era Of iphone 4:- iPhone 4 belongs to the fourth generation of iPhone which is thinner, lighter,and full of great ideas. Once you have pick up this phone you can't put it down. Seriously, this was an idea behind its concept of mobile application development. iPhone 4 is situated between two glossy panels of aluminosilicate glass which is also recyclable and it's all contained in a beautiful enclosure a mere 9.3 millimeters thin. It has A4 processor and 512 MB of eDRAM which means can do twice the work at once. Everything just work better and smoother. Videos and Face Time even runs more smoother and more realistic as it has LED backlit liquid crystal display with a 960x 640 pixel resolution is marketed as the “ Retina Display”. The iPhone 4 came out with the latest i0S 4.3.

Conclusion:- It is quite clear that programmers of Window Mobile 7 is trying its best to beat iPhone 4 but ,what will be their plans when developers at Apple, Inc discovered iphone 5???

Apple TV is a blessing for an industry

Apple TV is a blessing for an industry trying to move the needle forward on sales

We all are quite familiar with Apple TV Programming. Apple TV allows consumers to use an HDTV set to view photos, play music and watch video that originates from limited Internet services or a local network. The first generation (white) had iTunes, Flickr, Mobileme/.Mac, and Youtube. The second generation added Netflix. Both models supported downloading/streaming podcasts. And soon we will be introduced to "Smart TV". Developers at Apple , Inc are apparently working on this device.

Basic features of Smart TV:- It is quite clear by the name that this device will surely include some combination of TV content. It will also include input from OTA/Cable cards. It will also include variety of TV apps and other apps like Facebook, twitter and web browser integration similar what we have see in Google TV. This device will be fully loaded with variety of games applications for all age and sex and it will also offer a combination remote and keyboard. It is likely ARM based running on the latest version of iOS involving Apple's dual core design. Munster previously remarked that “While Apple’s commitment to the living room remains a ‘hobby’ we continue to believe the company will enter the TV market with a full focus, as an all-in-one Apple television could move the needle when connected TVs proliferate”. It is under development stage so, it is hard to know what exactly Smart TV will be offering. It is likely that it will offer some sort of iPhone/ iPad/iPod Touch docking support. It will offer several streaming options and some other programming.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An Incredible Technology Under Your Fingers.

Once you pick up iPad 2, it'll be hard for you to keep it down. That's the idea behind ipad 2 design, thinner, lighter and full of great ideas. Firstly, you will notice it is lighter and thinner than the previous one. You will feel it more comfortable in your hands as it is 33 % thinner and up to 15 % lighter.

Super fast Graphics:- On this ipad you will observe gaming, videos, photos, Facetime, Watching movies, Surfing the web, going app to app in a more smoother and realistic way. You can say a big hello to your friends as it has two cameras- one on the front and other at the back. They are designed in such a way that you can watch and communicate with your friends, to see them smile and laugh back at you. When you’re not using FaceTime, let the back camera roll if you see something movie-worthy. It’s HD, so whatever you shoot is a mini-masterpiece. And you can take wacky snapshots in Photo Booth. It has Dual-core A5 chip which means that iPad 2 can do twice the work at once. Multitasking is smoother, it can load apps at a much faster speed. You will notice the difference while watching movies and surfing the web.

It has the same amazing 10-hour battery life which will allow you to enjoy the movies all night and now you don't have to worry about the battery anymore while traveling across the ocean or a week's commute across the town.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Twitter vs. Facebook.

Which is better for small business promotions?

Today, we cannot deny the fact that the internet has become the major source for all types of business. You can take the internet as one of the most effective marketing tool as almost all business whether big or small, are promoted through the internet.

Small business and facebook:- Facebook has already reached more than 500 million subscribers because of its Facebook application development platform which offers you variety of apps like games, photos sharing, status sharing, quiz apps and so on. Just imagine if only 2% of these subscribers would know about your business. This is definitely a lot that any marketing tool can offer today.

How to promote your small business via Facebook:- Firstly,you have to create a facebook account and than you are going to create a fan page and this fan page is going to be your business page where you can post all the info of your business like what services you are providing ,what is your exact location and you can post photos and videos related to business tours and share it with other facebook users. Other way of promotion is to offer discount and coupons to the people using the facebook page, as most of the people usually gets attracted to such offers. Even though if you offer your products at a discounted price, you can still make up for the sales as more people will patronize your product.

How to tweet your small business via Twitter:- Twitter lets instantly get the word out about your product, service, project or an idea. As the twitter is a promotional tool so, while accessing it you have to be more careful. First of all manage your Twitter account and use twitter search bar to see what people are looking for and talking about particular topics which you found interesting. And don't forget to reply on other people's tweet too. People with whom you actually converse are going to be your friends and will be most receptive to your business. Secondly, make sure that your tweets aren't perceived as ads. Your posts need to offer people something, whether it's information or entertainment. So, always keep in mind that the twitter is not a bulletin board you need to be there for participating in the conservation. If you follow all the rules than your business will be on the top.

Which is the better tool?

According to me facebook will serve you the best for promoting small businesses as you can share the videos, pictures , create events and invite others and also can participate in voting too. If owners are debating between Twitter and Facebook, they should first consider their audience.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Googley Moogely Folk Is Over NOW!!

Yeah! It is pretty true that Googley Moogely folk is over. Now, Google's experts are busy in digging up applications at regular intervals into the iPhone apps store based on iPhone programming. All these apps are fully free. Here, presenting you a list of such apps so that you can make best use of such offers.

