Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Travel With Our Customized Station Locator - FCF Fast-Find

Gone are those times when people had to only use a fixed GPS system. Now, they have the option of taking their portable GPS system wherever go with the help of hand-held devices like iphone.As on iphone there are number of apps available such as GPS Tracking, ispy and FleetWide Locator App.

Description of FleetWide Locator App:-The FleetWide Locator App is supported by iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It is a GPS fuel station locator that provides real-time maps, directions, feature filters, station information, and more. Along your journey, GPS technology identifies your location on the map and displays pins for nearby Fleet Card Fuels, CFN, and FleetWide fuel sites.The Fleet Card Fuels Fast-Find App for your iPhone makes it easy to find retail and cardlock fueling locations.

Its lovely features:-

*Easily portable- FleetWide Locator can be easily carried from one place to other as it it avaialble on hand held devices.
*Pin Point Location- With the help of FleetWide Locator we can easily find the exact location and save our time.
*Fuel Detail-We can see fuel products available at each location and we can learn about current C-Store specials.

NOTE:- FleetWide Locator Free iPhone Application.
Iphone application Development with A-1 Technology:-
We have complete knowledge of AppStore and its guidelines and can help you bring your concepts to the Appstore!.

* Extend your web based/enterprise Applications to iPhone

* Game development for iPhone 3g or MAC

* Social Networking Apps

* Custom Native iPhone Apps

* GPS/LBS enabled Apps

* VoIP/Softphones development and much more..

Monday, December 27, 2010

HTML 5 And Apple's iAd Producer Tool.

On 21Dec,2010 Apple rolled in a new tool called iAd Producer to help advertisers design their own iOS iAd ad spots.Apple has launched an iAd Producer, automatically managing HTML5 and CSS3 behind ad development for iOS devices, letting the user to focus on creating content.

Apple and HTML 5 development go hand -in hand?

*Users can choose what device they are building for and the producer gives them an overview of the structure and flow of the ad. It also offers a visual editing canvas for each page.
*The producer offers numerous templates for the iAd, includes a component and asset library for graphics and offers built-in animations.
*It also features a built-in simulator to test the iAd, to see how it runs on the desktop or on target devices on the local network.
*iAd Producer offers developers a JavaScript editor with auto completion, syntax colouring and auto indent for coding. The editor provides quick access to available events on your page.
*It also features JavaScript debugging, letting developers set breakpoints within the code with a click and interactively evaluate JavaScript expressions.

Hire HTML 5 development Company:-

A-1 Technology, HTML5 Development Company provides broad HTML5 Web Development Services on HTML5 iPhone App Development and iPad App Development. Reach to us for Hire HTML5 Developers.

Benefits to Hire HTML5 Developers from A-1 Technology:
* Dedicated person working just for you
* Choose from the experts
* No start up or maintenance costs or taxes
* 24 hours support
* Stay connected
* Trustworthiness
* Third party selling rights possessed by you
* Source Code Authorization all the rights of the source code will be owned by you.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Apple's Latest Target: iAd

Today Apple is one of the top most brand in electronic gadgets.In the market we see many apple gadgets like iPhone,iPad, iPod, Apple TV and so on. Now,recently Apple has released iAd Producer, a new tool for designing interactive “rich media ads” using web standards for distribution through its iAd network within iOS apps, in a direct blow to Adobe's Flash developer tools, the current standard among many web and mobile ad designers. Apple's new HTML5 development tool graphically lays out the structure and flow of iAd elements within an iOS advertisement in a “powerful visual editing canvas,” the company states in its announcement aimed at developers.The new tool incorporates a variety of technologies from Xcode, Apple's Integrated Development Environment for Mac and iOS software.

At the introduction of Xcode 4 this summer, AppleInsider projected that the company's increasingly sophisticated, graphical software development tool could portend new HTML5 development tools, specifically noting that “one example of how the company's significant investments in creating Xcode 4 could be applied is in shipping a web development tool aimed at creating HTML5 content for the web and for use within web-based tools such as Apple's iAd mobile advertising program.”

The new iAd Producer development tool provides more than a dozen templates for creating page views, including Cover Flow and carousel image galleries and geographic maps. A variety of interface components are also provided to enable developers to add media playback controls, standard buttons, sliders and switches, progress indicators and flip views without needing to write any code.

iAd Producer also enables developers to easily add animated transitions and effects to their artwork and pages, and catalogs media assets used in iAd projects, such as graphics, videos, and SVG fonts. The resulting content acts as a self-contained HTML5 website that can be inserted into existing iOS apps to present an interactive advertising experience.For more information just be connected to A-1 Technology daily blog.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Windows mobile application Development

Windows Mobile Application is the latest technology every techno freek should process. This technology allows the user to browse the internet, send receive mails, check with schedules contacts, and prepare presentations, in short manage your whole business with the usage of your mobile. To add on to this high level application you can also use Microsoft windows software's like Outlook, Office and Windows Live.

Our extended support, diverse knowledge and unique delivery process in the field of various Windows Mobile solutions allows us to meet all your business and personal requirements. With diversified experience in creating windows mobile application and working in the most competitive platform of Windows Operating System we assure to be the best choice for you in partnering with.

A-1 Technology create applications for:
» Enterprise
» Retail l
» Industrial
» Consumer

Various Devices that function on Windows Mobile Application are:
» Pocket PC’s
» Smartphone
» Portable Media Canter
» On Board Computers

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Height Of Mobile Programming

Day by day Mobile market shares are rising high as many new mobile applications are coming in the market. Now an individual feels incomplete without its cell. Mobiles have become neccesity of our life.In fact, newspapers, publications, as well as some online advertising methods are not expanding like it was predicted since the mobile marketing arena takes big market shares. The reason for declining the usage of newspaper is that because today mobiles serves an open platform it provides daily news,music,video. One can play with games to kill his boredom. More and more Companies around the globe are making huge profits by utilizing the incredible power of the combination of mobile apps and mobile advertising.

One important factor of mobile marketing and advertising is simply by building your very own mobile applications for devices like for example iPhone's and Blackberry's, and many more. Consider this, exactly what better advertising method can there be to promote an item compared to straight to a person's cellular device? If you think about it, more or less every person in America today keep their mobile phone within 3 feet from them 24 hours a day.

And let's not forget, that recent statistics say that there are currently well over 5 billion mobile phone users worldwide! If you put that impressing number in perspective for a moment, and also keep in mind that there are only about 1.8 billion people on the Internet right now, then you will probably wake up.

There's literally a mobile application designed for whatever subject you could possibly think about. A good advice is definitely that you take action and design a mobile application that is targeted for your particular business. Once you have came that far then you should search for more information on how to put it to use so that you can find out how efficient the combination of mobile apps and direct advertising to cellular devices truly can be.If you really want name and fame in the mobile market you should develop new applications than only you can achieve a great success.The mobile marketing industry is still pretty much an unexposed market and very few marketers know how to take advantage of it.

For more Software Development and Mobile Application Development visit A-1 Technology

Monday, December 13, 2010

Why Internet Marketing.

The continued growth of the Internet has shown that the medium is here to stay. Accordingly, employing social media marketing and search engine optimization to reach prospective clients through the Internet has become increasingly important to a successful business strategy. Internet marketing through means like SEO is an indispensable tool that can be used to suitably market products online. Without an Internet marketing strategy, your company runs the risk of losing revenue and market share.
Although traditional marketing is still unquestionably important, using Internet marketing strategies like search engine optimization and social media marketing serve only to complement the results generated by it. As an entirely new tool that takes an almost indeterminate amount of time to perfect, employing an Internet marketing company like A-1 Technology conduct search engine optimization on your behalf can help properly position your company online.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Mobile Application Development.

Mobile technologies are at the prime of their advancement and they have penetrated deep into the lives of each individual. This very fact alone is enough to say that in the future there is a huge chance of mobile replacing the laptops and desktops. Considering this possibility it will be safe to say that Mobile App Development is one of those solutions that can give your business a cutting edge advantage over others.

Mobile Application Development has an important role to play in the success of your business as it gives you the opportunity to create applications for your specific needs in the way you want it. This way you can have all your business interactions in place and be in touch with your customers all the time. With new technologies coming up in the market and mobiles becomes smart phones the opportunities are ample.

