Wednesday, December 31, 2008

SaaS Platform Gains Momentum

Here it comes the first SaaS platform which permits to organize multiple content-centric applications across different enterprise workgroups. SpringCM has also released Accounts Payable Automation Solution in integration with Intacct’s on-demand financial management and accounting applications which promises to improve productivity and reduction in overheads by making paper work outmoded in all accounting and financial industries.

It actually combines SpringCM’s content management capabilities and Intacct’s financial expertise. This will also support CPA firms. All the printed documents use instead electronic processes complete with audit trails and version control. To bring the two finance department and the accounting profession one step nearer to the real document management in the enterprise, this “first-ever combination of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) financial applications and document management” is helpful.

Till date it was very difficult for organizations to integrate and customize off-the-shelf ECM systems with additional third-party technologies for each departmental application. Also it used to led the expenses to approximately two to five times higher than the cost of the initial licenses. The new SpringCM platform allows applications to be developed once and deployed many times with all the SaaS advantages of low cost, rapid user adoption, and full integration with other systems via Web services.

The SpringCM 5.0 platform enables unique openings like :

  1. It helps in reducing the time and capital investment by allowing Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to create an on-demand version of their offering.
  2. SpringCM platform is also used by Consulting organizations that understand key business processes for creating repeatable sources of revenue and new services without the cost and interference of developing and managing technology.
  3. Manufacturers of scanners, printers, fax and copy machines can develop applications that link these devices to SaaS-based document management to deliver repeatable applications, and create higher-level value propositions and market differentiation, while increasing user retention.
  4. Document services organizations such as Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) and scanning bureaus have gained the benefit that now they can make value-add applications which can help in reduction of cost of delivering and tying services to process automation.
  5. It also helps in integration with third-party systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Across and IAI launch Integrated Translation Software

Across Systems and the Institute for Applied Information Science at Saarland University (IAI) have teamed up to offer an advanced software translation toolkit in the United States.

"CLAT is a well-used and well-respected technology in Europe, especially in Germany, as is Across System's Language Server," an Across spokesperson told IT Examiner.

"Across Language Server holds about 23 per cent of the translation tools marketplace in Europe. So both of these technologies are leading software techs in their own right; however, prior to this, no one was selling the combined solution in the US. So the proofing process (for example, checking the uniformity of texts to match company standards) becomes easy and automatic – no more manual reconciliation with internal style guides or corporate wording," said the spokesperson.

The spokesperson explained that IAI and Across Systems initially announced a partnership in March 2008. The two companies have since expanded their partnership, with the creation of an integrated product that includes both statistic and rule-based quality assurance features.

The upgraded solution reportedly increases production by approximately 50-75 per cent, which is critical for companies translating documents into 10 languages or more. The new application is compatible with a variety of desktop publishing tools, including MS Word, Powerpoint, Adobe Framemaker, Indesign, PTC Arbortext and Madcap Flare.

Users are also offered the option of viewing matches from the translation memory and terminology systems, as well as results of the rule-based quality assurance. The matches can then be utilised as a unique platform for streamlined text optimisation.

"The integrated solution combines translation-oriented authoring and linguistic quality checks," explained Daniel Nackovski, president of Across Systems (US). "It is available for all common editors and we will be offering it in the United States as of the first quarter of 2009."

Monday, December 29, 2008

Windows 7 Beta Out in the Wild

An initial beta of the upcoming Windows 7 operating system has hit torrent trackers across the internet, and one reporter, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes of ZDNet has impressions on it.

He says the new OS is "solid and fast", but also adds: "The new revamped taskbar is visually very interesting (and certainly a lot easier to use at higher screen resolutions that the Vista or XP taskbar), but it tries to do too much and as such comes across as kludgey and counter-intuitive. One failure is that it's hard to tell the difference between apps that are running and shortcuts that have been pinned to the taskbar. "

The OS was demonstrated recently by Microsoft at the Professional Developers Conference, but many could honestly not find any differences between 7 and Vista.

An official first beta is expected to be sent to beta testers in January.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bizarre but True

Mr. Bagger of accounting firm Ernst & Young IT Factory was declared guilty of fraud and forgery by Danish court last month. According to Jesper Madsen, lawyer of Mr. Bagger, “aggravated fraud and forgery are crimes that could land him in jail for eight years”.

A liquidator has now taken over IT Factory and is sifting through its affairs. “Most of his business was fake”, says Jens Madsen, head of an economic-crimes unit. He is also investigating the spectacular rise and fall of Mr. Bagger.

