Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ruby on Rails: Breakthrough innovation in CMS

Web programming required a lot of repetition and time consuming steps before the introduction Ruby on Rails. But at present Ruby on Rails has proved to be an innovation penetrating all the obstacle and restriction in its way of entry to programming.

At present, web designers and software engineers can develop a website much faster and more simply with the help of this powerful web application, enabling them to be more productive and effective in their work. After researching the market, Ruby on Rails stood out as the best choice and it will be true to consider it a key business advantage.

It is the most well thought-out web development framework and has become a standard to even well-established tools as they are comparing themselves to ROR.

Radiant CMS Features of ROR:

  • An elegant user interface.
  • The ability to arrange pages in a hierarchy.
  • Flexible template's with layouts, snippets, page parts, and a custom tagging language.
  • Special page-oriented plug-ins called behaviors.
  • A simple user management/permissions system.
  • Support for Markdown and Textile as well as traditional HTML.
  • Operates in two modes: developing and production depending on the URL.
  • A caching system which expires pages every 5 minutes.

A1 Technology is a globally renowned New York based company that delivers best ROR programming. We design, build, and support elegant network solutions for companies and professional firms our team works hard to rise your business to apex. We at A1 Technology apply unique business strategies to deliver world class quality in ROR. As your technology partner, we provide you best solutions at reasonable rates.

Friday, November 21, 2008

SEO friendly Flash

  Although Flash accessibility programming has become the best means to get your Flash content recognized by spiders, the fact still remains that when it comes to website design for search engine performance, textual content still reigns supreme. And when you are ready to optimize Flash content using SWF Object 2.0. You must include traffic-driving, keyword-based messages. Understand the keywords your target market is searching for and feature them in the messages within your Flash content.

If replicated in Flash replacement content, these keywords have the potential to drive traffic to your website. Give more emphasis to language over images. While deciding your Flash design scheme,always remember that language can be replicated in replacement content but it is not applicable in the case of images. If possible, leave your images out of your Flash content and focus on content that can be replaced and recognized by engines.

You can also use videos that contain content that can be "replaced." Customer-engaging video content with keyword-rich messages actually help stimulate search engine visibility if it is replicated in text form. Just keep in mind that if your video primarily consists of dialogue, the "spoken words" must also be available in readable form to qualify to be "replaced" in text form.
You must Include links in replacement content, If your Flash content features links to other important parts of your website, make sure to include them in the Flash replacement content, making them visible search engine crawlers. Avoid spam tactics and make sure the replacement content made available for search engines is an accurate representation of the Flash content that is made available for users.

A1 Technology
employs a large pool of software professionals having best knowledge in Flash Applications . We at a1 Technology  have  goal oriented team of Flash Programmers  enabling our clients to draw maximum benefit in Flash.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Drupal: Adding Flexibility and Ease to your CMS

Drupal is open source software distributed under distributed under the  General Public License and is maintained and developed by a community of thousands of users and developers. It is a web content management system and web application framework written in PHP.
Drupal is a free software package that allows an individual or a community of users to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website. Several people and organizations are using Drupal to power scores of different web sites, including:
  • Community web portals
  • Discussion sites
  • Corporate web sites
  • Intranet applications
  • Personal web sites or blogs
  • Aficionado sites
  • E-commerce applications
  • Resource directories
  • Social Networking sites

By accessing Drupal development services you can easily build an attractive, highly functioning website complete with all the unique possibilities. The most important feature of Drupal is that it has no bounds. It is absolutely free web design application that enjoys the benefit of several practical and expert minds. Its functionality and flexibility add to its good reputation.

Drupal is ready to go from the moment it is downloaded.  The build in functionality , combined with dozens of freely available add on modules will enable features such as: Content Management Systems, Blogs,Collaborative authoring environments ,Forums , Peer-to-peer networking, Newsletters, Podcasting ,Picture galleries ,File uploads and downloads.

A-1 Technology is a well established offshore software outsourcing company. We at A-1 Technology provide quality and professional Drupal services.  At A1 Technology, we focus on providing best Drupal related solutions. Our vision is to deliver best software solutions, leveraging technology, delivered by best team of technologically geared  people. We provide cost-effective solution that  deliver bottom-line results to end-use customers.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Real Estate Crisis

In the past year we have been year we have been seeing real estate decline significantly.  I personally held of on buying real estate as whenever I looked at it, I thought it was well overpriced.  So the downturn did not come as a surprise to me but the size and ferocity of it, did. 