Not only are there many opportunities with mobile app development, but also there are lots of options to choose from. There is iPhone, the much-coveted phone of the century, and then there are BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian. You can choose any of these according to your liking and requirement. All of these have improved and developed along with time and have created more and more options for the users.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Android Application Development -It's unstoppable.

The Android,is a popular piece of kit. Android is an open source free operating system because HTC Sony and many others have adopted it as the system of choice for all their smart phones and here's why. The fact it's open source means they don't have to pay for it, which is obviously a great start but it goes further than that. The fact it's open source means everyone and anyone can develop application for it, modify it heck they can do whatever the like with it.Originally it was planned to be used as a mobile phone OS but it is starting to flex its muscles and expand its horizons. As an Android mobile programming OS . A huge subculture has grown around Android developers, Android modifiers and Android programmers, all making killer apps that they can put out onto the market with no licensing costs and either distribute for free or make money from. The development of these applications is becoming fast and will soon surpass the Apple's application store. Now the question is what this all has to do with the Apple's iPad. Android OS is expanding its operations and currently many manufacturers are using this operating system on their Tablets. Android can do anything which iPad does and in the half price. Android OS are yet not persuasive and glib but due to it's closed architecture these OS are offering such features which iPad do not. These are supported with HDMI ports that can output 720 pixels video. This means that they also behave as a portable High Definition media player. To store the data or to retrieve it, there are memory card slots available. Android users have access to innumerable applications and many more.

Since Android Programming is an open source OS, all the smart phones, net books and Tablets using this operating system will tend to choose this platform since they do not have to worry about upgrading the OS. Over time, the Android will be the dominant operating system for mobile cellphones. Android software and programs aren't just simple pieces of software that are easy to code. They are quite complex and they require the sending of data over the Internet. This is not an easy task and it requires some understanding of Internet protocols. All these require a good team of Android programmers that are experts in their own areas. Android Application developers have to work on their own part of the program, and at the end, an expert will combine all parts into a single coherent piece of software. After that, someone else will have to do extensive testing of the program in order to see that there are no bugs or problems with the software.For developing any kind of Android application on time A-1 Technology is the right choice for you.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Hire Joomla Developer.

Joomla is written in PHP, uses object-oriented programming (OOP) techniques and software design patterns, stores data in a MySQL database, and includes features such as page caching, RSS feeds, printable versions of pages, news flashes, blogs, polls, search, and support for language internationalization. Joomla is a free and open source content management system (CMS) for publishing content on the World Wide Web and internet. It comprises a model–view–controller (MVC) Web application framework that can also be used independently.

Joomla is very easy and substantial open source content management system (CMS) which is utilize, to publish content on the web, and is used to develop small websites to the large and complicated corporate websites and powerful applications, and also to develop large community portals.

If you are looking for a good Professional Joomla Development Company to create or develop your website then Joomla CMS Experts is the only name on which you can trust. Joomla CMS Experts can understand your requirements and do exactly according to your requirements. Joomla CMS Experts has vast experience over Joomla development, Joomla Solutions service and is the finest Joomla service providers in the globe. Joomla CMS Experts also provides Joomla customization service to make your website inviting towards the customers.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Windows Mobile Apps Development-You have the Ideas? We have the Skills.

The Windows Mobile platform, can help you in building innovative mobile phone applications.With Windows Mobile Phone platform, applications can be developed in lesser time and cost by taking advantage of familiar Windows Mobile Apps Development environment, comprehensive technical support and a consistent programming model.

The platform offers features such as…
* Seamless data connectivity.
* Enhanced security.
* Rich API support such as Blue tooth.
* Pocket Outlook Object Model (POOM).
* Programming models (native code, managed code, mobile web development)
* Multithreading.

Hire Windows Mobile Developer / Programmer

Windows Mobile is a platform for mobile devices, based on Windows CE 5.o, and used in a wide variety of third party hardware, such as PDAs (Personal digital assistants) and Smartphones. With Visual Studio and Windows Mobile SDK, make it possible to develop software for Windows Mobile platform in both native (Visual C++) and managed (Visual Basis .NET, Visual C#) programming languages.It’s requires experienced Windows Mobile developer and programmers to make your dream come true into reality and develop an applications which does means to your customer and your business processes.

At A-1 Technology we are committed to bring your best ideas to a broad Windows Marketplace. Our experienced Windows Mobile Developer and Programmers use familiar windows mobile development tools and technologies to create global market opportunities for you. By leveraging our ASP.NET and Visual Studio development experience, connect you with millions of Windows Mobile users worldwide.Our experienced Windows Mobile Developer and streamlined, simplified and end-to-end process will takes you from development, testing, certification and distributing applications through Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

Our Windows Mobile Programmer team having vast experience in developing simplified line of business (LOB) applications, applications that runs successfully across different devices in Windows Mobile to provide enhanced user experience.

Services We Offer:-
* Hire dedicated Windows mobile developer
* Consulting services
* Enhancement / ongoing maintenance
* Technical support

What you will get by Hiring A-1 Technology

A-1 Technology will provide you a Windows Mobile Apps solution that meets your all business needs. At A-1 Technology our expert team of Windows Mobile Apps Developers, can provide you and your team the edge it needs, access to customer account data, enterprise resources, e-mail, and more. With integrated Mobile Applications which can communicate with inherit Windows Mobile software and provide you the ultimate business solution. We can develop a business-specific applications for Windows Mobile phones which will help save time and money.

Get Windows Mobile Applications developed as per Your Business Needs…

* Customer relationship management
* Mobile messaging & communication
* GPS & navigation
* Sales force automation
* Field service automation

Monday, November 29, 2010

IPhone Is Here To Help You Through Pregnancy.

Now no need to get worry,If you are pregnant,there are iPhone apps that can help you get through the process. And while it's true that these apps don't make the pain ago away, they do let you keep track of things and become more knowledgeable.Pregnancy-related phone applications are an extremely handy pregnancy resource that can be used just about anywhere.

With so many free and low cost apps available, they're fast becoming a convenient resource for mums and even dads to be.
Here is the one of the most useful and popular pregnancy apps available for the iPhone.


Baby brain sufferers, look no further. This app shows how far along your pregnancy is and calculates Body Mass Index, tracks weight gain and records vital stats pertaining to mother and unborn bub, notes on medical visits, questions for the obstetrician, important pregnancy contact numbers, as well as all relevant medical appointments, with a reminders of scheduled appointment popping up each time the app is opened. It also features a 'Baby Names' list to add possible choices to.

For more details just be in touch with A-1 Technology daily Blog.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML has been the basis for nearly all internet coding since websites first began to appear. There have been a few changes, such as ASP and PHP, which allow server side processes. But in essence, the long standing HTML 4 has not changed for quite some time.The most recent version of HTML 5 is still very much under development, which has been slowed by the competitive browser market (Firefox, Chrome, and IE). Nevertheless, HTML 5 is looking very promising, and promises to remove the need for many of the multimedia add-ons which we currently use with today's browsers.

One of the biggest developments in HTML 5 is how it affects multimedia presentations on the Internet. Most notably, the clumsy, encumbered, 'Object' tag has now been replaced with specific, orientated tags, such as 'video' and 'audio'. These changes seem minor, but they allow the developer to add specific attributes for browser based multimedia processing.

The majority of the benefits to HTML 5 are to do with its graphical capabilities. Whereas most current browsers simply load an image, HTML 5 is expected to include a built in powerful vector engine, capable of producing vector graphics, and animations, and user interactive applications, without the need for numerous plug-ins, such as Flash and Silverlight.

The vector processing, using the tag 'canvas', allows a developer to section off an area of the webpage in which pictures, animation, chart, games, and interactive elements can be directly coded, with no plug-ins required.HTML 5 will probably not look much different from your everyday web browser, and Google Chrome with Google Gears is a good example. It provides local offline application use, as well as local database storage to ensure speedy web browsing and application processing.