Google Places App:- This iphone app will provide you complete information regarding the geographical locations you want to explore. No, doubt there are other apps too like GPS which works same as this app but here we can feel more secure because this app is powered by Google .It also suggests you a list of new locations based on your likes and dislikes.

Google Shopper App:- It is designed to help user to find the products in the iphone's arsenal. While accessing this app we have an option to take out the picture of a product or scan it's bar-code or you can even use microphone to say the name of product which you are looking for, once the search is complete the Google shopper will pull up the product information, reviews, local as well as online prices and much more.

Google Translate:- This app has the ability to translate the words into more than 50 language. For instance, if you type something in the text box, Google will automatically translate that particular word displaying the translated text on your screen. This app will also allow you to speak any particular word over the microphone and it will translate that word into desired language.

Things seems to be wonderful here and i can't wait for this. Here i go with iphone on my palm and tapping these apps on its screen.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Impact Of Mobile Phones.

The communication industry in India is one of the rapidly emerging sectors and is estimated to the surface as the 2nd biggest international Mobile Application Development platform market. As per TRIA report Indian communication industry has registered a 3.5 % hike in its telecom subscribers in Dec 2009. The sector touched 562.21 million. Yeah ! Its quite surprising. You will be more surprised if you start evaluating others countries stats. This hike is all because the mobile experts are updating everyday a new smart phone in the market with new set of applications. List of some smart phones which are popular in the mobile market are as follows:-

iPhone Platform:- iPhone Programming is fully based on iOS . It has features like video camera, text messaging, visual voice mail, portable media player,web browsing. It supports Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity and has a virtual keyboard rather than physical one. The third party applications are also available on apps store which are nearly 300,000 in number. These apps are based on diverse functionality which includes Games, GPS, Face Time, Social networking sites and so on.
Android Platform:- We all are familiar with android programming which is based on open source platform. The Android's operating system is based upon modified version of the Linux Kernel. There are currently 150,000 apps available for Android store run by Google and they can also be download from third party sites.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The HONEYCOMB'S Platform

The biggest achievement which the Android developers can count is that they have launched Android phones very late but still it is emerging high on a great speed and have become one of the biggest enemy of iPhone platform or you can say that it is the competitor of iPhone mobile market.

Now a day such phones that run on android operating system is people's first choice. All the mobile brands are making android phones and are seeking attention of people. There are lots of reasons for high demand of Android phones because they are easily available in the market but Apple iPhone 5 are only available in the Apple stores.

Revolutionizes the tablet experience:- Android 's widgets allow you to scroll and view through inbox. flip through the latest news stories and thumb through your upcoming calender appointments. When we receive an e-mail, android tablet briefly flashes the info at the bottom of your screen .You can customize notifications service whenever you want.

Voice-to-text technology:-You can also use Google 's voice actions system -accessible via an icon on the home screen. Honeycomb tablets have fully integrated support for voice-based input. Anywhere you can type text, you can speak it.

Suopports browsing technology:- Honeycomb's browser is as close to the desktop experience as you can get on a tablet. The browser allows you to have multiple tabs, to open pages in "incognito" mode, and to automatically stay synced with your computer's Chrome installation. That means your bookmarks are always available and always up-to-date, wherever you go -- no PC connections or service subscriptions required. Honeycomb will soon support flash based browsing content.

Fell free to use services:- Android gives to opportunity to use your tablet freely whenever you want. It is free from Apple -enforced restrictions on how you can customize your device and what you can do with it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Which deserves your hard-earned cash?

The popularity of mobile application development platform is catching fire. Every day we notice new features discovered by mobile developers. The two smartphone which are gaining popularity in the market are iPhone and Android. Both these handhold gadgets rollout with exciting new features and innovations with each release. As recently Apple has released iPad 2 in the market. We can evaluate iPhone and android devices from different and countless angles. So, here is the true review of both android and iPhone devices:-

iPhone is the winner in following phases:- The new users can easily use iPhone and understand its feature easily with less time. It has one main button at the bottom of the screen and everything you do consists of tapping app icons from the home screen. iPhone is packed up with good battery life than android phone. iPhone devices carries syncing in a better way than android .If you really use Outlook, Address book or iTunes than iPhone is the better and good option for you. iPhone also wins the trophy in the field of game and music from Android.

Android expertise in these areas:- Android is surely beating iPhone in several ways .Android phone is the invention of Google so if you rely on google tools than android is the better option to go. The biggest benefit of these phones is that you can customize the wallpaper which you like, no need of jailbreak software like iPhone. What we really like in android is that it is based on open source.

Which phone is a better option:- In the term of economic sale iPhone is ahead because it is an old platform and every year we are introduced with new iPhone version while android is just out a few months before. Apple's has vast numbers of stacked in its favor. It gets huge discounts on components, because it buys so many at once. It designed its own processors everything instead of purchasing from third party. And it sells iPads through its own retail and online stores, which gives it an even bigger chunk of the cash from each sale. So, you are smart enough to choose which gadget is good for you.

Feel free to reach us for Mobile Application Development and Software Outsourcing.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Flash Programming In Action

If we talk literary than a sudden intense burst of radiant enery is called a flash. But if we talk in technical language than Flash is a multimedia platform used to add animation,video and interactivity to web pages. It has been positioned as a tool :RIAs ( Rich Internet Applications).

Benefits of flash:-

-Supports bi-directional audio and video streaming.

-Able to manipulate vector and raster graphics.

-Very handy with rich UI components like calender or fancy Nav. Systems.

-Work like complex animations and playing video can be done in flash, which otherwise would be difficult and not possible in HTML alone.