The lifecycle of this real estate crisis’s can be summarized as follows:

  1. As long as housing prices were rising homeowners were willing to borrow more and more to buy real estate.  And as long as someone was willing to lend them money at cheap rates everything was ok.
  2. The lenders reckoned that as long as they could package the securities and sell them to financial institutions, then it was of their balance sheet and they did not care.
  3. The financial institutions were of the view that as long as the securities were rated by an accredited credit rating firm, then they could buy that security and hold it.
  4. The credit rating firms were rating security based on current home prices and foreclosure rates and accordingly gave them high ratings.
  5. Regulators turned a blind idea to the possibility that home prices could decline because they had a vested interest in keeping the bubble going and turned a blind eye to any naysayer who dared to think otherwise.   That is why Alan Greenspan looked at it and called it a froth and not an bubble. 

How can we fix this going forward.  The most important thing would be for regulators to call a spade a spade.  Next time we are in a bubble, the regulators should be able to recognize and say it is a bubble.  Of course, we do need to look at how we can fix mortgage fraud which became systemic during the bubble. 

This is my personal view and in no way represent the view of my company or any one within the company.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mary Meeker Internet Presentation

Fans of Mary Meeker and people interested in figuring where the internet is going maybe interested in this presentation:

Two important observation -
  • Mobile is going to be big
  • Online Advertising is going to slow down

Courtesy of Techcrunch

Add functionality to your website with magical PHP Scripts


It is a widely used general purpose scripting language especially for Web development, It is server side scripting language for creating Web pages. It is extremely easy to understand & learn and can be embedded into HTML. Being an open-source language, PHP is popularly used by large group of developers. It supports almost every common database like Oracle, Sybase and MySQL plus it includes external libraries to generate PDF documents and parsing XML.


You don't have to spend mega bucks as PHP is absolutely free to use open source language. There is no license fee to acquire PHP. It is extremely easy to install and learn language. Its striking features make it popular among people as a result of which it is popularly used by millions of people across the globe.


• High performance and reliability
• Low development and maintenance cost
• Can easily embed itself into the HTML code
• Fully compatible with servers like Apache and IIS

PHP Adding functionality:

PHP greatly adds functionality to your website. It allows you to write scripts that enables your visitors interact with you through your website. PHP enables your business website, to get feedback of the products and services from your customer. PHP Development Services assists organizations to deploy their collaboration, resource planning, customer and supplier management systems as web applications. At present internet serves as a powerful media for your business and PHP enhances your online business as it can capture almost all aspects of human endeavors through web pages.

A1 Technology, with an excellent team of experienced PHP developers has successfully completed numerous PHP Web Programs. Our PHP Development Service enables clients to effectively store and display content on their site. Our PHP software professionals work closely to analyze your needs through detailed assessment processes. You can outsource all your PHP Development Requirements to us and focus on other core business activities.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SAP Releases First Sustainability Report

SAP announced the release of its first sustainability report, that highlighted the key measures of SAP's corporate environmental, social and governance performance, as well as its products and services that help enable more sustainable operations of its customers.

Employing Web 2.0 Tools to Encourage Collaboration on Sustainability Based on its successful working model of collaboration and co-innovation. Acknowledging sustainability requires both transparency and stakeholder engagement SAP has issued an open call for communication in order to define SAP's top corporate sustainability issues, as well as its product and service solutions.

Using Web 2.0 tools, SAP is fostering an exchange with key stakeholders to challenge and guide SAP's approach to sustainability. Interested parties can log on to the SAP Collaboration Workspace to share their views on SAP's sustainability efforts, secure feedback directly from SAP and interact with other like-minded stakeholders.

A1 Technology being a global leader in web based solutions has a long history of driving initiatives that aim to improve technological solutions by working with its customers all around the world. Our team members have all the established and emerging skills in abundance among them for providing best SAP solutions.

Monday, November 10, 2008

CMS Can Raise Marketing and it Synergy for SEO Success

A Content Management System (CMS) can help organizations strike the perfect balance between the technical and business sides. Optimizing a company’s Web site for search engines is a critical task for marketing professionals. The business owner also contributes what he knows best create quality content with speed and accuracy.

Here is how a CMS can enhance both the business and technical sides manage content:

Effortless Publishing

By enabling even non-technical users to create and publish content effortlessly, a CMS can provide all the standard tools that marketers need for SEO. With a familiar, easy-to-understand interface, users can quickly publish and deep-link content without worrying about back-end inconsistencies. A CMS can save the Web developer significant amount of time and effort by simplifying the process.