As with XML and other emerging Internet standards, CSS is not only an option, but a requirement in HTML, it will form the backbone of any HTML 5 compliant website to ensure it processed perfectly while allowing multimedia to fit in with the look and style of your website. This may make life more difficult for amateur web developers, especially those who focus more on multimedia and presentation rather than coding, but it is a skill well worth learning.

The power of HTML 5 in multimedia is only just being realized. The most important aspect is the ability to include web based applications with increased accessibility and utility. Hiring PSD to HTML service from a web development company is a major decision and demands high cost of operation. Therefore, an individual should select his Web Development Company carefully.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Search Engine Optimization and The Role of Meta Tags

Internet marketing is very transparent, flexible & measurable opportunity for the Advertiser.
Internet marketing ties together creative and technical aspects of the Internet, including design, development, advertising, and sales.Internet marketing is gradually surpassing all other traditional marketing mediums.

Some reasons of why we should go for Internet Marketing:-
  1. Fastest growing advertising medium: Internet marketing is a fasted growing advertising medium with the growth of 304.10% from year 2000 to 2008. BIG, Medium & small- all types of business/ organizations are investing heavily in online marketing to get branding, web promotion, sales, leads etc.
  2. Cheaper & Flexible: The Internet is much cheaper & flexible than any other advertising medium. Here the content can be changed without having to ask someone to do it for you (if you use a content management system) and you can potentially reach a wider audience. You can easily modify your website as per your convenience.
  3. Make Global or Highly Targeted: The Internet has allowed businesses to break through the geographical barriers and become accessible, virtually, from any country in the world by a potential customer that has Internet access or if you want to target regional customers then your do the same very easily & can get most targeted customers.
  4. 24*7*365: Internet marketing gives the access to your customers of 24 hours in all days. They can shop from the websites at any time so now no more turning customers away when its time to close shop.
  5. Two-Way Communicative Marketing: W2.o technology has completely changed the marketing scenario where people can interact with each other. Customers can quickly and easily give feedback on your product and/or marketing approach.

For more visit

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mobile Application Development Makes Applications And Games Interoperable.

The population of modern generation in need of faster communication, collaboration and interaction subscribes to many applications, tools and games that are available for their mobile phones. The mobile phone has become a basic necessity in today's world. Now, if business users can manage their offices more effectively with the help of the mobile phones - even when they are on the move, younger lot can stay entertained with the aid of applications that facilitate news, entertainment and games on the go. With the number of applications available today, the mobile phone has made our lives a lot easier. Mobile application development has emerged as the most sought after trend among the users of the mobile phone. Thanks to mobile porting solution provides, you favorite application or game that is principally developed to run on iPhone or any of its other communication counterparts, can be used vice versa.

With many features and options available, mobile phones can provide us fun and entertainment. The mobile phone application development companies have made amazing developments that can help us a lot. Some applications can be used directly on mobile phones while others brought their web versions to mobiles. However, the biggest challenge for the developers is to develop an application that can work on all mobile platforms.

In Customized iPhone applications development, refinement of each feature takes place so that it can be used on various mobile devices. The applications have to be ported to various platforms and devices. Mapping helps to sort out all the requirements and options so that it becomes easy to port applications to various devices and platforms. It also helps to make sure they are able to reach a large number of users, irrespective of their mobile devices. There are many companies with expert professionals that can port your application to the desired platform. Customized solutions are also available to cater to your specific needs. The process saves a lot of money and time and also helps on developing common applications which can be used by any mobile phone user.

Apple iphone application development is also available for your mobile phones that can be easily ported to various platforms. From games to weather conditions, these applications are easily available. On the other hand, these applications can also be created and ported to various devices and platforms. If you look into the details then you would find that this process can be time consuming, but you need to understand one thing that developers also get a compact platform where they can port these applications without wasting too much time.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Real Defination Of J2ME

Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) is a subset of J2SE that is geared toward embedded and handheld devices that cannot support a full J2SE implementation.

Software that raises the IQ of a handheld offers a pretty catchy tune, especially when there's a backbeat. In this case, Java software has enjoyed years of success on the server side of the equation. And it enjoys a large, devoted developer base to expand applications.
Observers emphasize a handful of advantages :

* Superior user interface control
* The ability to work with applications off-network
* Device-to-device networking
* Increased support for graphical interfaces
* Improved security and consistency of applications across platforms and devices
* Over the air, or OTA, downloads of new applications should provide convenience for enterprise and instant gratification for consumers.

There are two types of J2ME applications:
Walled garden applications are stand-alone applications that run on the wireless phone without accessing external data sources through the carrier network. Examples of walled garden applications include calculators or single player games.?
Network aware applications interact with the network. Unlike walled garden applications, network aware applications can access an external data source. An example of a network aware application is an email application that resides on the phone, retrieves addresses stored within the application, and sends email to addressees via the data network.

Design Strategies
Developing applications for small devices requires keeping certain strategies in mind during the design phase. It is best to strategically design an application for a small device before beginning coding. Correcting the code because the developer failed to consider all of the "gotchas" before developing the application can be a painful process.

Here are some design strategies to consider:

Keep it simple. Removing unnecessary features, possibly making those features a separate, secondary application.

Smaller is better. This consideration should be a "no brainer" for all developers.

Smaller applications use less memory on the device and require shorter installation times.

Minimize run-time memory use. To minimize the amount of memory used at run time, the use of scalar types in place of object types is advised. Also, do not depend on the garbage collector. The memory should be managed efficiently by setting object references to null when the application is finished with them. Another way to reduce run-time memory is to use lazy instantiation, only allocating objects on an as-needed basis. Other ways of reducing overall and peak memory use on small devices are to release resources quickly, reuse objects, and avoid exceptions.

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Role Of Flash Services In Website Development

Every single website represents an organization and further help in attracting potential client's interest, a poor web site design or development may well deject your clients to judge your online presence very seriously. So it's really important to develop pages that are well designed and developed and have enough features to keep site visitors for a lot more than just a few seconds. This is one area where Flash Website Development or Flash Website Design alternatives plays a major role and further gives an advantage. If you would like to offer a big and much better impression to your site visitors and would like them to visit your site then using flash in your website is the solution.

Built-in with 3D graphics, video and of course audio, it enables you to get a highly interactive user experience for any web site. Additionally, it facilitates designers to produce animations and also interactive images that can be embedded into a web page. Any site that's developed with Flash provides better interactivity because it can be used to offer animated graphics and also interactive features. In addition to this, a Flash site also enhances the scope of website graphic content by making animations. Web solutions which are produced with Flash offer facility to integrate sound as a background element or even as a synchronized aspect. It may be loaded in just a one go, and when it gets loaded it's very easy for just about any web site visitor to go through various pages of the website without reloading.

Currently these feature is not just a part of web site, but has actually covered a very long way and is now regarded as as a web template. Today you've Flash web templates to build any web site which are better-looking than HTML web templates. HTML website templates are plain but Flash web templates are more interactive. Apart from this, Flash site templates have a more user-friendly navigation and amazing Flash effects.

This technological know-how is surely getting its global acceptance. A site that's developed with Flash has truly become very powerful, and nowadays designers have started to understand its true potential in online marketing. Thus, Flash technology is the correct solution if you're looking for the perfect web design answer for your web site.

These days where the time taken to make some decision or check out any website is getting really shorter and nobody actually has enough time to go through the entire website content a web site template can easily give them a better idea on the business.

