Friday, October 29, 2010

What is quality assurance?

Quality assurance -It refers to all systematic and planned activities in quality systems that are proved to be sufficient enough to build up proper confidence in meeting quality requirements.
Quality assurance has 2 aims: build up managers' confidence in the internal organizations and customers' confidence as well. If the quality requirements do not reflect all consumers' needs, products cannot get the proper confidence of consumers.
When considering QA, it is essential to be noted that:

  1. QA that satisfies consumers' needs doesn't mean just satisfying customers with international or national standards. Because in the modern production, enterprises are not allowed to provide products that do not meet the specific quality standards. However, it just meets the legal requirements and does not mean that production is effective.

  2. It is the same for exports. Products for exporting must meet the requirements of foreign customers who place orders.

  3. Senior managers must notice the importance of QA and ensure that all members in their organizations actively attend to quality assurance programs. Also, it is necessary to connect employees' interests with companies' performance.

Besides, we need to follow these principles to assure product quality:
-Accept to approach customers from the beginning and master their needs.
-Customer is God.
-Continuously improve product quality by doing the Deming cycle (PDCA).
-Producers and distributors have the responsibility in QAs.
-Next process is the customer of the previous process.
QA includes all things from production planning to product completion process, maintenance, repairing and product discard. Thus, it is important to clearly determine what should be done in each period in order to assure the quality during product life that including the assurance of highly efficient functions of products and regularly check what have been done.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Designing a good website layout is not enough. It is only half the battle won because you would never want to have a great looking website that no one visits just because its usability is sloppy. So, you must transform your website design into a streamlined and well coded XHTML version that is search engine optimized. This is where PSD to XHTML conversion comes into picture.

XHTML markup should have clean coding so that your website gets loaded easily. It is equally important that it should be cross browser compatible. The conversion implies that you mark up your website taking into account content meaning and XHTML tag semantics. As a result, your website becomes more reachable and search engine friendly.

Today the increasing importance of PSD to XHTML conversion cannot be negated. It has become an intrinsic part of website designing and holds a very significant importance. However, converting PSD to XHTML or converting any image format to valid HTML/XHTML is not an easy job. Generally, website designing is more centered on creativity and ideas, while this conversion is a process with consists of some defined rules and coding standard. Any HTML coder without having a prior or extensive knowledge and expertise in coding can not perform this conversion very effectively.

The actual conversion process may involve more concentration and focus. Here are simple tips that can help you in simple yet effective conversion:

Make sure that the converted result is more precise in pixel pattern against the original website design.

Keep a close eye on all the backgrounds, including header, body and footer of the web page. They all must expand as wide as the screen and mix well with the content.

Ensure that the XHTML codes are well optimized so that it can help you maintain good rankings on all popular search engines.

Make sure and check properly that the coding has wider cross-browser compatibility. With better cross-browser compatibility, your website becomes accessible via IE, Firefox, Opera, Netscape and many others and this in turn helps in giving a wider audience reach.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Benefits of Software Testing.

Today,the software testing strategy plays a great role in making the entire project a successful one. The test plan forms part of the project documentation. The goals, objectives and functional requirements of a software application are scoped and bounded by the project plan. The test documentation is designed to create test cases to qualify the application for functional fit, system stability, platform stability, usability and performance.The initial functional test requirements are executed during the later stages of the first software build.

The developer or development team puts the software through a series of tests to ensure that it meets the initial stakeholder requirements and to prepare the way for further test team, beta testing and end user testing. Specialized software is sometimes employed during the testing process. Regression software allows the development team to make modifications and record the changes along the way. This permits 'rollback' in the event that a change compromises existing code functionality.

The test phase allows a fresh set of eyes to subject the application to a range of 'real world' testing outside the formalities followed by the development team. This can include testing the software on different machines with different operating systems, functional testing and testing for ease of use. Feedback from this allows the development team to improve the applications performance and ease of use. In some cases an initial release of the software is provided to an intended audience to secure a wider range of feedback. This is commonly called beta testing. Large software companies frequently engage in this process to make use of the total skills and experiences that result from using a larger collective user base. Usability software is sometimes used during this process to collaborate and centralize the feedback from the testing phase.

Different software testing strategies are tailored to the business and cultural requirements of the software development company. An understanding of the software development lifecycle and the testing process is essential to any commercial software company. Implementing best practice standards is part of the ongoing commitment of industry professionals to the continual improvement paradigm.Companies that fail to implement quality control standards and adequately define the range of tests for an application can destroy brand credibility, sabotage the overall project and create a cost blowout.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Dynamic Platform For Mobile Software Development

This is the booming age for mobile application development market. This has caught an importance of every mobile and technology lover recently and its demand in the market has grown very rapidly. Due to the vast and fast usage of mobile devices, businesses and organizations are taking interest for investing in this market. Previously, companies were hiring industry professionals and software engineers for research and development for software, marketing, etc.