-Supports wide array of platform and browser.

-Ideal for multimedia.

Well suited for interactive applications and games.

Flash Services Platform:-

As i have already mentioned that flash is used for video and audios services. As 3 versions of flash are well known to us such as Flash Action script 1.0, Flash Action script 2.0, and Flash Action script 3.0. Only a flash programmer has perfect knowledge to meet the creative and technical development needs of the customers. With his creativity and professionalism , you will experience the maximum return on investment. The game lovers use flash designers, flash developers use flash as a versatile tool to create highly interactive web application and make it a successful one.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Live Sports Are Coming To Apple TV

If you really are a great fan of sports than Mr Steve made your days more happier and full of fun. Steve have got access to both MLB and NBA league pass. These both are welcome by Apple TV. Yes , it might be shocking for you as you have only heard and seen this functionality on the rival boxes by Roku. Apple TV programming is closer to a revolt with cable operates.

Apple TV seems to be more graceful:- Apple TV developers had worked too hard in their field and result is in front of us. Apple TV now able to stream live and archived U.S. NBA and MLB games, as well as give Netflix streaming 5.1 Dolby audio, says PC Mag. Besides this offers Roku and PlayStation 3. Packages start at $19.95 a month or $99.95 a year for the Standard Package, and $24.99 a month or $199.99 a year for the Premium Package. Just check and make your choice. All you need an active subscription to either service, and you are able to have unlimited access to every baseball and basketball game through your Apple TV.

Expectations of People:- Common people wants that Apple TV should able to run third party apps. But ,i will like to make you aware of that the Apple TV is supporting third party apps. That's true because and NBA League Pass are third party apps. As that was what services like youtube and Netflix on the devices before that. They might not as same as iPhone and iPad apps but are they are apps too.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Race Of Smartphones

Today phones had become everyone's necessity . It is most reliable communicating network with others through text, images, videos and voice. These two things which really makes it different from today's mobile platform from those of past mobile technology are as follows:-

Third Party Applications:- When the mobiles were first introduced no one was well aware of its use and applications only people use them to receive and make calls to one another. But now time has changed today people are well aware about this device and now people wants to mould this device according to their needs so, to fulfil all their needs there are plenty of apps available in mobile market.

Successful Media Library:- Today's smart-phone media capabilities often equal to those of laptop and even desktop PCs. This is due to iTunes library and invention of A5 chip.

Phones are becoming more dashing day by day:- As i am doing research on various mobile platform i found that iPhone is fully based on iOS, Android phones are using the latest version 2.2 of Google and Window Mobile are fully based on Java. Whatever the other mobiles expert reports says that android is first in the race but i object on this. No doubt it is gaining popularity but it is still lagging behind because iPhone programming has proved itself as there are 350,000 iPhone apps in the market while Android based phones has 150,000 apps .In short this indicate that which phone is more successful and best for you.

Apple's iPhone 4:- Apples each generation phone offers a greater number of features. The iphone 4 has great features like the highest resolution screen with its front and rear cameras enable video calls and conferencing. Face-time offers best while interacting with other users. But the two biggest attractions of the iPhone 4 are its immense number of apps and its robust media capabilities.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Mobile Cloud and The World Of Mobile Technology.

The word cloud is stated as a metaphor to describe the broad scope of mobile technology services. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) provides a somewhat more objective and specific definition: "Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction."The Mobile cloud service has open the field to a large number of mobile developers. The concept of creating apps for MC (Mobile cloud) is very different one as comparing the development procedure of apps for other mobile platforms like Android, iPhone ,Blackberry and so on.

The mobile applications and Web services:-

Some technical experts believes that in future all the mobile applications will be migrated to cloud rather than run directly from handset. So, for installing these applications we need good browsing speed mobiles so that we can access and execute them in less time and save our valuable time. Serval handsets are available in the market who are structured by keeping this cloud computing services concept in mind for example 4G mobile networks, like LTE and WiMAX, are fundamental for supporting large-scale mobile cloud deployment. The important thing that handheld devices must contain is HTML5 so that the user can experience and enjoy uninterrupted services levels.

Enabling mobile technologies

The mobile apps developers have not to spend to much money for submission process as few mobile solutions providers, such as appMobi have started offering integrated mobile browser that allows users to download and access apps directly from the websites.

But, still we need to cover this by expanding our knowledge.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Whether you call FB a time-saver or a time-suck

How to use Facebook so it doesn’t use you this is quote involves a serious discussion .The usage of fabcebook and the need to develope customized facebook application had suprised the Google with its most trafficked website in countries like U.S. Today the facebook is being used by all if we need any info about any person we just log in our facebook account and gets all.

But as the facebook popularity is rising day by day the question of privacy also exist here. How much sharing should be done? What do facebook developers do with juicy data? these types of concers are taking place.So, well if opt some precaution while accessing our fb we can cewratinly be one of the best user of this and take all the advatages of this site.

Tips for avoiding facebook potential dark side:-

Don't be too much liberal:- Accepting everones friend request should be avoided . The unknown person request should never accepted as it will loose your standard and privacy as in the direct way you are empowering your all info to the strangers. And these kind of friends are just timepass because they will never respect you, yours ideas , your values and so on.

Be picky with Apps:- The third party apps gain access to your personal account when you install them . Even facebooks apps like Farmville also gets access your info. So, if you have already install any app in your account but have not used it than i will prefer you to delete it. Because if you're not using it than also facebook developers are doing something out of it. When you download any app it always alert you .So ,the choice to "allow" is up to you. Pretty simple.