Quick Posting and Updating of Content

Key to an efficient content process is the work flow. An effective CMS usually has built-in hierarchies with powerful work flow features. Content can be posted by any author and verified by the respective authority before it gets posted. This reduces dependence on the Web developer and allows business owners to quickly update existing content or publish new content.

Demystifying Search Engine Techniques

Many search engine terms, such as meta tags, anchor text, keyword density and more, can be unfamiliar to non-technical users. With limited understanding of these essentials, the generated content can be far from optimal. A good CMS can demystify SEO techniques, and give business owners the power to fully make their Web sites search engine friendly.

Navigation is Everything

Just as human beings like being given directions, search engine spiders too are fond of Web sites that are structured well, and make finding content an easy task. The more web pages search engine spiders find, the greater are the chances of the Web site being ranked higher.

CMS enables organizations to maintain World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) compliance for enabling a good structure for their Web sites. The W3C provides the guidelines by which Web sites and Web pages should be structured and created. It also ensures that proper use of standards which in turn, helps search engines interpret content easily. Further, a CMS helps create a comprehensive site map which ensures that search engines can follow and index each link.

‘Strategic Goals’, your content creators need:

A tool or set of tools that allows them to create, manage, publish, reuse and retire content on the Web site and all other online customer touch points – such as landing pages, micro sites, mobile content and syndicated content.

The flexibility to do all of this, including changes to design and templates, both for business users in non-technical environments as well as more technical developers.

A way to streamline work flows and set up approval processes so that all content goes through the appropriate channels before appearing in front of a customer.

The freedom to quickly adapt, change or re-purpose content without worrying about creating brand inconsistencies, design gaffes and other site problems.

Simple ways to ensure that content is search engine-friendly; making keyword inclusions, Meta tagging, search friendly links and title pages easy to work with.

A way to integrate Web analytics with the content tools, so content creators and marketers can continuously refine campaigns based on customer behavior. With the data from analytics, they can also ensure that your customers are easily getting relevant and need-specific content.

With an optimized Web presence, you are likely to see much more traffic – to all your online touch points. The combination of high-value content and an effective CMS means a larger number of quality leads can be generated, which typically means more conversions and more revenue.


Technology, no matter how advanced, only provides tools, techniques and approaches to achieving a goal. Web developer still needs to focus on how they can work together with the campaign managers to analyze Web trends and build a more streamlined and high-performance Web site. high degree of sensitivity to customer needs and our own competencies in responding to those needs both in terms of our products and in terms of our communication. Once we’ve got the core sorted, working with a cutting-edge, easy-to-use technology solution just makes for a winning combination.

A1 Technology is a full service off shore outsourcing firm serving clients throughout the world. We help you harness the power and potential of CMS to attract and engage visitors, communicate your message and generate leads. A1 Technology is your one stop solution, combining our award winning graphic and website design, with our industry leading content management system to provide the ease of use and best service you expect and deserve.

Flash & Graphic Design : The Winning Features of an Interactive Web Site

During a short span of around two decades, technology of websites has evolved at a major pace and at present, we can find website as a whole suit of audio, video and written content. In its initial stages, it was used more or less like a brochure to tell the world that a product or service existed. No interactive tools, no payment gateways, no opt-in lists . But current situation is completely different.

At present scenario Graphic design is the most effective and convenient method of communicating visually. By using various typography and images to represent information in desired manner. This method of creative designs is a result after thorough range of cognitive skills, aesthetics and crafts, including typography, visual arts and page layout. This advanced method is regarded as the unique way by which the communication is created and the products are generated.

The basic aim is to create something that appeals to the eyes and gets the completely noticed with a clear message of improvement. So, it is a workable design that creates something of value for viewers.

Graphic designing is the art or profession of visual communication that combines images, words, and ideas to convey information to an audience.

How flash website design can help you:

There are several alluring features available in flash website design and the interactive components stand out among them.

Major features of flash website design

The Vector graphics employed by Flash enables smaller file size. The ability to mix text, audio and graphics or multimedia as we call it, is among the major features of flash, and the interactive feature has made it even more cute and facile. When your website is lean on content, it would be ideal to use a flash introduction.

Flash Website Designing-it's Uses and Demand for Creative Skills

As websites have been dominating our present world, there is a continuous demand for innovations and creativity skills for flash designing websites. Websites are the modern showrooms or shopping stores. More and more people are using websites for their day to day needs. It 's human nature to get attracted towards new and beautiful things. If the designing and the look of the shopping stores are awesome then people would definitely like to visit them. The same phenomenon happens with the web site's designing.

