Monday, April 04, 2011

Tips For Saving Battery Life- Android

The fast evolving Android mobile operating system has made android more popular and today they are preferred by more people .Daily we see number of new updates added to Android platform but still Android phones do have share of woes of insufficient battery power. Let's discuss how we can save battery life.

Switch off Notifications:- It will be better if you switch off your sound notifications and as well as LED notifications to save battery. It is true that they silently drain your battery power more than you can imagine.

Switch off unnecessary services:- Services such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS need not be kept switched ON always. Bluetooth is required only when you need to transfer files or use a Bluetooth headset, while GPS is required only if you are having difficulty finding your way around some place while traveling. Switch off GPS Geo location features in any other app that makes use of it as well.

Disable Adobe Flash:- Adobe Flash is required for the functionality of certain websites. Flash gives an enriching web experience but also consumes a lot of battery. Switching it off is one possible way of reducing battery consumption. You can set the browser to load Flash only when you want it to load. To do this, open the internet browser, go to Settings > Enable Plug-ins and set it to On Demand.

Use Battery Usage Screen:- Android phones have a nifty little utility, which lets you monitor what apps consume the most power and thus affecting battery life the most. This is the Battery Usage Screen and you can access it by opening Settings > About Phone > Battery use. You can then decide what action needs to be taken.