Contact us Software Development and Mobile Application Development

Monday, November 15, 2010

Apple Postpones iOS 4.2 Release.

iPhone & iPad Update: Apple Postpones iOS 4.2 Release Once Again. Apple's upcoming OS- the iOS 4.2 release is getting mysterious just like the white iPhone 4 and Verizon iPhone as new rumors related to the new OS are hitting the internet every now and then.
The Golden Master version of iOS 4.2 was released Apple on November 1, which led many to believe that the Cupertino-based firm would soon release the iOS 4.2 for public use but it did not happen. Recently, some news outlets claimed that Apple would release the iOS 4.2 on November 12 but it never came. This released was delayed by Apple because the company needed time to fix some iPad WiFi connect issue. Apple later released another Golden Master version and now everyone is eagerly waiting the launch of the public version of the iOS 4.2.
Now Telegraph is reporting that Apple will release the iOS 4.2 on November 24. The newspaper however, has not quoted any official statement or source for this news which means that it could also turn out to be a rumor in the future.
It is learnt that the iPhone Dev Team is fully prepared to launch many updated tools to Jailbreak iOS 4.2 . Read below to find out what iPhone Dev Team is up to:

  • All Apple devices on all iOS firmwares will be jailbroken.
  • Comex is working on the untethered iOS 4.2 Jailbreak. He has completed his hacks to Jailbreak iOS 4.1 and iOS 4.2 beta 3.
  • A new unlock for iPhone 3G and 3GS will be available very soon.
  • There has been no unlock for iPhone 4 on iOS 4.2. Do not update to iOS 4.2 on your iPhone 4 device if you are looking for unlock until Dev Team introduces their new features.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Flash Web Design -'Advantages'

Flash Web Design is a very powerful & flexible medium to create impact on the viewers mind. Flash web designing has increasingly developed to a magnitude replacing the traditional methods of web-designing. Flash is used to create animated websites with sound effects and interactive clippings defining the products or services rendered by the owner of that website. The interactive clippings and movies are used for the enhancement of websites and make an impact on the website browsers.Flash with a hint of “static” designing technique can lead to a spectacular development of the website and many sectors of businesses ranging from corporate, retails, industries and business offering services can execute the technique of flash designing and attain fruitful benefits from the same.

In recent years, the custom flash web design has progressed to a magnitude leading to the replacement of the off shelf web-designing methods. The web designing companies in India have found the perfect way to build tutorials, market presentations, and multimedia websites by implementing the custom flash web design method. Many graphic and application designers find Flash to be user friendly. The graphic designers can enjoy having control on every part of their design and also can make the animation livelier.

Flash is generally used for building animated websites and clippings promoting products and services on the website. Features like professional flash website design, flash introduction, flash presentation, flash scripting, pictorial presentation, flash photo galleries, flash animated logo designs and flash animation are some of the main components that support the custom flash web design. Flash web design companies in India have mastered in producing small portfolio websites to large online shopping portals by blending well their creativity, professionalism and the latest custom flash web design technology.

Flash web design with a touch of static designing technique can result to spectacular presentation of the website. Different sectors of business can utilize the technique and possibly can create wonders to their business. While making corporate presentations, demos or tutorial, Flash with the support of audio and various user control options can make the product more interesting. However, critics of flash claim that flash websites do not use standard user-interfaces and sometimes it is not compatible to the common features of the browser. Nonetheless, if you want your website to have an impressive look and feel, you can apply flash web design while creating your website. It is an efficient way to leave an impression on the minds of the browsers visiting your website.

Flash is used for corporate presentations and educational tutorials with having audio streamed in the interactive mode with user control options like fast forward, stop and selection of track. Flash enhances the look of your website and it is designed as per the viewers of your websites.

Contact A-1 Tehcnology for Flash Web Development and Flex Programming and Development.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Art Of Developing Website.

When it comes to web designing and development; if you are expecting your website to draw the kind of attention it deserves, then you must put a lot of hard work and smart work together to make it a possibility. Follow the golden rule of 6 steps to earn your website its rightful place among the echelons of websites dealing in businesses online. These 6 steps are as follows:-

Step One – Gathering the information: One has to have a very clear understanding of what he/she aims to achieve through the website and what means would he choose to undertake the task. The second question to ask would be the goals which the person wants to achieve through this website. Who would be the target audience for such kind of online activity?

Step Two – Planning: After the gathering of the information, comes the stage of planning. In this stage processes are undertaken:-

  • Considering the various technology options available for web designing.

  • Creation of the site map that lists down all the main-topic areas in the website along with the sub-topics so as to facilitate the ease of navigation on the website.

  • Outlining the basic features that you intend to be showcased in the user interface.

Step Three – Design: This is the most important step in the process and needs to be thought out many times in advance before actually approaching the development of the website. The look and feel of your website would be determined by your website design. Always keep in mind your target audience while proceeding with the design work of your website.

Step Four – Development: This is the step of genesis or the creation of the website. The steps which go into the development of the website are as follows:-

  • Creation of the homepage.

  • Creation of a “shell” for the interior pages, which serves as a template for the other content pages of the website.

  • Distribution of the content throughout the website.

  • Other major elements such as ecommerce shopping carts, flash animations etc too are made functional at this stage.

Step Five – Testing and Delivery: This is the time to give attention to the finer details. In case of web browsers, compatibility issues, if any, need to be resolved. XHTML and CSS are the basic technologies used in web development.After all these formalities are taken care of, comes the phase of the website launch. An FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program is used to upload the web site files to your server. Just a last run-through would be required before your website goes LIVE on the web.

Step Six – Maintenance: This step is often ignored by web developers and has lead to the downfall of many promising websites. Updating the technology is an integral issue in maintenance and when it comes to the content, it needs to be updated with a CMS or a Content management system.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Guide To Improve Online Marketing

Without a comprehensive knowledge of Online Marketing no Marketing Manager can expect their company to survive these days.Whilst marketing on the Internet involves very similar principles, the means and methods are different and so we’ve produced this simple guide to introduce you to the basics of online marketing:

SEO: Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a way of promoting your business online by optimizing your website and its content for the Search Engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo. The companies that rank highest for certain search terms or ‘keywords’ get the greatest number of visitors.

Paid Search (PPC): Using Pay Per Click (PPC) ads, you can immediately begin advertising your products. But the important benefit of online advertising is that you are only marketing your goods or services to people that are looking for them!

Article Marketing/Press Releases: Article Marketing is a very cost effective way of getting people to visit your website. It means placing high quality, relevant, well written articles on your website or submitting them to the best article sites. Articles serve two further purposes. First, they build your credibility online by demonstrating your expertise. Second, they provide lots of the inbound links we wrote about above.Press Releases are similar, they are keyword rich, they provide inbound links but they also raise online profile. Just like offline PRs, don’t release unless you think it’s newsworthy.

Email Marketing: Email marketing is often wrongly called ‘spam’. A well-written and thoughtful email marketing campaign should be aimed only at people that want to receive your messages. Like articles, fill them with informative and relevant content and keep the sales pitch gentle. Build credibility and rapport by offering something of value. Sending thousands of these messages costs nothing, which means that you can afford to pay for a good copywriter to create your emails for you.

Social Media: It’s not a phase or a fad; Social Media Optimisation is the latest place to begin developing your online marketing. Facebook and BEBO allow ads, but better than this, you can give a face to your brand. Loyal customers can interact with you and offer direct feedback without the need for focus groups.

Blogging: Blogging is a less formal way of article marketing and a great way to build a following. YouTube is a very popular way for people to communicate to thousands of people with a simple video. Releasing your ads on YouTube can cause them to spread across the world, so whilst you still pay production costs, your distribution costs rapidly shrink. Video Marketing is one of the latest and fastest growing sectors of the online marketing industry.

Blended Approach: As with any good marketing campaign, your approach must be a blend of off and online marketing strategies. Combining all of these different parts of the online marketing picture will allow you to develop a dominant position in this new marketplace.

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Four Quick Tips To Optimize Your Website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of optimizing your company’s website so that it can be easily discovered through web searches. The more successful your optimization, the wider is your sales net. Considering the vast scope of the Internet, once your website has been successfully optimized, customers you would never have been able to locate through any other means will start approaching you for goods or services.

Four Quick Tips To Get Started With SEO

Now that we’ve covered the importance of SEO, let’s discuss three simple ways you can optimize your website.

Evaluate the SEO Strength of your site: There are many more factors that influence your SEO score, and learning all of them requires precious time which you probably don't have. You can use our company’s free online SEO evaluation tool to get a pretty good idea what the SEO health of your site is. With This information you get can easily spot common SEO issues like problems with your metatags or sitemap, and fix them yourself.

Fill in the Title Bar: Take a peek at your Title Bar (the blue space at the very top left of your screen, or found on the Window menu of Macs). If you see a generic default that says “Home” or “Company Name,” you can be sure that your site is definitely suffering from a lack of SEO. The Title Bar may mean nothing to you, but it is one of the most important pieces of information that search engines use to determine the relevance of your company’s website to the searcher’s query. In other words, it provides search engines with the key terms they use to determine what your site is all about.