“If things look too good to be true, they probably are too good to be true” comments Bo Svensson, the head of a Danish software company who started sending out e-mails last year warning that IT Factory simply did not have enough known customers to explain its explosive growth. He sent one to Mr. Jensby, IT Factory's chairman, who insisted there was no need for concern.

Mr. Jensby now says , “I was wrong and estimates that at least 95% of IT Factory's reported business was fictitious” He further adds, “ Mr. Bagger stashed documents relating to fraudulent transactions in a secret office that was discovered only recently.”

Mr. Svensson also sent warnings about IT Factory to International Business Machines Corp. A member of IBM's European Business Partner Advisory Board, Mr. Svensson sent a long email to IBM managers in Denmark describing IT Factory as a house of cards liable to collapse.

“Something is completely wrong” he wrote, warning that Mr. Bagger posed a risk to IBM's own reputation as IT Factory in all contexts positions itself very close to IBM. Mr. Bagger, whose company had offices in India and the U.S., often boasted of close ties to IBM and helped sponsor a big IBM software conference in Florida.

An IBM spokesman, citing the current criminal investigation, declined to comment on what, if anything, was done in response to Mr. Svenssons messages.

A few months after Mr. Svenssons warning, IBM Denmark named Mr. Baggers company as the years Best Partner in a software business line. The head of IBM Denmark this year hailed IT Factory as creative and visionary. IBM has now filed a claim with IT Factory's liquidator to try to get back the 125 million kroner ($23 million) it says it is owed by Mr. Baggers now defunct company.

Dorte Toft, a 64-year-old free-lance journalist and blogger. also, received an e-mail from Mr. Svensson last year. Ms. Toft already wrote a blog challenging Mr. Baggers extraordinary growth figures she had already smelt that some thing fishy was going around and warned people but at that time no one wanted to listen to her. According to Dorte Toft , Mr. Bagger, went to great lengths to conceal his deceptions.

Earlier this year, she also raised questions about Mr. Bagger's boasts about his Ph.D. from San Francisco Technical University. She asked how that was possible when no such university exists. He hired Vicki Lang, an American artist and actress living in Copenhagen, to play the role of an official at San Francisco State University. Ms. Lang said she forgot all about Mr. Bagger and further added “ I don't have hard feelings for Mr. Bagger because, He didn't cheat me more over I got my money”.

Mr. Bagger is the same bodybuilder who, posed for a Swedish muscle magazine dressed as Superman. Hes now suspected of pumping up IT Factory's profits which nearly tripled last year. He used a web of phantom firms to get money from banks and then used these same companies to place big purchase orders for IT Factory software and services. He was buying from himself using other peoples money.

Speaking to a Danish tabloid last week, Mr. Bagger said, “I can understand that some people feel I let them down but i feel guilty, sorry and so happy that everything got revealed”

“We feel deceived”, said Søren Strøm, head of Ernst & Youngs Entrepreneur of the Year program, in a statement and further added, “I am is unable to understand the last few days developments.”

The chief investigator estimates the swindle amounted to around $185 million, a modest sum next to the alleged fraud of Americas Bernard Madoff but enough to fuel a jet-set lifestyle of sports cars and French Riviera holidays sharply at odds with the Danish norm.

Looking for more clues , Denmark's media have dug into Mr. Baggers personal life, particularly his obsession with physical fitness and how he made money in his pre-tech days hawking muscle-boosting protein products and how he hired a burly Hells Angels Motorcycle Club member as a bodyguard.

Friday, December 26, 2008

New 'Task Manager' Turns Gmail into a To-Do List

Google was in a tight corner with complaints regarding its Gmail system on the rise.Users had a reason to complain because the Gmail operating system tended to become unmanageable when it came to handling complex and more advanced tasks. To fill the gaping hole Google's Gmail team has eventually come up with a solution suited to both sides involved.

The news is that Google has added a new tool to its online suite of applications; It is a Task Manager for its mail services, which, if reports are to be believed, will allow users to operate their agenda and Gmail lab applications more efficiently and conveniently.

Google has gone a step further by adding instructions to familiarize users with the new application. To make the task manager start working you first enter your mail box and select the settings at the top; Then you click the Labs option and allow the new feature to appear at the top. Later on you select “Enable” and “Save Changes”, so that your task gets remembered and the task manager kicks in.

The most interesting part of this new feature is that you get the option to customize your tasks list the way you want and to let them stay visible no matter what you are doing. So, without bothering about what activities you are performing while creating a task, you have the convenience of reverting back to it, and find it exactly as you left it. Additionally, this program makes available a plethora of tasks options, that further enhances your pleasant mailing experience. Should you feel that a particular task does not required to be saved by the program, you always have the choice to delete, move, indent, or un-indent it, etc.