Friday, March 04, 2011

A Salute to Android

According to Neilsen report formulated by evaluating mobile market from Nov 10' to Jan 11' it indicates that Android is in the top list and has highest score in the mobile market. It had beat up iPhone and Blackberry with the gap of 2% . The mobile market graph tell that Android market has own up at 29% and rest iPhone and Blackberry products sales is only 27%. So , now this story is old which says that iPhone is still ahead in the race . Now the most loving phone is android only. With rose there are thorns too. As Android platform is developing side by side Android developers are worried too as they wants to make it a secure one because of following reasons:-

The popularity of Android devices:- When any thing comes out with name and fame all tries to get it through good and bad means. Same is the case with Android application platform. As it is being popular so hackers are trying to take it and the cyber criminals are realizing that and acting and preparing themselves according to this. The popularity of android can become an inviting target for malicious hackers.

The existence of malware:- The concern about the android programming security issue is very sensitive one because malware is present over there. If the concept of malware not present in android than the google have being feeling safe but now they have to think and make their platform a secure one.

The security companies are observing:- As we all know that the android platform is open source one and there is always a chance for hacker to hack any programming while other brands like apple are regarded as secure one so every company is pointing on android platform

Source foe revenue potential:- We all adopt illegal methods to earn money and we choose only that platform which is finacially a stronger one and is collecting great earning in the market i.e economically strong. The cyber criminals attacks only that operating system that have most users. So mobile technology have to make android a secure one because we all know that this is today new smartphone and in future it will be at high level due to its wonderfull apps.

Feel free to reach us for Mobile Application Development and Software Outsourcing.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Once you have your colors

Once you have your colors, what good are they if you can’t find anything to wear!

Apple is rocking in each and every field.It seems like just yesterday when Apple first announced the release of a mobile phone i.e iPhone. Since that time, the iPhone has revolutionized communication. People are using a wide range of iPhone applications with diverse utility to solve various problems. Games allow users to kill time during the boring moments of the day. Other iPhone apps let consumers review banking information, find the lowest gas prices, and keep up with their favorite sports teams. What is the hottest great fashion app for your new iPhone? Let's take a closer look.

ColorMatchGirl iphone application:-

Start a new profile and the CMG main creation profile page will appear and than Adjust the brightness of your iphone/ipad.Choose a part of your body that best represents your skin tone.and click a picture of it.Scroll through the color strip to match the color on the right with the photo of your skin tone.-Scroll up or down to select your eye/hair color.Tap anywhere in the color wheel at the top to select from this season's hot colors,Or simply choose a color you feel looks good on you.The fabulous fashion secrect of “Having Your Colors Done” is now available to women everywhere.


• CMG will feature the first Shop By Color retail search engine connected to thousands of retailers.

• Shop directly from your color palette.

• Shop for your prom dress, or a new suit. Find colorful accessories, hosiery, or pick the perfect bathing suit to match your tan. The possibilities are endless and soon you’ll be asking…

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Successful Facebook Applications Start from Successful Design.

Design is extremely important for Facebook application success. In order to provide good look and feel of your facebook app take the facebook developer should take into account the following points.

* Design should be an integral part of a general application concept and convey ideas and feelings behind it.

* Design should be user-friendly, intuitive, and of playing style to some extent, because Facebook apps are entertaining by their nature. That extent depends on your application niche.

* Design should be social-networking and viral - and give a user a supporting environment to socialize with other users. Does your design encourage people to communicate and make invitations? Does your design help people to express themselves and show them in a favorable light among their friends? Will users say each other "Wow, just take a look at that app!"?

* Design may impose certain restrictions on a Facebook application and, therefore, cause problems when programming the app and afterwards when adding new functional features. As a result, a Facebook application design should be flexible and simple enough to be able to reflect that constant Facebook growth we've discussed above.

* Also remember that potential users are spoilt by numerous already existing applications competing for their attention. So, analyze your competition to understand what and why is popular and how it can be overcome.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Java is a modern object oriented programming language

The Java language was designed from scratch. Its architects didn't need to worry about compatibility with previous languages and so were able to give Java a clean and consistent syntax. This makes the language comparatively easy to learn and enjoyable to program in. It also helps in writing reliable applications. If you're a professional programmer or software engineer, or considering becoming one, then being competent in Java will certainly do your career and bank balance no harm. Java is used in business, education, engineering and the sciences, actually its used pretty well everywhere computers are used.

Java was designed to be portable:- Most Java programs will run with little or no modification on many different operating systems and or hardware platforms.

Java is a network-centric language:- Java was designed to work well in networked environments, its API and security model make network programming safe and reliable.

Java is secure:- Java is secure, it allows code from the net to be run in an isolated environment, protecting the host system from viruses etc. In addition the Java API provides routines for dealing with digital certificates and other cryptographic techniques.

Java is a classic language:- Java can reasonably be called a classic language. More recent arrivals, such as C#, owe a lot to Java. This trend will probably continue. This means time spent learning Java will benefit you even after it becomes obsolete since its replacements will likely emulate much of its syntax and programming style.


Java Programming comes complete with a large well organised Application Programmers Interface (API). This allows the programmer to concentrate the specifics of a project without having to write more general code or to monkey about with third party libraries.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Use PHP Increases Site Speed.

E-commerce is the most complicated and competitive field. Minutest aspect of customer satisfaction is to be considered. Or else, customers may leave your website and shop from your competitor's website. Site speed is one factor that cannot be ignored in e-commerce website development.

A site that responds to the needs of the customers quickly creates pleased customers. Pleased customers not only buy from your e-commerce website once but also visit it again. The e-commerce website development services give importance to site speed without fail as visitors spend more time in such sites.

Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is a simple but widely accepted programming language for creating e-commerce websites. It enables dynamic page generation with syntax similar to C, Java and Perl. A big advantage with PHP is that nobody can steal your script. The PHP code is enclosed within special PHP tags in an HTML page.

When a visitor opens the page, the server processes the PHP code and sends the output to the visitor's browser, and not the code itself. It reduces the website loading time; thereby making the site faster. E-commerce website development is widely accepting PHP as a scripting language because of swiftness and other advantages.

Recently, Google included site speed as a determinant for search engine ranking. Google is encouraging site owners to evaluate their site speed. Under such circumstances, it becomes additionally important for e-commerce websites to check the site's speed. Inclusion of PHP may be done during e-commerce website development to achieve the desired results.

Monday, February 21, 2011

How social the Facebook have become??

Before Facebook Application development platform and all the internet stuff came (an era which only our grandpas must be aware of ) there used to be actual socialization. People used to meet each other, feel out to each other and talk face-to-face. However social the internet may have become, it just cant replicate the human touch. Today I guess the situation is pretty bad. For until and unless you get a virtual poke you hardly remember anybody. You add tons of ' friends' (it has become something like a Facebook score-the no of friends you have) but you hardly know anyone of them well. Or even the ones you thought you did, you are not sure about them anymore.

Facebook and life:- Whatever its demerits maybe (like anyone was bothered about it ) Facebook is here to stay. If you use the internet you use Facebook. It has become the rule of the thumb. If you don't have an account you are bound to be termed uncool. If Facebook was a country, then by population it would be the third largest in the world. Some 500 million plus users and growing. For everyone, old and young both are joining it. Among them are parents and they for one have a very genuine reason in joining it. For how else can they be friends with their children, know what their children 'like' and know what they think and feel?

Pros Of Facebook:- We can share what we are thinking, what we like, what we are doing and what we will be doing. All this with the people who matter in our life and unfortunately those with whom we seldom find time to interact. Such is our hectic life that Facebook offers a safe heaven, a gateway to that lost and ignored social life. Anyway its cumbersome to check on each of our friend's life so it's a relief to get their updates and that too in their own words. Facebook does offer what it says, it helps you connect with the people in your life.

Benefits of using social networks:- Social Branding Branding, Social Networks are becoming popular amongst various age demographics and can be used to create interception points for building your relationship with your consumers and prospects.
Customer Engagement Using social networks like Facebook , applications can be a great way for communicating promotions, contest and events with your customers.
Drive Web Traffic, Facebook Application Development can act as a portal point for driving traffic to your site and other online properties.
Lead Generation, Reviewing potential prospects' profiles may help you build a relationship with your prospects and aid in the lead generation qualifying process with the help of social networks

With the amount of existing and new facebook applications that are being created on social networks, business owners have an opportunity to use social networks to promote their brand even further.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tap and Say Hello with iphone.

The first iPhone was introduced on January 9, 2007.With internet connection for e-mailing, web browsing, and Wi-Fi connectivity, this smart phone also featured with visual voice-mail, text messaging, a portable media player, mega pixel camera and what else you need from this small and smart device. There are four generations of iPhone apps programming models, and they were accompanied by four major releases of iOS . The original iPhone application development was a GSM phone which established design precedents like screen size and button placement that have persisted through all models. The iPhone 3G added 3G cellular network capabilities and A-GPS location. The iPhone 3GS added a compass, faster processor, and higher resolution camera, including video. The iPhone 4 has two cameras for Face Time video calling and a higher-resolution display. It was released on June 24, 2010. On January 11, 2011, Apple and Verizon together launched a CDMA 2000 compatible iPhone 4 specifically for the Verizon network in the US, released on February 10, 2011.

iPhone application development and Face-time:-

This new 2 way video feature allows iPhone 4 users to make a call to another person and not only talk, but actually see the other party they are communicating with. People have been dreaming about video calling for decades. iPhone 4 makes it a reality. With the tap of a button, you can wave hello to your kids, share a smile from across the globe, or watch your best friend laugh at your stories — iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 or to the new iPod touch over Wi-Fi. No other phone makes staying in touch this much fun.

Brilliant iPhone 4 face-time features:-

-One-tap simple.
-Two cameras made for video calling.
-Share what you see with the back camera.

The new iPhone has brought many cool features to the table for iPhone fans.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

iPhone Application Development Business is On FIRE!

iPhone is the only an exceptional handheld device which can be used as a camera phone, video iPod, and Internet device. It has opened up novel paths for the unbelievable expansion of iPhone Development Outsourcing. iPhone Application Development offshore and outsourcing is developing faster day by day because of its brilliant design and features. With the boost in the demand of iPhone among users, the demand for iPhone applications is rising day by day. Consequently, iPhone Apps Development has become a most important objective for software development companies now a day.

The range of iPhone application development services incorporates: Merging the power of the Internet with the iPhone,Offering the connections with the web sites and online databases to the iPhone,Supplying solutions to get private hosting platforms for the iPhone,Boost the features of the iPhone, Modifying the themes and icons of the iPhone, Offering the services for the communication of your iPhone with other iPhone software and so on.

The big business of iPhone Development offshore outsourcing is mounting day by day from the past few years. iPhone application developers are receiving elevated profits from the iPhone Application Development business in present scenario.

iPhone application developers exercise iPhone SDK to generate only one of its kind and modified applications for iPhone. The iPhone SDK is also known as the tool chain and incorporates all the tools and technologies requisite to develop iPhone applications.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Doc Keeper Pocket Personal Assistant.