In this electronic era website designing plays a significant role. The reason is that a creative and beautiful website would always attract the highest number of people towards it. And to bring out extra-ordinary and attractive websites continuously, the website designing companies require people who are full of creative and innovative skills.

Flash features make websites more viewable and enjoyable. Now-a-days, it's been understood that websites need to make their sites look appealing and attractive. So, they have been using various flash designs that are utilized differently in the site and make the site more user-friendly.

The designing of flash websites should be done by expert web designers. These experts know the need and use of flash designs in the websites. While using flash features it must be taken care that they are used in the best way. Flash designs are also used graciously to advertise website.

Apart from being used in websites and advertisement videos, a major market of flash web designing is the online games. Games are being largely produced in flash that are extremely well-known among people. Flash designs which are developed through animation produce better effects. The viewing quality of these websites is higher than other websites. There are lots of games which are designed through flash. These games utilize Ajax browser support, with which, they do not face much of a band width issue. On installing of Flash vector graphic tool in one's computer system that one can easily create vector graphic images. These are much advance in quality and graphics.

Flash has already marked its industry standards for the delivery of high-impact, rich Web site content. A1 Technology has expert Flash designers who have used this brilliant technology to create stunning Flash Web site introductions and elegant navigation tools, blockbusters and effective corporate training presentations.

We, at , A1 Technology offer a seamless delivery of services. Our mission is to provide custom programming, web design, Flash programming, redesigns and e-commerce solutions.

WordPress Introduces Application for I Phone 3G Technology

WordPress has introduced its application for the most, publicity puffed consumer electronics device ever created,The Apple iPhone Third Generation(3G). Especially designed for the tech-3 generation it is a revolutionary combo of style and ease. Its good bits include a trendy, elegant and stylish Hi-Tech mobile with exceptionally snappy features like i pod,3G,Multi touch,Global Positioning System (GPS),Sensors,Accelerometer etc.

WordPress has launched the first Open Source application for iPhone that enables you to write posts, upload photos and edit your WordPress blog from your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can even schedule posts for publication at a later time or publish right away. It is compatible for both .com and .org, and is now available absolutely free in the iPhone Application store plus as it is being released as an Open Source application.

WordPress is considered as one of the best tools for blogging and has rapidly gained popularity as Content Management System. Its functions can be enhanced by using pluggins . With a content management system (CMS), you can maintain consistency across your site with just a few clicks. Whether brand messaging, news, or even look and feel, a CMS makes site wide maintenance simple and quick , but there's more that it offers.

Even though Apple created iPhone as a closed device, several developers like WordPress bought them with the express purpose of designing and running third-party software and its concepts and code examples have shown to be remarkably similar to Apple's official SDK.

At present more than 10,0000 iPhone geeks worldwide have installed the WordPress for iPhone Application and over 100,000 have downloaded the official WordPress iPhone application, according to the WordPress for iPhone blog and based on figures automatic has received from Apple.

Among the WordPress users for iPhone , US contribute to the vast majority (nearly three in every five downloads) , with out two of five downloads from Europe, 8% from the UK and the rest from Canada, Japan, Australia, and other countries. It’s also not possible to tell exactly how many times other applications have been downloaded, as Apple does not reveal that information except to individual developers.

This version has several performance improvements and bug fixing including:

Proper handling of multi-byte / accented characters, which fixes the crashes many of you were experiencing.

The preview system that no longer creates a temporary empty post, which may have interfered with certain plugins like Twitter Tools.
More helpful and descriptive error message, no more PC LOAD LETTER.

Once the application is stable and bug-free, start looking at adding new features; like bug fixing, source code, getting involved, road map, and when to expect an update etc.

A1 Technology, an offshore software outsourcing company understands the importance of your requirements for iPhone development technology on WordPress. Our highly skilled and experienced team for iPhone Developers on WordPress provide a complete and integrated process for developing, debugging, and distributing applications for iPhone. Here at A1 Technology we have professionals in iPhone programming and softwares.

A1 Technology can help to increase your efficiency and performance, helping you to make your iPhone application more valuable .We understand the importance of your requirements and.

Our developers are experts in providing iPhone application development on WordPress and make iPhone Program on WordPress and deliver you best software or web service on iPhone, A-1 Technology is on the verge to the latest bursting technology market. You can have one of the first third party applications on this new technology devised either by enhancing an existing application or developing a new one.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Coda Application for Mac Developers

For Long Mac Developers world wide have been using Dreamweaver to develop beautiful interface and complex functionality. Now there is even better and cheaper, The "One-window Web Development" application Coda for Mac OS X by Panic.