Keyword Selection: Selecting the right keywords is easier than you think. If you sign up for Google Adwords, you will be able to see at no charge not only what people are searching for, but also exactly how many people do a particular search each month. This allows you to determine the big keywords everyone is looking for such as “green energy,” but also smaller more targeted ones that your direct audience will be looking for. These keywords are known as long-tail, and though often ignored, they can sometimes be the most vital.

Meta Descriptions Matter: Often when building their website, companies ignore the “meta description” area, seen only in the HTML but not by visitors to the site. Search engines often insert this text below a website’s name in the search results. By leaving this section blank, you let the search engine’s robot to decide what is important about your site, rather than providing that information yourself.

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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Programming Tips for Developer.

  1. Avoid using the same variable again and again for different purposes: This happens with us that we think that more and more memory will be wasted if we declare seperate variable for each purpose. But, if any debugging is about to be done and program is quite a typical. Then, debugger will get confused and Dry-Run will also not work in such a scenario. So, if your program is small then, you can use the same variable. But, if it is complex, then do not use the same cheap practive.

  2. All the variables should be declared at one place: This helps the programmer to analyze whether some variable is yet declared or not. If we declare them at different locations, then, a proper manner can not be acheived in your programming. The variables should normally defined just below the function declaration.

  3. Commenting: Commenting is very much important. Although, there is no relation of them from your logic and programming. But, once you debug your program or new amendments are done, it becomes tedious to understand the logic behind that coding section. That is why, commenting is very neccesary in programming.

  4. Always write the program or check the logic then, come to type: This is a general practice that people directly sit on system and try to build logic and all the necessary corrections are done. But, such anactivity may produce problems like unused variable (regular declaration and descarding) , unused functions (declare and forget to call or just checking), moving in the wrong direction of logic. So, you should decide things before you come to portray them.

  5. Do not learn programs, try to develop your own logic: Each person has logic but, there should be flow in that logic. If flow is absent then your ideas can not reach the destination. So, instead of learning an old algorithm, try to your own program based on your logic.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

What is quality assurance?

Quality assurance -It refers to all systematic and planned activities in quality systems that are proved to be sufficient enough to build up proper confidence in meeting quality requirements.
Quality assurance has 2 aims: build up managers' confidence in the internal organizations and customers' confidence as well. If the quality requirements do not reflect all consumers' needs, products cannot get the proper confidence of consumers.
When considering QA, it is essential to be noted that:

  1. QA that satisfies consumers' needs doesn't mean just satisfying customers with international or national standards. Because in the modern production, enterprises are not allowed to provide products that do not meet the specific quality standards. However, it just meets the legal requirements and does not mean that production is effective.

  2. It is the same for exports. Products for exporting must meet the requirements of foreign customers who place orders.

  3. Senior managers must notice the importance of QA and ensure that all members in their organizations actively attend to quality assurance programs. Also, it is necessary to connect employees' interests with companies' performance.

Besides, we need to follow these principles to assure product quality:
-Accept to approach customers from the beginning and master their needs.
-Customer is God.
-Continuously improve product quality by doing the Deming cycle (PDCA).
-Producers and distributors have the responsibility in QAs.
-Next process is the customer of the previous process.
QA includes all things from production planning to product completion process, maintenance, repairing and product discard. Thus, it is important to clearly determine what should be done in each period in order to assure the quality during product life that including the assurance of highly efficient functions of products and regularly check what have been done.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Designing a good website layout is not enough. It is only half the battle won because you would never want to have a great looking website that no one visits just because its usability is sloppy. So, you must transform your website design into a streamlined and well coded XHTML version that is search engine optimized. This is where PSD to XHTML conversion comes into picture.

XHTML markup should have clean coding so that your website gets loaded easily. It is equally important that it should be cross browser compatible. The conversion implies that you mark up your website taking into account content meaning and XHTML tag semantics. As a result, your website becomes more reachable and search engine friendly.

Today the increasing importance of PSD to XHTML conversion cannot be negated. It has become an intrinsic part of website designing and holds a very significant importance. However, converting PSD to XHTML or converting any image format to valid HTML/XHTML is not an easy job. Generally, website designing is more centered on creativity and ideas, while this conversion is a process with consists of some defined rules and coding standard. Any HTML coder without having a prior or extensive knowledge and expertise in coding can not perform this conversion very effectively.

The actual conversion process may involve more concentration and focus. Here are simple tips that can help you in simple yet effective conversion:

Make sure that the converted result is more precise in pixel pattern against the original website design.

Keep a close eye on all the backgrounds, including header, body and footer of the web page. They all must expand as wide as the screen and mix well with the content.

Ensure that the XHTML codes are well optimized so that it can help you maintain good rankings on all popular search engines.

Make sure and check properly that the coding has wider cross-browser compatibility. With better cross-browser compatibility, your website becomes accessible via IE, Firefox, Opera, Netscape and many others and this in turn helps in giving a wider audience reach.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Benefits of Software Testing.

Today,the software testing strategy plays a great role in making the entire project a successful one. The test plan forms part of the project documentation. The goals, objectives and functional requirements of a software application are scoped and bounded by the project plan. The test documentation is designed to create test cases to qualify the application for functional fit, system stability, platform stability, usability and performance.The initial functional test requirements are executed during the later stages of the first software build.

The developer or development team puts the software through a series of tests to ensure that it meets the initial stakeholder requirements and to prepare the way for further test team, beta testing and end user testing. Specialized software is sometimes employed during the testing process. Regression software allows the development team to make modifications and record the changes along the way. This permits 'rollback' in the event that a change compromises existing code functionality.

The test phase allows a fresh set of eyes to subject the application to a range of 'real world' testing outside the formalities followed by the development team. This can include testing the software on different machines with different operating systems, functional testing and testing for ease of use. Feedback from this allows the development team to improve the applications performance and ease of use. In some cases an initial release of the software is provided to an intended audience to secure a wider range of feedback. This is commonly called beta testing. Large software companies frequently engage in this process to make use of the total skills and experiences that result from using a larger collective user base. Usability software is sometimes used during this process to collaborate and centralize the feedback from the testing phase.

Different software testing strategies are tailored to the business and cultural requirements of the software development company. An understanding of the software development lifecycle and the testing process is essential to any commercial software company. Implementing best practice standards is part of the ongoing commitment of industry professionals to the continual improvement paradigm.Companies that fail to implement quality control standards and adequately define the range of tests for an application can destroy brand credibility, sabotage the overall project and create a cost blowout.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Dynamic Platform For Mobile Software Development

This is the booming age for mobile application development market. This has caught an importance of every mobile and technology lover recently and its demand in the market has grown very rapidly. Due to the vast and fast usage of mobile devices, businesses and organizations are taking interest for investing in this market. Previously, companies were hiring industry professionals and software engineers for research and development for software, marketing, etc.

As more and more smart phone devices and tablet computers are coming in the market, the requirements for developing applications also increasing. This is the complete and dynamic platform in third party mobile software development companies. This has given support to the companies to make an implementation on their creative ideas to put them into existence. Various mobile operating systems platforms are available in the industry, and competition between the web services provider companies are growing. So, it ultimately benefits the consumers. Mobile development experts are providing complete, professional and amazing mobile programming and application solutions to their clients over the world. Several platforms for mobile application development: - iPhone - Android - Blackberry - Windows Mobile- Symbian - iPad With the increasing demand of mobile app solutions, its application programmers are also in full demand.

Mobile application developers are skilled and creative to create any type of application, and they have vast mobile industry experience in building its apps using GPS, GPRS and Wi-Fi. Application developers are keen in creating apps for different mobile devices and tablet PCs. Today’s trend and categories for the mobile application development: - Business - Finance and Money Games - News - Weather - Lifestyle - Travel - Education and Study - GPS navigation - Wireless Internet Security These are the booming areas for creating applications, today. Windows mobile application development companies are also providing more creative apps apart from the above categories. If one has an idea and wants to create apps on that basis then web solutions provider companies are also providing dedicated hire mobile apps developer service to their clients. They can also customize your existing apps to make it as per your needs and requirements.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

How HTML 5 Effects Multimedia?