As more and more smart phone devices and tablet computers are coming in the market, the requirements for developing applications also increasing. This is the complete and dynamic platform in third party mobile software development companies. This has given support to the companies to make an implementation on their creative ideas to put them into existence. Various mobile operating systems platforms are available in the industry, and competition between the web services provider companies are growing. So, it ultimately benefits the consumers. Mobile development experts are providing complete, professional and amazing mobile programming and application solutions to their clients over the world. Several platforms for mobile application development: - iPhone - Android - Blackberry - Windows Mobile- Symbian - iPad With the increasing demand of mobile app solutions, its application programmers are also in full demand.

Mobile application developers are skilled and creative to create any type of application, and they have vast mobile industry experience in building its apps using GPS, GPRS and Wi-Fi. Application developers are keen in creating apps for different mobile devices and tablet PCs. Today’s trend and categories for the mobile application development: - Business - Finance and Money Games - News - Weather - Lifestyle - Travel - Education and Study - GPS navigation - Wireless Internet Security These are the booming areas for creating applications, today. Windows mobile application development companies are also providing more creative apps apart from the above categories. If one has an idea and wants to create apps on that basis then web solutions provider companies are also providing dedicated hire mobile apps developer service to their clients. They can also customize your existing apps to make it as per your needs and requirements.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

How HTML 5 Effects Multimedia?

One of the biggest developments in HTML 5 is how it affects multimedia presentations on the Internet. Most notably, the clumsy, encumbered, 'Object' tag has now been replaced with specific, orientated tags, such as 'video' and 'audio'. These changes seem minor, but they allow the developer to add specific attributes for browser based multimedia processing. The vector processing, using the tag 'canvas', allows a developer to section off an area of the webpage in which pictures, animation, chart, games, and interactive elements can be directly coded, with no plug-ins required.
HTML 5 will probably not look much different from your everyday web browser, and Google Chrome with Google Gears is a good example. It provides local offline application use, as well as local database storage to ensure speedy web browsing and application processing.
As with XML and other emerging Internet standards, CSS is not only an option, but a requirement in HTML, it will form the backbone of any HTML 5 compliant website to ensure it processed perfectly while allowing multimedia to fit in with the look and style of your website. This may make life more difficult for amateur web developers, especially those who focus more on multimedia and presentation rather than coding, but it is a skill well worth learning.
HTML 5 does include a lot of additional benefits to multimedia, my favourite of which is geo location. While they have released few details on exactly how this is being implemented, the geo-location functionality will allow automatic tagging (to your pictures, videos, Twitter, YouTube etc) and give huge functionality to Geo-dependant applications, which you may use to track your progress on a round the world trip or similar. This has however raised quite a few privacy concerns, some of which are well founded.

The power of HTML 5 in multimedia is only just being realized. The most important aspect is the ability to include web based applications with increased accessibility and utility. This capability not only guarantees the user will be able to view what you want, but also interact with it on an unprecedented scale.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Social Media Marketing have appeared across web marketing sites over the last few years. It is an attractive marketing tool that helps you in getting more traffic, attention and links.
It is the process of promoting your business or website through social media channels.
Here are some tips that can help you to be a better SMO expert:
Find a relevant community- Hanging out in a community irrelevant to your website interests will get you nowhere.
Try to be an active participant- Make sure, you post on related message forums, blogs, and submit article to similarly article directories. Show your potential customers why your business is the one that can help grow professionally.
Remain Consistent- Your identity should not vary a great deal from one social media site to another. Be more consistent and maintain a professional appearance. Create trust in your business by supporting them in the similar manner, in spite of where you may be approached.
Make More Friends- Make as many friends as possible who have similar interests as you. Friends who are interested in your products and services will happily tell their friends, refer your site as well.
These simple tips can help in creating lasting results. At times, it may help website promotion or propel your business or product to instant success. But, you need to remember that instant success is the exception not the rule.
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Game Programming

There’s something almost magical about the fact that we can move images around and interact with virtual worlds, a living fantasy presented for us to interact with however we please. I’ve always wanted to make games myself. There are a just few steps which you have to follow during your game project such as follows:-

First of all, learn how to program. If you don't know how to program, I would recommend starting with Python. Once you have picked up a language and know how to program, you need to decide which language you want to program the games in. Engine developers create the core of the game, the engine, the stuff that powers up the actual game. If you choose this route, you will have to deal with all the low level details of programming. For this, you should pick up C or C++ since most of the engines are coded in these languages. The other path is to actually code the games, using a previously coded engine. To make games, you need certain extra libraries. To make games, you will need libraries for graphics, event handling, networking, etc. If you're using Python, Pygame is an excellent library for beginners that provides almost all this stuff. Start playing with the library your have chosen. Read its tutorials online. Learn how to make simple stuff like rectangles, circles, load images, etc. Try to make some animations. After you have coded it, move on to a slightly complex game. Once you get comfortable, you can go for 3D games.

