Monday, November 29, 2010

IPhone Is Here To Help You Through Pregnancy.

Now no need to get worry,If you are pregnant,there are iPhone apps that can help you get through the process. And while it's true that these apps don't make the pain ago away, they do let you keep track of things and become more knowledgeable.Pregnancy-related phone applications are an extremely handy pregnancy resource that can be used just about anywhere.

With so many free and low cost apps available, they're fast becoming a convenient resource for mums and even dads to be.
Here is the one of the most useful and popular pregnancy apps available for the iPhone.


Baby brain sufferers, look no further. This app shows how far along your pregnancy is and calculates Body Mass Index, tracks weight gain and records vital stats pertaining to mother and unborn bub, notes on medical visits, questions for the obstetrician, important pregnancy contact numbers, as well as all relevant medical appointments, with a reminders of scheduled appointment popping up each time the app is opened. It also features a 'Baby Names' list to add possible choices to.

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