One of the biggest developments in HTML 5 is how it affects multimedia presentations on the Internet. Most notably, the clumsy, encumbered, 'Object' tag has now been replaced with specific, orientated tags, such as 'video' and 'audio'. These changes seem minor, but they allow the developer to add specific attributes for browser based multimedia processing. The vector processing, using the tag 'canvas', allows a developer to section off an area of the webpage in which pictures, animation, chart, games, and interactive elements can be directly coded, with no plug-ins required.
HTML 5 will probably not look much different from your everyday web browser, and Google Chrome with Google Gears is a good example. It provides local offline application use, as well as local database storage to ensure speedy web browsing and application processing.
As with XML and other emerging Internet standards, CSS is not only an option, but a requirement in HTML, it will form the backbone of any HTML 5 compliant website to ensure it processed perfectly while allowing multimedia to fit in with the look and style of your website. This may make life more difficult for amateur web developers, especially those who focus more on multimedia and presentation rather than coding, but it is a skill well worth learning.
HTML 5 does include a lot of additional benefits to multimedia, my favourite of which is geo location. While they have released few details on exactly how this is being implemented, the geo-location functionality will allow automatic tagging (to your pictures, videos, Twitter, YouTube etc) and give huge functionality to Geo-dependant applications, which you may use to track your progress on a round the world trip or similar. This has however raised quite a few privacy concerns, some of which are well founded.

The power of HTML 5 in multimedia is only just being realized. The most important aspect is the ability to include web based applications with increased accessibility and utility. This capability not only guarantees the user will be able to view what you want, but also interact with it on an unprecedented scale.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Social Media Marketing have appeared across web marketing sites over the last few years. It is an attractive marketing tool that helps you in getting more traffic, attention and links.
It is the process of promoting your business or website through social media channels.
Here are some tips that can help you to be a better SMO expert:
Find a relevant community- Hanging out in a community irrelevant to your website interests will get you nowhere.
Try to be an active participant- Make sure, you post on related message forums, blogs, and submit article to similarly article directories. Show your potential customers why your business is the one that can help grow professionally.
Remain Consistent- Your identity should not vary a great deal from one social media site to another. Be more consistent and maintain a professional appearance. Create trust in your business by supporting them in the similar manner, in spite of where you may be approached.
Make More Friends- Make as many friends as possible who have similar interests as you. Friends who are interested in your products and services will happily tell their friends, refer your site as well.
These simple tips can help in creating lasting results. At times, it may help website promotion or propel your business or product to instant success. But, you need to remember that instant success is the exception not the rule.
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Game Programming

There’s something almost magical about the fact that we can move images around and interact with virtual worlds, a living fantasy presented for us to interact with however we please. I’ve always wanted to make games myself. There are a just few steps which you have to follow during your game project such as follows:-

First of all, learn how to program. If you don't know how to program, I would recommend starting with Python. Once you have picked up a language and know how to program, you need to decide which language you want to program the games in. Engine developers create the core of the game, the engine, the stuff that powers up the actual game. If you choose this route, you will have to deal with all the low level details of programming. For this, you should pick up C or C++ since most of the engines are coded in these languages. The other path is to actually code the games, using a previously coded engine. To make games, you need certain extra libraries. To make games, you will need libraries for graphics, event handling, networking, etc. If you're using Python, Pygame is an excellent library for beginners that provides almost all this stuff. Start playing with the library your have chosen. Read its tutorials online. Learn how to make simple stuff like rectangles, circles, load images, etc. Try to make some animations. After you have coded it, move on to a slightly complex game. Once you get comfortable, you can go for 3D games.

I hope this approach helps you out in your game programming endeavors ! If you need more insight into game programming, visit A-1 Technology for more details.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Android and Business

Here are the top five benefits of Android from a business perspective

#1 Low Barrier to Entry
There is no costly licensing fees or development tools. In fact, it is possible to develop applications without spending a dime. The primary costs fall into three categories: development and testing expertise, royalty fees, and test devices.

#2 An Ideal Platform for Companies New To Mobile
Android applications are written in Java, with a rich set of libraries. Anyone with a working knowledge of Java can get Android applications up and running with relative ease. Java programmers are plentiful in the marketplace (especially in this economy) and the Android platform documentation is very good.

#3 A Variety of Distribution Mechanisms
Unlike other mobile platforms, Android applications can be distributed in a variety of ways. You can use any number of third-party application stores but you can also create your own distribution channels: for vertical market application purposes, to develop new application stores, and even put it behind corporate walls. If you build it, you can publish it.

#4 Open and Free Platform
License free, royalty free, and open source. That’s Android. No costly licensing fees. Also, since the underlying architecture of the Android SDK is open-source, you can watch upcoming releases and provide feedback to the Android development team. This makes the Android platform very compelling for handset manufacturers and wireless operators… which translates to better opportunities for developers to monetize.

#5 Best Mobile Platform for Inter-Application Integration
The Android platform has is the best mobile platform for inter-application and inter-process architectures. Do you have a suite of applications in mind? Want to integrate them or cross promote them? Android blows the competitive platforms away in this area. Most other platforms allow background processes (at best) but the Android platform is set up to allow for trust relationships between applications for a more tightly knit experience for users.

#Android and A-1 Technology:
we’ve developed applications for many other platforms, including iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm, BREW, J2ME, etc. We consider this is to be a fairly unbiased list of what we consider to be the most attractive features of the Android platform. What do you think? Is there something about the Android platform that you consider tempting, interesting or alluring?

Let us know!

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Monday, October 04, 2010


The e-commerce and SEO landscape is always changing. Reacting to those changes is a significant competitive advantage.
How quickly did you get your Like button or Google Analytics' new asynchronous tracking? How soon were you ready for the iPad? How quickly are you able to get A/B tests live, and how long after do you implement the winning pages? Think about affiliates, for example. You may have affiliates that have driven significant revenue to your site because some of them can be so quick to adapt to new SEO, PPC, and other strategies. Or, consider the online-only competitors that came out of nowhere because they had better sites than the established leaders.
Where to Improve
CMS flexibility: Have a powerful CMS, custom to what you do, giving more writers, editors, merchandisers, and designers access to what they need.
Platform and module flexibility: Ask yourself what happens in six months when you don't like everything about a platform anymore. Can you add and customize modules? Should you buy or build solutions?
Team: No matter the architecture choices you've made, someone is going to have to actually make the updates. Is your team dedicated to the website? Or do they have other duties slowing them down?
Budget: Team and budget seem to be part of a seesaw in some ways. If you don't have much of a team, you should at least have some budget to outsource, or vice versa.
Red tape: Does it take 20 signatures to change the alt text on an image? Teams need to be allowed to be able to make decisions on their own.
Testing: As you make more changes, you can expect errors and copy mistakes. You should be able to fix them faster conversely. Budget for keeping up with regular testing across many browsers and devices to help catch them faster.
You still need great content, good copywriting, good marketing ideas, and more to have a successful site. But everything you want to do with your online presence can be made better when you are fast and nimble. A fast, flexible site is more forgiving of bad decisions when good ones can be rolled out soon.
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Friday, October 01, 2010

Dot Net Application

What exactly is Dot Net? It's easiest to clarify by first saying what it is not. It is not a language. In fact, one of its beauties is that is allows the use of several languages seamlessly in the same application (for example, in a larger project there could be several programmers each using their own favorite language, but each interacting seamlessly with the others - maybe not a good idea to do, but it's great that you could!) The big advantage here is in the ability to reuse code from another application that may not have been written in your language of choice.Dot Net provides the means to overcome obstacles that have traditionally been in the way of the development of true web based applications (eg "Session State" - more later!).

