Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SAP Releases First Sustainability Report

SAP announced the release of its first sustainability report, that highlighted the key measures of SAP's corporate environmental, social and governance performance, as well as its products and services that help enable more sustainable operations of its customers.

Employing Web 2.0 Tools to Encourage Collaboration on Sustainability Based on its successful working model of collaboration and co-innovation. Acknowledging sustainability requires both transparency and stakeholder engagement SAP has issued an open call for communication in order to define SAP's top corporate sustainability issues, as well as its product and service solutions.

Using Web 2.0 tools, SAP is fostering an exchange with key stakeholders to challenge and guide SAP's approach to sustainability. Interested parties can log on to the SAP Collaboration Workspace to share their views on SAP's sustainability efforts, secure feedback directly from SAP and interact with other like-minded stakeholders.

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