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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Android and Business

Here are the top five benefits of Android from a business perspective

#1 Low Barrier to Entry
There is no costly licensing fees or development tools. In fact, it is possible to develop applications without spending a dime. The primary costs fall into three categories: development and testing expertise, royalty fees, and test devices.

#2 An Ideal Platform for Companies New To Mobile
Android applications are written in Java, with a rich set of libraries. Anyone with a working knowledge of Java can get Android applications up and running with relative ease. Java programmers are plentiful in the marketplace (especially in this economy) and the Android platform documentation is very good.

#3 A Variety of Distribution Mechanisms
Unlike other mobile platforms, Android applications can be distributed in a variety of ways. You can use any number of third-party application stores but you can also create your own distribution channels: for vertical market application purposes, to develop new application stores, and even put it behind corporate walls. If you build it, you can publish it.

#4 Open and Free Platform
License free, royalty free, and open source. That’s Android. No costly licensing fees. Also, since the underlying architecture of the Android SDK is open-source, you can watch upcoming releases and provide feedback to the Android development team. This makes the Android platform very compelling for handset manufacturers and wireless operators… which translates to better opportunities for developers to monetize.

#5 Best Mobile Platform for Inter-Application Integration
The Android platform has is the best mobile platform for inter-application and inter-process architectures. Do you have a suite of applications in mind? Want to integrate them or cross promote them? Android blows the competitive platforms away in this area. Most other platforms allow background processes (at best) but the Android platform is set up to allow for trust relationships between applications for a more tightly knit experience for users.

#Android and A-1 Technology:
we’ve developed applications for many other platforms, including iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm, BREW, J2ME, etc. We consider this is to be a fairly unbiased list of what we consider to be the most attractive features of the Android platform. What do you think? Is there something about the Android platform that you consider tempting, interesting or alluring?

Let us know!

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Monday, October 04, 2010


The e-commerce and SEO landscape is always changing. Reacting to those changes is a significant competitive advantage.
How quickly did you get your Like button or Google Analytics' new asynchronous tracking? How soon were you ready for the iPad? How quickly are you able to get A/B tests live, and how long after do you implement the winning pages? Think about affiliates, for example. You may have affiliates that have driven significant revenue to your site because some of them can be so quick to adapt to new SEO, PPC, and other strategies. Or, consider the online-only competitors that came out of nowhere because they had better sites than the established leaders.
Where to Improve
CMS flexibility: Have a powerful CMS, custom to what you do, giving more writers, editors, merchandisers, and designers access to what they need.
Platform and module flexibility: Ask yourself what happens in six months when you don't like everything about a platform anymore. Can you add and customize modules? Should you buy or build solutions?
Team: No matter the architecture choices you've made, someone is going to have to actually make the updates. Is your team dedicated to the website? Or do they have other duties slowing them down?
Budget: Team and budget seem to be part of a seesaw in some ways. If you don't have much of a team, you should at least have some budget to outsource, or vice versa.
Red tape: Does it take 20 signatures to change the alt text on an image? Teams need to be allowed to be able to make decisions on their own.
Testing: As you make more changes, you can expect errors and copy mistakes. You should be able to fix them faster conversely. Budget for keeping up with regular testing across many browsers and devices to help catch them faster.
You still need great content, good copywriting, good marketing ideas, and more to have a successful site. But everything you want to do with your online presence can be made better when you are fast and nimble. A fast, flexible site is more forgiving of bad decisions when good ones can be rolled out soon.
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Friday, October 01, 2010

Dot Net Application

What exactly is Dot Net? It's easiest to clarify by first saying what it is not. It is not a language. In fact, one of its beauties is that is allows the use of several languages seamlessly in the same application (for example, in a larger project there could be several programmers each using their own favorite language, but each interacting seamlessly with the others - maybe not a good idea to do, but it's great that you could!) The big advantage here is in the ability to reuse code from another application that may not have been written in your language of choice.Dot Net provides the means to overcome obstacles that have traditionally been in the way of the development of true web based applications (eg "Session State" - more later!).

Dot Net is a strategy for delivering applications over the Web as Web-based services. In the case of our earlier example, it would be possible to build a series of pages that provide all the functionality of the checkbook program, including the interaction with the bank's on-line system, and to offer this as a service delivered over the web. This is a form of the Application Service Provider model .Components of the .Net strategy include platforms (Microsoft's ".Net Servers") which include the .Net Framework (.Net's foundation infrastructure) and a set of programs or tools for developing and running .Net applications. Microsoft's latest Office products include features for .Net, and of course, there's Visual Studio.Net - the comprehensive integrated development environment. There are new languages to use in your development, including Visual Basic.Net, C# (pronounced "C Sharp"), the Java like J# and others. Some of these are distributed along with Visual

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