The most versatile attribute of this new task manager is that it can easily convert all your mails into tasks; It enables you to read your mails, to click on them, and to do whatever you find necessary at a particular moment. Converting mails into tasks is a simple procedure; Just remember to select a message, click “More Actions” and then select “Add to Tasks”.

This last feature is indeed turning out to be the most admired one, and a majority of reports are acknowledging this fact. We can say without an iota of doubt that this new application of Google is by far the most important releases we have witnessed in recent times regarding email processes.

Tasks is a killer feature designed by Gmail Labs with which users can keep track of things that they need to do. Users can construct lists of items, set due dates and notes, and even add Gmail messages directly to Tasks. Tasks will be right there to address your needs when you integrate it with your Gmail account.

50 Free Apps For your new iPhone

Got an Apple (AAPL) iPhone or iPod touch ? Here's 50 of free apps to load your phone up with:

SteadyCam: If you are tired of taking blurry pictures from your iPhone, by using this application in low lighting situations you can avoid future blurry shots. Utilizing the accelerometer, once you push the shutter button it will only take a picture when the motion is the least, thus giving you a clear picture. AppStore link

WifiFinder: Whenever possible, a reliable Wi-Fi network is always a great asset. However, due to the nature of the iPhone OS, finding a good network that actually works and is within your range can prove difficult. WifiFinder helps by giving more information about each network and avoids the traditional Settings>Wi-Fi menu route. Definitely a great application for when you’re on the go. App Store link

Google Mobile: Recently updated with voice recognition technology, this application can prove extremely useful when in the need of information. Combining a number of a iPhone services such as location and your Contacts, it will provide relevant information based on a number of variables. App Store link

Units: If you’ve ever needed to convert quarts to gallons or cups to ounces, Units solves the issue of converting units quite nicely. Units makes for quite a bargain when compared to other paid applications that do the same thing. App Store link

Night Stand: Ever need a digital clock? Night Stand provides a wonderful digital clock which you can customize to your liking which can be great when you’re traveling. App Store link

Find more at

Some applications are paid but available at negligible prices:

Instapaper, free or $10 for Pro version: Save Web pages to read later. Great for saving news articles, blog posts for train rides, rainy days, whenever. Pro version has neat auto-scrolling feature powered by the iPhone's motion sensor.

Tap Tap Revenge, free, or Tap Tap Dance, $5: The iPhone's equivalent of "Guitar Hero" or "Rock Band." Play along with music, including new live multi-player mode on the free edition. If you're not sick of Christmas music yet, check out Weezer's $2 Tap Tap Revenge Christmas edition, too.

Sol Free, free, or Solebon Solitaire, $2: The cleanest, best looking solitaire game we've seen on the iPhone yet. Popular on the NYC subway.

Rolando, $10: The iPhone's equivalent of "Mario" -- and the best iPhone game we've seen so far. Makes great use of the phone's motion sensor, touchscreen, and gravity. (Our review here.)

Frenzic, $2 on sale: Addictive, speed puzzle game. Great for Tetris lovers. Fifteen minutes every morning will get your brain turned up to 11. (As of this afternoon, we're the 422nd best Frenzic player in the world.)

Aqua Hoops, $1, or free Aqua Baller and Aqua Punt: Mimics those plastic kids' toys: Use the touchscreen and motion sensor to sink small basketballs/footballs into their goals. Beat others' scores on the Internet.

Labyrinth LE, free, or $7 for full version: Tilt your iPhone or iPod touch to move steel marbles across a wood surface. Another classic board game that feels even more fun on the iPhone.

Real Soccer 2009, $6: The reason we didn't buy a Sony (SNE) PlayStation Portable. A great soccer game -- just as good as you'd find on any other portable gaming system -- with wi-fi multiplayer mode.

Voice recorder, $1: Record a conversation, take verbal notes for later, or eavesdrop on the table next to you.

Koi Pond, $1: Watch beautiful fish swim around your screen, and scare them away with a touch. Great for your kids or if you've had too much egg nog.

Ocarina, $1: Neat, bizarre musical instrument. Also see/hear what others are playing around the world.

Texas Hold'em, $5: Beautiful poker game built by Apple. Wi-fi multiplayer gaming for up to 9 people.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Norton Internet Security for Mac 4.0 launched by Symantec

Internet security has become a serious issue which cannot ignored now a days. Even if there is nothing worth protecting on your system, it's still important to keep it locked internet security softwares . Even till few days back Mac users didn't liked using antivirus softwares. Also as OSX antivirus and security software was there and because of these the choices for sellers were less .

