Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mozilla's Thunderbird 8 with lightening 1.0 calendar

Mozilla's ultimate Thunderbird 8, e-mail software was launched recently. Thunderbird 8 has been associated with the Firefox rapid release program. Thunderbolt 8 is crafted on the Gecko 8 Browser engine and Firefox 8 is also built on the same engine which is also released along side.
The new version of Thunderbird 8 is accompanied by the much awaited Lightening 1.0. It is an add-on under development for many years which provides Thunderbird with a calendar module. Mozilla's Thunderbird 8 also bestow enhancements in the attachment handling and accessibility, improved search feature and shortcuts. It has also introduced enough security and stability features.
The add on of Lightening 1.0 to Thunderbird 8 make it more lovable over Outlook for the people who prefer open source medium to send, recieve, search and archive email. It is built to work with Thunderbird 8 but can work equally good with older versions. The Mozilla's Lightening 1.0 will let people add their calendar entries, subscribe online calendars, manage a to do list and many more.
Thunderbird 8 will be supporting new keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+F would be used for search inside an individual message depending on the selection. For using the quick filter, you can use Ctrl+ Shift + K shortcut.