Dot Net is a strategy for delivering applications over the Web as Web-based services. In the case of our earlier example, it would be possible to build a series of pages that provide all the functionality of the checkbook program, including the interaction with the bank's on-line system, and to offer this as a service delivered over the web. This is a form of the Application Service Provider model .Components of the .Net strategy include platforms (Microsoft's ".Net Servers") which include the .Net Framework (.Net's foundation infrastructure) and a set of programs or tools for developing and running .Net applications. Microsoft's latest Office products include features for .Net, and of course, there's Visual Studio.Net - the comprehensive integrated development environment. There are new languages to use in your development, including Visual Basic.Net, C# (pronounced "C Sharp"), the Java like J# and others. Some of these are distributed along with Visual

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

GPS -Accurate maps when you need them. No folding required

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. GPS satellites broadcast signals from space that are picked up and identified by GPS receivers. Each GPS receiver then provides three-dimensional location (latitude, longitude, and altitude) plus the time. It has become very popular among professionals ranging from surveys to engineers to archaeologists.
Many engineers may be happy with the degree of accuracy possessed by hand-held GPS. This has been an essential item ( or surveying tool) for field investigation and reconnaissance work. The hand held one may not be the best equipment, where accuracy within a meter is required. For example, for surveying involving trench stakeouts, contour surveys and recording of sites at scales up to 1:2500, using of Differential GPS may be appropriate. For more precise recording, such as grid layouts, excavation plans and topographical surveys, Carrier-Phase GPS will have to be used. Thus implying very high level of accuracy up to millimeter.
GPS Vs Total Station
Until recently the Total Station Theodolite (TST) has become the preferred tool for setting out of trenches, surveying sites or topographical surveys. Frequently in archaeological work, Now GPS has become the popular tool for many surveying professionals. It outperformed TST when the work has to be done:
o Where sites are remote and has limited access, hard details are not available, and positioning may be unreliable.
o Where more man power is required,
o where line of sight cannot be maintained between the instrument and prism.
o where no dependency can be maintained on permanent landscape features.
o when there is no dependency on a maintained line of sight between the base receiver and rover.
In addition, GPS may need less man power and less time to complete same coverage of TST. In other words, both setting up and surveying time is considerably reduced.
There are thousands of apps in iphone app store related to GPS Tracking which proves useful to Design Engineers. These apps are so powerful that it would not have been necessary to pay a single penny for any other GPS apps. The eight powerful GPS apps are listed below:
AmAze GPS is a free turn-by-turn voice GPS app for the iPhone. It offers many of the features of expensive GPS apps!The graphics are decent, and the voice part is really helpful when you are driving to new location .To download it simply tap on “keyword” or “local search” and you will get what you request!
Automilez If you need to really keep track of where you are going and how much time and money you are spending, this is the perfect app for you! Automilez has a sweet interface, but you do need to create a free account first. Then you simply add in your odometer reading when you start and click “stop” when you are done!
GPS Logbooks this app is pretty wicked sweet if you fly the plane or you have to observe the site from the top of location.You can share your flight log book with the world using this handy dandy app.This is a cool app for travelers! As you are flying, simply write a note, and it will update your online logbook with where you are when the post was created.
GPS-LoggerThis app is awesome for geocachers! .GPS-Logger is sweet because you can go back and ADD those photos taken on “un-smart” cameras.It is a great app because you can take pictures or add them in later and connect them to a specific location on a specific date. Now engineers don't have to worry about the location.
GPS-R This is the perfect app for engineers. Not only does it track where you are going, it also tells you when you are near something that you have to do…like buy milk or take back library books. This is an awesome mashup between a to-do list and GPS! GPS-R is sweet because it will remind you of certain tasks when you are near them geographically. Now you dont have to take the help of anyone when you are in a new location.
GPS Tracker- GPS Tracker is quite nice. While it is a little tricky because you have to apply for a free code, it is a nicely done app.Basically, it tracks your phone, so if you are lost in the woods, someone can find you. I hope to never need it, but it will be awesome if I do!. The iPhone updates every few seconds so folks back home can see where you are on the map!
Iwant -This is a sweet little app that lets you know what is around you. Since we go on a lot of hiking trips in areas we don’t know all that well, this helps us find gas and places to eat.
Waze:It is a social app that lets you connect with other Wazers via chatting and map pinning. The BEST part, though, is that its main purpose is to help you navigate traffic. It is kind of like a Way Cool Updated Smokey and the Bandit kind of tool!

If you want Technology in your pocket then stick around! -GPS is here to make your work Faster, Simple and Easier.

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Creating an HTML Page

A web page is created using a language called, Hypertext Markup Language, better known as HTML Code. You can write your own coding within a plain text editor, such as Note Pad, or use an HTML editor, which will write the code for you.
HTML codes, also referred to as HTML tags, are enclosed by the lesser than (<) and greater than (>) brackets and may be written in capital or lower case letters.
The opening bracket is followed by an element, which is a browser command, and ends with the closing bracket.

An element may also be followed by attributes, which are words describing the properties of the element, and further instruct the browser.

Attributes are only contained in the opening HTML tags to the right of the element and are separated by a space and followed by an equal (=) sign.
The value follows the equal sign and is enclosed in quotes.

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A place for everything, and everything in its place is the key to success with short and long tail keywords when you are leveraging social media for your online ecommerce endeavor.
As you probably already know, SEO is quite important in your social media marketing campaigns, and understanding short and long tail keywords is also important!
Which works the best for social media marketing? Short tail? Or Long tail?Actually, the basic truth is that there is value in both.It seems that short tail keywords are useful for creating interest and driving traffic. Long tail keywords, on the other hand, come into their own when you’re talking conversion.
So, there is a place for each, and perhaps having a better understanding of when and where to use each type of keyword is key to using them wisely and to the best purpose.
Here are some pointers for building a great keyword strategy that you can quickly and easily work into your overall marketing campaigns, including social media marketing:
Facebook: A lot of ecommerce entrepreneurs are getting good results with short tail keywords in the little sidebar ads. The secret to making this work for you is to drill down and target a highly specific demographic. Long tail keywords work better outside advertising through fan pages, event pages, groups and more. Bear in mind that everything on Facebook is search engine indexed, and you can better understand the importance and benefit of long tail keywords in content.
Twitter: First and foremost, when thinking about using either type of keyword for Twitter, you have to remember that everything is in real-time. So your best bet here is short tail keywords! Also remember that hash tags are keywords, as well.
YouTube: If you are using YouTube as one of your social media marketing platforms, which is definitely a good idea, keep in mind that Google actually owns YouTube and accesses it constantly, thousands of times a day. So, be sure to optimize your YouTube content that accompanies your video with long tail keywords.
Stay on Top of Metrics: There are a variety of free services and tools available on the World Wide Web that will help measure your social media marketing effectiveness and results, as well as showing you which areas you need to improve upon. It is a good idea to avail yourself of more than one of these services and analyze the effectiveness of your short and long tail keywords on a specific platform to see which ones are doing the most for you.
For any information regarding SEO do contact us as we are always there to guide you.

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XBRL - Better and Faster.

XBRL stands for eXtensible Business Reporting Language.The XBRL Specification is developed and published by XBRL International, Inc. It is one of a family of "XML" languages which is becoming a standard means of communicating information between Businesses and on the Internet. It uses the XML syntax and related XML technologies such as XML Schema, Xlink, XPath, and Namespaces. The XBRL standard gives financial professionals unprecedented control over preparing, analyzing, and communicating financial information, whether numeric or text. XBRL provides a computer-readable tag to identify each individual item of data. By attaching identifying tags to individual pieces of data, a business reporting document becomes “intelligent” data, allowing the exchange of business reporting data by encoding the information in a meaningful way. Computer applications can use the XBRL data to recognize the information in an XBRL document - selecting, analyzing, storing, and exchanging it with other computers and present it in a variety of ways for users.

XBRL is: An open technology standard for reporting and analyzing business and financial information Software agnostic, or independent Accounting framework neutral

XBRL, promises to web-enable the financial reporting process for both preparers and consumers.

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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Cake PHP Web Applications Development

Handling a complex project can always be a lurking worry on your head. A business application of large-scale complexities is best handled through frameworks that make the work simpler. One such framework isCakePHP. Its one of the most popular open source PHP web application development tool that has been trusted with complex tasks by the developers all over.

CakePHP is based on MVC framework and thus it results in development ease with less amount of coding required. The Model-View-Controller structures give developers the opportunity to concentrate on the real areas of their expertise and not worry about other developmental hassles. As MVC framework separates the business logic and thus reduces time of development and the complexity of the project. This gives total the developers total control over the application and thus makes it more capable of performing complex tasks easily.