Risk of losing ID-Don't Worry Doc Keeper Pocket Personal Assistant is Here!!

Doc Keeper Pocket Personal Assistant a graet iPhone app to organize and keep secure backups of all your important information, ideal for people like me who are at risk of losing my ID. It protects passwords and passports alike, helping me keep ready for whatever life throws at my next. It’s more than a "things to do" app or a PDA... it’s the one safe & secure, portable centralized place you’ve been looking for to store and access all your documents, contacts, dates, passwords, account numbers, receipts, financial,statements,transcripts, maintenance schedules, memberships, medical information... well, you get the idea. Doc keeper will provide you what you need to know when you need it from any location.

Safe and Secure: PIN ⁄ Password required security enabled features enhances built-in iPhone feature hardware encryptions, pass-code lock and remote wipe functionality.

Password Organizer: Everything today requires a pass code, password, combination or username and login. Need we say more?

Friendly Reminders: The best personal assistants never let you forget important dates, meetings, birthdays, or that your car registration is about to expire. This iPhone Software Programming Doc Keeper Pocket Personal Assistant will never let you down.

Image and Photo Storage: Maintain actual images of your important documents, reports, medical records, purchased, insured and household items for easy recall and forward. Combined with your document storage, it’s an invaluable resource if ever faced with lost or stolen items.

All your vital documents all stored in one safe, secure and accessible place... your pocket. That’s why it's called... your pocket personal assistant.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Qualities of iPhone Apps Developer and iPhone Programmers.

Hire iPhone App developer is not an easy going task as iPhone development is a newly developed area for a mobile development sector. Finding a good and experienced iPhone programmers is just finding a diamond from a clutter.

Qualities of iPhone Apps Developer and iPhone Programmers

With each and every new release of iPhone SDK our iPhone Developer and iPhone programmers keep themselves updated and start searching innovative ways and ideas of easy and fast development. You may understand that iPhone apps development is not just follow the instruction given in SDK but it demands a lot up knowledge, skill and foremost some previous experiences.

Our developers and iPhone Programmers have every things needed. They have in depth knowledge of OS framework, Mac OS X framework and iPhone simulators. Our iPhone Programmers and iPhone apps / game developer are proficient in developing iPhone apps related to:

-Internet application
-Games development
-Utility applications
-Fun applications
-Language conversion
-Multimedia application

They do for you :-

Our iPhone Developers / iPhone Programmers make a close analysis of various features of your iPhone to deliver the application program that you need, such as:

-User events.
-Network activity
-File activity.

We are well equipped with the most advanced instruments to analyze your running application and the current data of your iPhone.

iPhone Game developer / programmers

Millions of users are using iPhone for the games for the fun, as mobile gaming is easy and portable service for the users anywhere they want. For the custom iPhone game development you can hire iPhone app developer and iPhone game developer very easily.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Verizon iPhone 5 alone will present a formidable challenge.

As Apple prepares to finally launch its iPhone on Verizon’s store shelves Feb. 10.But just the Verizon iPhone 5 alone will present a formidable challenge, and by all measures, it will easily beat any Android handset it’s up against.

Here’s why: The iPhone will increase Verizon’s influence.

Verizon in no way prefers one platform over another, unless one of those platforms offers more revenue potential. Going forward, it’s quite possible that the current-generation Verizon iPhone will usher in many more customers to the carrier’s network, and effectively put it ahead of AT&T and all other competitors in the United States. If that happens, Verizon will have no choice but to give preferential treatment to Apple. It’s quite possible that the next version of the iPhone on Verizon’s network will capitalize on that treatment.

The forgotten platform?

At the same time, the iPhone's and iphone feature success could have a negative impact on Android. Prior to the iPhone’s arrival, Android was the go-to platform on Verizon’s network, and companies like Motorola and HTC were capitalizing on this situation. But if Verizon sees more revenue potential with the iPhone than with Android—which seems quite likely—and pushes the iPhone to the top of its marketing strategy, Android handset sales could drop off. As a result, Android devices will have an even harder time competing with the iPhone 5 across the smartphone market.

The 4G possibility: One of the key factors in the Verizon iPhone 5 will be 4G. Currently, Verizon has the potential to reach more than 100 million people with its 4G network. It expects to bring it to even more customers through the end of 2011. Most reports suggest Apple will capitalize on that and bring 4G connectivity to the next Verizon iPhone. If that happens, currently scheduled Android 4G handsets won’t have that advantage. The onus will be on those handset makers to find another way to appeal to customers. That might be more difficult than some think.

If the current iPhone software programming is so appealing to customers, how many more will jump at the chance to buy an iPhone with the many features Apple will likely be making available in the next iteration of its smartphone?

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Promote Your Business With iPhone.

Are you thinking to promote your business on the wider screen or wider plot?The use of iPhone Apps can help you in promoting your business. iPhone application development has given businesses around the world an awesome marketing tool to reach niche markets. This has made businesses go crazy after these apps and made good iPhone developers a prized catch. Small and big businesses are equally busy in developing applications to attract their customers.

Advantages of iPhone Apps in Promoting Business

Quick Service: Imagine the convenience you will provide to your customers if they can reach you when in need. In iPhone development, business Apps are such designed that customers can avail help instantly. This is one of the key denominators, which separate a good brand from an ordinary one. It can help you in making your customers brand loyal.

Easy To Use: iPhone applicationss are made keeping in mind the most basic requirements of users. This in turn helps businesses grow further as user friendly graphical interface makes your regular and potential customers attached to your brand. This helps in establishing long lasting relationship with your customers translating them into higher sales and revenue for your company.

