Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Windows Mobile Apps Development-You have the Ideas? We have the Skills.

The Windows Mobile platform, can help you in building innovative mobile phone applications.With Windows Mobile Phone platform, applications can be developed in lesser time and cost by taking advantage of familiar Windows Mobile Apps Development environment, comprehensive technical support and a consistent programming model.

The platform offers features such as…
* Seamless data connectivity.
* Enhanced security.
* Rich API support such as Blue tooth.
* Pocket Outlook Object Model (POOM).
* Programming models (native code, managed code, mobile web development)
* Multithreading.

Hire Windows Mobile Developer / Programmer

Windows Mobile is a platform for mobile devices, based on Windows CE 5.o, and used in a wide variety of third party hardware, such as PDAs (Personal digital assistants) and Smartphones. With Visual Studio and Windows Mobile SDK, make it possible to develop software for Windows Mobile platform in both native (Visual C++) and managed (Visual Basis .NET, Visual C#) programming languages.It’s requires experienced Windows Mobile developer and programmers to make your dream come true into reality and develop an applications which does means to your customer and your business processes.

At A-1 Technology we are committed to bring your best ideas to a broad Windows Marketplace. Our experienced Windows Mobile Developer and Programmers use familiar windows mobile development tools and technologies to create global market opportunities for you. By leveraging our ASP.NET and Visual Studio development experience, connect you with millions of Windows Mobile users worldwide.Our experienced Windows Mobile Developer and streamlined, simplified and end-to-end process will takes you from development, testing, certification and distributing applications through Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

Our Windows Mobile Programmer team having vast experience in developing simplified line of business (LOB) applications, applications that runs successfully across different devices in Windows Mobile to provide enhanced user experience.

Services We Offer:-
* Hire dedicated Windows mobile developer
* Consulting services
* Enhancement / ongoing maintenance
* Technical support

What you will get by Hiring A-1 Technology

A-1 Technology will provide you a Windows Mobile Apps solution that meets your all business needs. At A-1 Technology our expert team of Windows Mobile Apps Developers, can provide you and your team the edge it needs, access to customer account data, enterprise resources, e-mail, and more. With integrated Mobile Applications which can communicate with inherit Windows Mobile software and provide you the ultimate business solution. We can develop a business-specific applications for Windows Mobile phones which will help save time and money.

Get Windows Mobile Applications developed as per Your Business Needs…

* Customer relationship management
* Mobile messaging & communication
* GPS & navigation
* Sales force automation
* Field service automation