Other benefits of CakePHP Web Development

-Compatible with PHP4 as well as PHP5
-Reduces Code repentance in website and application development
-Fast and flexible Templating
-Built in view helpers for AJAX, JavaScript, HTML Forms
-Data Validation features
-MIT license and thus available for free
-Easy web services integration as well as development

We at PHP Developer are dedicated towards providing you application development that is robust and performance oriented. We follow and strict procedure of CakePHP application development making sure that every step of a project is handled with utmost care and the outcome is of prime quality and fulfilling all your pre-defined requirements. We carry out an extensive research before we start working on any of the projects; understand the nuances of what you demand and then move ahead to achieve perfection.

Our team of PHP Developers consists of experienced professionals that are keen to work on anything that posts a challenge. We are dedicated to bring you results that are cost-effective, applications that are highly productive and experience that is one of its kinds.
So if you are also one of those who rate quality over quantity for your CakePHP Web Development andCakePHP Application Development needs, then Contact Us. Get a free quote or assistance on any query you might have.

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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Android Application Development

Android is Google's new mobile platform that includes a software stack for mobile devices - with an operating system, middle-ware and key applications.

A-1 Technology offers specific development services for the Android platform. Our mobile experts have recognized experience in mobile application development, using both the Java language and Android framework. We have skilled expertise in creating mobile applications, testing and porting to mobile devices.

About Android: The Android platform was built from the ground-up to enable developers to create new and innovative mobile applications that take full advantage of all the capabilities of a handset connected to the Internet.

Android is a complete mobile platform built on the Linux 2.6 kernel that exposes a robust operating system, a comprehensive set of libraries, a rich multimedia user interface and a complete set of phone applications.

Android's Benefits and Features

Open Platform: Based on Linux, it provides access to core mobile device functionality through standardized application programming interfaces.

Overcomes Boundaries: Android allows you to combine information from the Web, directly from your mobile handset and corporate sources—speeding-up the information-gathering process and exactly delivering user-requested information.

Simplifies Development: Customer demands for reduced development cycles and sophisticated services fast and easy-to-use development tools. The Linux-based Android platform allows full access to the whole functionality of mobile devices by incorporating a powerful Java engine.

Equal for All Applications: There is no differentiation between applications—and this enables developers to freely access all available services and interfaces on mobile devices. Additionally, feature-rich Web browser capabilities expedite development of customized services for specific customer requirements.

Following on multiple successes in software publishing for Mac, iPhone and the Web, A-1 Technology got an early jump on app development for Android. Since the Android Market debuted in 2008, we have published a variety of applications ranging from critically acclaimed games to lifestyle utilities such as the best-selling smart alarm clock, Night Stand, and AndroidBook, the platform’s first full-featured Facebook client, all making the most of the unique feature set that Android offers.

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Friday, September 03, 2010

The New, Highly Responsive Bump - iPhone

Do you use an app to exchange information with new people, or does a business card and a cocktail napkin suffice?

Bump is a great app for people that travel in groups with lots of smart-phone users because it makes it simple to transfer information without the need to pass out business cards. It’s easy to use; just open up the app and make the “bump” gesture with the device to share your contact information.

Bump, the app that makes it super simple to exchange information with other users by bumping phones, has just released Bump 2.0 [iTunes link] for the iPhone.
The app features an updated and refined interface plus the ability to compare calendars, instantly connect on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, and the ability to send messages back and forth without another Bump.

How it works: You can set up your contact profile in Bump by selecting your existing address book entry or by creating something brand new. You can then customize what information you want to include or exclude. We like that you can save multiple profiles, one of which you could use for, say, business contacts, and another for personal ones.

If you set up Bump to let you share your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn information instantly, Bump can even compare friends you have with the user you are “bumping” and show you items like photos from Facebook.

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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Advanced Mobile Programming

Mobile application development plays an important role in making a phone into a smart phone. Ten years back people used to walk to the Internet centers to send e-mails, capturing photos or any other tasks. But today's world has changed. You can send/check e-mails, instant messages, making a call, browsing, attending virtual trainings, mapping navigation in a single click by your mobile. Isn't it a smart phone?

Mobile application development is a process of developing mobile applications. These applications are normally installed on the mobiles during manufacturing. These devices are ready to use. Windows mobile is one of the smart operating system for mobile phones from Microsoft.

Mobile application development platforms include :

-iPhone Application Development;
-Android Application Development
-BlackBerry Application Development,

Mobile application developer is the one who made mobiles more popular than laptops in today's world.Mobile application development has gained a lot of importance in the recent and the demand in the market has grown like fire in the jungle.Mobile software solution has proved very useful in today's modern era as it could prove to be a good omen for your business as there are great opportunities of creating, expanding and sustaining business by catering to these demands. One can be in touch with their customers and clients all the time through their mobile phones.

Mobile software solutions not only help in our business but it also a source of entertainment as it has application like Facebook, Music Library,Radio,GPS and the list is too vast. Now the capabilities of these smartphones have been taken to the next level and thus the users can expect better and more robust mobile app development and get applications to perform more complex functions in even better.

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Not Impossible just hard

The impossible quiz is designed to be very difficult. It will test your knowledge of a wide variety of information. It is a true test of your intelligence and the ultimate quiz to determine who the smartest person is. It is fun to test your wits after all..

Save three lives and be the winner;

or loose a live and somehow stumble to end the game.

Beware of the tricky audio clips which can even provoke you to give the incorrect answer. Wade of the pain induced by boredom and keep up your chuckle with The Impossible Quiz within your reach. If you have had your share, play it among friends and family members, life is worth a bit of fun also.

In The Impossible Quiz! iPhone app you will be able to try your hand at one of the hardest virtual quizzes that has ever been created. It’s not just difficult or really hard, it is literally impossible to complete all of the questions and challenges that are provided in the app. This is an original app with brain busting qualities and you will find that the logic puzzles are pretty wacky. You will need luck, quick reflexes, and some pretty sound logic in order to complete all of the questions.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

It's not Facebook, it's My face!!-iSocialize

In the movie Robots, Bigweld tells aspiring inventors “See a need, fill a need.” That’s essentially the way I feel about apps in the iPhone app store. While Caller ID is sufficient to tell you who’s calling, we like to associate pictures with our contacts so that we have a very clear visual of who’s just dying to speak with us??? .My Face an app designed by Paragon Services,Inc,aims to make the whole process much simple.

Description: When you first open My Face, you’re greeted with the following Terms of Use notice that alerts you about what’s required for others to be able to download the picture you select for yourself and a notice about the security of your information. After you enter your info and load your own picture, your work is done. And the process doesn’t take long at all.
Tips & Directions: Myface is simple and fun to use:
• Touch Your Face to select an image for your profile. You can choose from your photo gallery or take a new picture.
• Enter personal details like name, age, and ethnicity.
• Select "skin type" and "skin color" for unique results customized just for you.
• Press Occasions to receive expert recommendations for a range of looks for different occasions.
• Touch the ‘i’ button at any time for directions, expert tips, and application guides.
• Use the star button to favorite and save your desired recommended makeover and products.

It's fully free: My Face is a useful little app that does one job and does it well. It’s free and has iAd within the app.

1. Loads from and saves to your device.
2. Three different aged masks to choose from.
3. The ability to resize and position the mask.
4. Set the opacity of the mask to add/subtract years.
5. Personal virtual make-up artist in the palm of your hand.
6 Save you time and money by helping you find the products you need for the look you want. .7 Customized recommendations based on your unique skin color, tone, and type.
8 . Match the right look for the right occasion from first date to bridal parties, from finding employment to holidays; myface is there for you to look your absolute best at all times.
9 . Locate the products you want anytime anywhere with GPS.
10. You can add years to a photo! Just simply import an image from your iPhone and place a mask over it to create a new image.

Your uniqueness becomes your signature!
Right now you may not know anyone that has the app installed on their phone, but the only thing stopping your contact list from filling up with pictures is widespread adoption, so go ahead and give it a try!

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