Cost Effective Promotion: Promotion through these Apps is one of the most cost effective ways of marketing. You do not have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in television and print advertisements. You will rather have your powerful marketing tool placed right in the phone of the users. There are times when your iPhone apps can be sold for a subscription further adding to your revenue.

Attract New Customers: One of the key targets for iPhone developers while designing iPhone applications is to attract new customers. A well-developed iPhone application can help in appealing to the tech savvy generation. This is targeted marketing and has a high success ratio compared to other types of promotion.

If you want custom development of your iPhone Apps the wisest thing to do is to outsource it to an A-1 Technology offshore development center. A-1 Technology employ experienced iPhone developers who can create it to suit your business needs. Since these developers work on different genres of iPhone Apps they can not only develop these applications but also suggest you alterations and modifications to your plan for better results.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Facebook Effects Business?

Today, life of a man has changed and facebook is gaining popularity day by day. Facebook has become most popular social networking site. Few years back when we meet our any old friend we just share cell numbers and but now the trend has changed we just want facebook account of our friend.So, facebook is extending day by day because it attracts many users towards its side as it has lovely games,application for making life interesting.

How facebook effects business:- As i have already stated that facebook has maximum number of users as everyone has facebook account. So, users operate it all the time. The idea behind using Facebook as a venue for doing business is building a user base in the form of a community who respond to you as a person or to your product. If you just turn your page into one big advertisement, you are not going to get much in the way of a response. You need to educate people about the product without coming across as a hard sell.
You want to create the impression that you are here for socializing, not business. People will come to trust you and be more likely to buy your product or service if you can do this.

Facebook Application Development has built in tools which can be used to build your business. These include:

- Social Ads
- Pages
- Beacon
- Insights
- Platform
- Polls

These tools can help you to build awareness of your brand through Facebook and bring in potential clients. Customise facebppk application with A-1 Technology as it has a vast experience in developing facebook applications recently our facebook application developers has developed fashionista application which is running successfully on facebook and now we are developing its new version.So, if you really want to develop facebook application feel free to contact us.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How To Build a Sizzling Website?

Expanding your use of video, adapting to the growing use of smartphones and using your website to become an expert in your field are just some of the tasks you’ll need to tackle this year if you want to keep on top of the competition online. Think your website is ready for 2011? Think again. Just as you’ve mastered the latest web trends, suddenly major changes in SEO, web design and eCommerce appear from nowhere - and your business had better be prepared.

Here are the big web trends you need to address in 2011.

Add Something New: Physical retailers practically fall over each other trying to stand out among the crowd, offering extras like discounts, gift-wrapping and other promotions. “The more creative you can be, the better. I know of a clothing company that puts in handwritten notes into all of their products, thanking the customers. That’s a great example of what you can do when you’re a small retailer.”This is the type of stuff you can do when you’re a small company, and you have the chance to do it. Make yourself stand out and keep those customers coming back.

Make it Pretty: One of the biggest problems a new online shopper may have with the digital process is that they can’t touch and feel the product they’re buying. In order to eliminate that fear, you need to make the experience as visual as possible for them.

Content, Become an expert: Your website shouldn’t just be a place for customers to grab a phone number or send you an email. These experts say in order to distinguish yourself from the crowd, you need to be setting up yourself as an expert in the field – and the perfect way to do this is through a blog.“Plenty of businesses and simply people in general are either adding a blog to their site, or using a blog to communicate with their audience. And while blogs are not new, they are on the increase.”

Connect Your Customers: Social media is nothing new and we all recognize that businesses without Facebook and Twitter pages risk being left behind. But now comes the next step – connecting all your social media links together and plugging them whenever possible. All of your pages need to link to social mediate sites, and vice versa.“Interconnection with social media is the big thing now, you really need to be looking at having your Facebook page, Twitter and other sites all linked together. You need to make these sites are not just the place users go to buy something, but be sure they can get to other places as well.”

Keep it Social (SEO): Talk to any SEO webmaster and they’ll usually say that creating plenty of links is a great way to get your site noticed in Google. The more links, or “doorways”, into your site, the more opportunities people have to visit it.“This occurred in 2010 and there’s going to be much, much more of it in 2011. The social world is bigger, and it’s something that Google wants to do well. Now is the time to do social, and do social well.”

Don’t forget Google: Sometimes improving your website means going back to basics. “The big thing businesses need to be looking at is using Google Webmaster Tools to get analytical data. Many use just analytics, but they don’t use webmaster tools to find out what Google is doing with their site.”

For more information do contact A-1 Technology as they are expert in buliding attractive and strong websites.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Tips To Build Website.

Building your own Web site is becoming easier and cheaper. Software gets more sophisticated and provides so much help that virtually anyone can build a website.Knowing how to build a website and develop information on the Web might be a business necessity or a job skill allowing you to potentially connect with millions of people.

You'll find a lot of tips, examples, links to useful services and resources, which teach you how to build a website as easily as possible...

Start Creating a Website from Planning its Content: Planning your Site Content is the initial phase of building a successful high-potential website. Discover the optimal niche for your website, find correct keywords and choose the most profitable website concept for you, then make your concept ever more profitable by analyzing and using the competition. Build website structure that is optimal from the point of view of both human visitors and search engine spiders.

Search Engine Optimization: Search engine optimization of your site content. How to build a website with all the pages acting like highly ranked doorways. General rules of writing the body copy and meta tags of your pages to achieve high ranking in all the search engines. How to instruct Web crawlers what to do when they visit your site.