In one tabbed window, Coda provides text editor, file transfer, svn, css, terminal, books, and more. Coda uses the power of Transmit, the award winning FTP companion also developed by Panic. The tabbed layout could possibly be one of Coda's best functionalities. One can easily flip between editing a file, to a preview, while keeping everything organized.

Here's the kicker...I recently purchased Dreamweaver.Dreamweaver CS4 application and licence = $399 (Upgrade $199)Coda = $99. I'd advise must checking out the free trial .

We congratulate Barack Obama on his success in the Presidential Election

Barack Obama won the presidential election this Tuesday. Along with the whole country we congratulate him on his victory. A lot is riding on him in the coming 4 years as the country faces some very big challenges.

This election was hard fought but what is tremendous about the country is how every one came together after the challenge to work together. Hillary Clinton after a spirited primary supported Barack Obama for the presidential election and after his loss Senator McCain delivered a moving concession speech wishing Presidential Elect Obama the best and promising his full support. Next week President Bush meets with Presidential Elect Obama to focus on the transition. And this is what makes America a great country.......

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Best Project Management Software

The list of Project Management software in the market is long but they are some we really like and can recommend:

1. - we have been using this tool since 2005 (we were an early adopter) and have had an unlimited account which has paid good dividend. We use other tools too but this tool is unrivalled for its ease of use and simplicity. There is no learning curve and it does what a PM tool needs to do. Check out their plans at

2. - we had a role in building pelotonics and feel proud of this. The tool is essentially basecamp on steroids. You can sign up for pelotonics at (I really like the evernote integration).

3. pbwiki - if you are looking more for a wiki layout consider this. Very generous packages and great design make this into a great tool.

Some other tools you can consider:

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Friday, November 07, 2008

Joomla - Adding Flexibility to Your Websites

Joomla is being tagged as the most flexible and user friendly open source content management system (CMS). It is used in web development as well as various corporate applications.

Joomla web designing is catching extreme popularity in the online industry because online businesses are now able to get websites designed that are customer friendly. Joomla templates add flexibility to websites. You can easily change the overall look of your websites without having to redo it all over again. The whole graphic design can be changed within seconds without having to make any modifications in the website content.

There is no dearth of software that are used to design websites but Joomla software stands out in comparison. Joomla designing techniques make web development easy and convenient. Now, web designers are feeling a sense of relief as Joomla web designing tools give them more options to design websites and add suitable features to them.

You can easily maintain and update your website by adding or deleting new web pages. It is a system that you can rely on and which can be easily installed and managed even by a non-technical person.

DRY and CoC On Ruby on Rails

Often shortened to Rails or ROR, Ruby On Rails is a project written in the Ruby programming language and applications using the Rails framework that is developed using the Model-View-Controller Design Pattern.

ROR being ‘instant-web development’ is largely gaining grounds in the web development world. Its a free web application framework, which intends to increase the speed and straightforwardness with which database-driven web sites can be created and offers skeleton code frameworks from the outset.

The fundamental Ruby on Rails principles includes Convention over Configuration (CoC) and Don't repeat yourself (DRY).

"Convention over Configuration" means a developer only needs to specify unconventional aspects of the application. For example, if there's a class Sale in the model, the corresponding table in the database is called sales by default. It is only if one deviates from this convention, such as calling the table "products sold” that one needs to write code regarding these names.

By "Don't repeat yourself" it means that information is located in a single unambiguous place. Like, using Active Record, the developer does not need to specify database column names in class definitions. Instead, Ruby can retrieve this information from the database.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Microsoft Offers Free Software to Startups

Microsoft today announced that it will give away software and services to qualifying software startups as part of its newly announced BizSpark initiative. To qualify for this program, a startup has to be privately held, in business for under three years, and generate less than $1 million per year in revenue. Once accepted into BizSpark, enrollment is free, but the startups will have to pay a nominal fee of $100 when they leave the program.

Those companies that are accepted into the program will receive a full suite (PDF) of Microsoft's server and development packages, including Windows Server, Office Systen 2007, the Visual Studio System Team Suite, Expression Studio, a CRM solution, and access to Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing platform. Microsoft will also provide extensive development and marketing support to these companies.

Fighting Free With Free

Clearly, this is also a program that is meant to create more goodwill towards Microsoft in the developer community. For a lot of tech startups, running Windows is often not even a consideration, as they are already building their software on top of free software anyway.

It is good to see that Microsoft is trying to gain some market here. However, it seems that Microsoft is trying to fight the free software movement by giving away its own programs, while a lot of developers prefer software that is not just free, but also open source.