Monday, July 25, 2011

Apple Ruling the Smart Phone Market.

Nokia is on a downward slide. The giant handset maker announced its second quarterly earnings couple of days back and confirmed it shipped 16.7 million smartphones in the most recent quarter. This drop now puts Nokia in third place behind Apple and Samsung. The company reports 7% decline in net sales. The decline was so steep which makes the Apple now officially the new king of the smartphone market. The company reported the loss of $529 million in second quarter as compared to $320 million profit in the same quarter last year. Apple, which hit the cell phone market just over five years ago, its now rank as the most profitable global mobile phone maker. After this results, nokia company official's said -The challenges we are facing during our strategic transformation manifested is greater than expected way in Q2 2011.

Apple is now become the most profitable player in the cell phone market, overtaking previous king Nokia for the crown. Apple earned $1.5 billion profit in last quarter,beating Nokia's best $1.0 billion profit during the last financial quarter, which makes Apple to dominate the mobile phone world.

Apple also overtook Samsung, according to research firm Strategy Analytics. Apple smart Phone revenue was approximately 3 times to that of Nokia. Apple reported $8 billion in iPhone revenue against to Nokia lowly $3.5 billion. The most astonishing number is the fall of Nokia market share in Australia. Market share of Nokia fell from 55% to 24% in the second quarter, as the Apple gained top spot in the country. Apple fans are likely prefer to choose the more expensive iPhone 3G. Apple earning approx $500 per iPhone it sells, but users are paying actually a small protion with carriers wireless subsidizing the largest chunk.

People prefer to buy iPhone because of its vast applications. In addition to being the most preferred smartphone, Apple also ranks high in customer satisfaction, according to latest survey. Over 70 percent of iPhone users indicated that they were happy with the devices. Only 50 percent of Android users expressed their satisfaction over the device, and in case of BlackBerry users the level of satisfaction was only 26 percent. Numbers itself indicates the ruling of Apple in smart phone market.

Nokia official's hoping to partnership with Microsoft and to shift the platform to Windows Phone 7 will may help to boost these lagging numbers but on the other side, with iPhone5 & iOS5 on the horizon, which makes possibly the Apple to lead its position further in the smart phone market.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Android Market for Smartphones Redesigned by Google

It has not been really long since Google came out with a whole new Android Market website and now its all set to unveil a renovated storefront client for Android smartphones, with the aim of offering more user-friendly way to application discovery. Google is hopeful that the new Android Market client displays top apps and games in a more effective manner, as it boasts an enhanced UI and more functional download and purchase processes. Apart from this, it also will let the developers to experience better ways to market and merchandise their apps.

Some of the innovative features of the new Android Market client are a new homescreen promotional page created to feature top content, instant access to apps and games. Moreover, the page also connects users to books and movies. Whats even more exciting is that the Apps and Games pages will now include Top Paid, Top Free, Top Grossing, Top New Paid, Top New Free and Trending lists. In order to offer a more appropriate consumer experience, Google will make each list country specific.

Android market now also boasts a brand new app details page, which make it possible to move the name and price into an action bar at the top. Furthermore, the users will now be able to go through screen shots, scroll down to read the description of the app, add more information, reviews and related data or click a thumbnail link to screen a product video that displays in fullscreen mode when the device is in landscape orientation.

A more streamlined click-to-purchase flow that allows two-click transactions from the app details page is presented by the new Android Market client, when users decide to purchase an application. The Android Market also works to enhance cross-sell opportunities by presenting a list of other apps available from the same developer to the user , when he purchases an app.
In other developments, Google is striving hard to move the Android Market update to smartphones running Android 2.2 and above. It's a matter of another few weeks and the update might reach all phones.

At present, there are over 250,000 apps being offered by Android Market. May onwards, Google has been living over 500,000 new Android devices each day. The U.S. Smartphone market is 38.1 pct dominated by the Android operating system, higher from 33.0 percent three months earlier. Next comes Apple iOS with 26.6 percent market share, followed by Research In Motion's BlackBerry at 24.7 percent.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Google Trying to Take Over FB with Google+

It wouldn't be wrong to say at all that Google has pulled up its socks to soar above its competitors. That's why it recently unwrapped its new updated look, apart from unveiling Plus One, the Plus social network and the recent PageRank update. Speculations are strong that Google is planning to unveil a social network via Google+. It is unsure whether this strategy of Google will work or not.

One thing is absolutely clear that Google is aiming at taking over the popularity of Face book and become the big social players themselves. Though Google refuses to admit it, but insiders have said that the project is even called “Googbook” internally.

Before Facebook had taken over, it was Google's Orkut which used to triumph its music on web. But Google has pretty much information regarding the visitors on orkut, who can now acquire their own social opinions called +1 which helps quality websites climb up the pages. But practically seeing, it should not act as a hurdle for highly successful Facebook. Though Google+ has got an excellent response from everywhere, at the end of the day, its about an individual's own choice. Those who are addicted to FB will still remain its fan.

Also it would be hard for anyone to give up over 500 friends and 1000 tagged pics just to switch over to some other social site, even if benefits are larger. However, lets not conclude that Google+ wont have any following. One can have two accounts on different social networking sites. Apart from this, Google+ does offer quite a lot of attractive features like connections not requiring to be two-way, eradicating any clutter from people you don’t actually care about in your stream. Apart from this, it will be pretty amazing to watch how Google advertises with the aim of showing Facebook stars in daytime. But there still lies a possibility that once the initial excitement fades out, Facebook might prevail again.

Now let us give the comparison between Google and FB a backseat and rather talk about the innovative features of Google+. Overall, it's a very simple interface, notifications are great, interactions like hanging out voice chat etc are commendable. As of now, its on BETA, but it wouldn't be wrong to say that the version is much better than many other unveiled by Google in past.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Symantec calls Apple's iOS more secure than Google's Android

Recently, Symantic came out with its latest report, in which it ranked Apple's iOS as more secure in comparison to Google's Android. The report dubbed "A Window Into Mobile Device Security," includes 23 pages, in which the security approaches used by Apple and Google in its mobile operating systems are described. Apart from this, the report also emphasizes the past and possible future holes found in the iOS and Android platforms.

The report made close comparisons of both the platforms and reached on the conclusion that iOS offers full protection against malware attacks, while its counterpart offers only a little.

The report also ranked iOS higher than Android for protection against resource abuse and service attacks, data loss, and data integrity attacks. Moving further, even the fields like access control, application provenance, and encryption were found to be more securely protected by iOS.

Isolation was the only security category, in which Google's Android was termed as better than iOS. Android received highest marks for this category, while iOS was told to offer moderate protection.

On the whole, the report by Symantec credited the provenance approach of Apple for building a steady security barrier. This because all of the apps, before getting launched on the App store has to undergo vetting procedures. The report said that this avoids malware attacks, data loss attacks, data integrity attacks, and denial of service attacks.

While coming over to Android, Symantec pointed out two major weaknesses in it. The report said, “First, the provenance system in place enables attackers to anonymously create and distribute malware. In addition, its permission system relies upon the user to make the important security decisions, and considering most of Android users are not of high technical capability, this causes problems.”

But the report did term Google's mobile operating system as an enormous improvement over traditional desktop operating systems.