Web Design: How to build a website that doesn't look like it was designed by a novice. Tips on Web page design. The basics of Web page backgrounds, useful tricks, examples. Using fonts on your Web pages. The methods of website navigation.

HTML Codes: The most powerful and flexible tools for building high-quality Web pages. The basics of HTML, short descriptions and examples of HTML tags. HTML validators for making your Web pages faultless and standards-compliant.

Web Graphics: The best graphics tools, usable by the beginner, but packed with plenty of higher-end features for the expert. Main Web graphics formats. Tips and techniques for creating optimized images for your pages. Creating banners from scratch or by using free banner generators.

Web Hosting: Features and details you should know about to choose the most reliable and cheap website hosting. How much does "free" Web hosting cost you? A low-cost solution for hosting multiple websites. Using FTP software for uploading files to your Web host.

Website Builders: Online tools for creating free websites and profitable Web businesses. Comparison and reviews of the most popular website builders. How to build a website for free even if you know nothing about HTML, FTP and the like.

Domain Names: Selecting a domain name is perhaps the most important step in the entire process of website building. Tips for choosing domain names, useful links and services. Details and tips on how to register domain names.

Contact A-1 Technology for Software Outsourcing and Mobile Application Development.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Be a part of the facebook marketing revolution.

While my winter break was mostly dedicated to spending time with family, I tried to sneak in some social time for myself by occasionally going on Facebook.The site is like the best friend we never had. We hear about everything from inside scoops on people to the most happening social events in town; it is the ultimate means of socialization and communication. So just to see what my friends on Facebook were up to during the break.

Facebook is the most popular social network — millions of people from all around the world use it almost everyday. Every means of socialization and communication is available on this website within a couple of clicks. The founders of this famous social network have understood human curiosity so well that they know how to lure all kinds of customers to the site with different types of attractions.

Give your Business a new shape:

Thinking about giving a new face to your business or identity through the worlds most popular social networking site, that will do wonders for you? You are at the right place. Here at A-1 Technology, we are ready to provide you a complete series of high quality facebook applications according to your requirement. Our creative team of professional facebook developers with their proven expertise can design any simple to complex facebook compatible application that will most definitely give you a 'facelift'.Our dedicated team of highly efficient graphic designers is ever ready to blend their creative expressions to produce a sleek, eye catching, design for your application.We understand your need to promote your product. Our proven and experienced team of marketing experts goes through in-depth study and come up with the best possible marketing solution that will definitely make your application hugely popular among the targeted demographics in no time. So be a part of the facebook marketing revolution. We always keep a close vigil at this rapidly evolving and transforming domain, so our maintenance and support service team will always keep you ahead of the others.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Think Android!! Think App!!! Think Globally!!!

Google is the mother of The Google Chrome and Android operating systems. Android is built for touch, while Chrome OS is meant to be used with a keyboard and pointer.The Google Chrome and Android operating systems are Google's two newly developed systems that they're working on. Google OS is mainly based on the Google Chrome browser that runs internet applications. It is designed to be a really simple, user-friendly computer operating system that can be used on numerous devices. Now you ask,, where will the platform actually fit in?

Some say that Google is on a diehard mission to take over the world. They already have a world-dominating search engine, PPC program, Android OS, Google maps with an eerily accurate portrayal of everyone's neighborhood, and much more! What other Google features can you think of off the top of your head?

What operating system will ultimately come out on top? Android or iOS? If Android can manage to tackle Apple and the touch screen tablet market, will it stop there? Knowing Google, probably not. Since 1998, Google has been effectively taking control of the web. Android started on phones and is now being used for tablets. Where will we find Android next?

In my opinion, I think we're going to find it just about everywhere. From the next generation of kitchen appliances to WiFi connected cars.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

J2ME And Mobile Platform Go Hand In Hand.

Java Micro Edition also known as Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition or J2M is the most popular & widely accepted platform for wireless phones from leading phones manufacturers.J2ME development has emerged as one of the most popular technologies. Java 2 Platform Micro Edition (J2ME) is aimed at small & memory constrained devices and standardize the use of Java technology in wireless devices. J2ME is the JAVA based Mobile Application Development platform where developers can access an object oriented programming language. This JAVA platform is designed for consumer devices and embedded systems. Be it mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), TV set-top boxes, and printers etc, Java Platform can provide developers a flexible environment for application running on these devices.

Advantages of J2ME Mobile application development:-A real advantage with J2ME development is that it enjoys widespread support across all platforms. The need of the hour to fulfill your requirements is to secure, reliable and professional services pertaining to J2ME application development. With the help of effective J2ME application development, you can reap the advantages of easy user interface, easy application navigational functionality, better networking capabilities and improved security.

Our proficient Java Mobile Application developers are always ready to assist our clients in various mobile applications, testing simulators, and porting to mobile devices. J2ME Applications have a specified quality standard that we ensure by a skilled team of Quality J2ME engineers that work together with the application development engineers.

A-1 Technology specialize in:

» J2ME Mobile application development.
» J2ME Wireless Applications.
» J2ME Web Applications.
» J2ME Mobile Payment Solution.
» J2ME Location Based Service.
» J2ME GPS Based Applications.
» J2ME application porting.
» Blackberry Application Development.
» Bluetooth Application for Mobile.

A-1 Technology believe in 3Ds -

Design: We believe in instinctive yet sensitive designs.

Development: We aspire to produce powerfully built applications.

Delivery: We ensure swift delivery for our client satisfaction.

If you are interested in developing any kind of J2ME application feel free to contact us.