But now a days the behavior of people are changing slowly towards the security applications. Among various such applications one is Symantec's Norton Internet Security for Mac 4.0. It has various characteristics of security softwares.

Five years back there was a version released for OSX of NIS in which the security landscape was provided in it.. Now this new Security for Mac 4.0 is a new version. This suite has a firewall along with the features of Norton AntiVirus with the Norton Confidential application. So it can be said that it is very much similar to AIM 1.0 with the only difference with NIS of its usefulness.

NIS provides virus, phishing, and spyware protection also and that too for just $80 for a year of service, or $30 more than Norton AntiVirus on its own. It also helps in protecting files, in updating list of hateful IP addresses. It keeps an eye on Internet worms and all applications.

Its not just a protection from viruses but it is providing Norton Internet Security Dual Protection which is much more than viruses. It provides Dual Protection by combining both the versions of NIS along with cost of $90 only. So its not a very big agreement for just a little money if one regularly use Windows and OSX.

MutliVariate Testing a boon for Marketers

Many of us have been using sophisticated tracking and optimization systems for online campaigns which generally rely on previous data or history of visitors' activities. But do we look at what happens once the audience arrives on our Web site? If we do look, what do we do to ensure the conversion process is followed to completion?

There's something which really works to increase conversion rates and that is multivariate testing. Multivariate testing softwares allows you to analyze multiple variables at once and to isolate each variable's individual effect.

By creating zones on Web pages in which content can change, multiple page combinations are possible. Multivariate Testing softwares interface allow you to glean best-performing combinations from which you can adapt your site. Bottom line, these softwares enable marketers to rapidly test product and offer content to maximize selling effectiveness.

These software applications eliminate performance barriers and optimizes a site to meet objectives. By using multivariate testing technology marketers can optimize communications based on real-time behavior of actual customers rather than using educated guesses or relying on historical information.

New York PHP Community meeting

As the years tick forward, so does traffic on the web, this time Mitch Pirtle from New York PHP Community will review his experiences pairing Joomla! and MTV with 40 million page views.

Come prepared with a business card to enter book and software raffles.

When: Tuesday, January 27th at 6:30pm sharp
Where: IBM 590 Madison Avenue, Room 1219 (12th Floor) [ map ]
IMPORTANT RSVP POLICY:All attendees MUST RSVP within 30 days of this particular meeting and no later than 3:00pm the day before the meeting.
Post-Meeting: TGI Fridays at Lexington and 56th

Monday, December 22, 2008

Is Microsoft Silverlight a threat to Flex?

Sliverlight 2.0, the latest presentation technology offering from Microsoft is quickly emerging as a viable platform for creating high quality Rich Interactive Applications (RIAs). The pressure is definitely being felt by Adobe Flex, who until recently occupied the numero uno position. The developer community, including RIA developers are always on the look out for options that can substantially enhance the productivity and quality of their applications. So, the competition is going to be fierce.

On the one hand we have Flex, an established, tried and tested technology. It is viewable in nearly 85 % browsers and is strongly supported by the RIA development community that sustains applications development in large, medium and small business /start up market.

On the other hand is Sliverlight which is still in the infancy stage and is getting fine tuned for big times. It's framework is robust and scalable, and supports multiple languages - both static and dynamic; So, the flexibility is immense. The only draw back is that it has little experience of building products targeted at RIA designers and developers.

It promises to be an interesting contest. Developers are obviously excited because the competition will drive both the platforms to outdo the other in offering features and capabilities.

While we await the RIA platform war to heat up, the Evangelists from respective platforms are doing their bit to get the word out about relative strengths of their products. A very informative discussion on this topic can be found here, with interesting contributions from Ted Patrick of Adobe Systems and Scott Barnes of Microsoft.

Ted, quite rightly, has brought out the fact that Flex is not just ‘the older product’; but that ‘they have seen a nice ecosystem form and many open source components are being created for the toolset’. Such self sustaining eco-systems with access to open source components are hard to replace with a new product boasting longer feature list.

Scott, on the other hand has brought out another vital fact – platform wars are not won purely by having products with longer, stronger feature lists. For developers, it has to be about the ‘the shift in development direction going forward’.

From a maturity and field exposure point of view, the differences in the two platforms are so big that a comparison at this point is a bit premature.


I predict that Silverlight will do well and will grab a sizable share in the next two to three years, but Flex will continue to be the industry leader in the long run. A positive news is that competition will force both products to be more innovative. Both products will aggressively address their weaknesses and combat any new features that their competitor offers. It is a heartening news for vendors, companies, and consumers. Huge advancements are expected in features and functionality of both products in the next couple of years. We should also expect to see improvements in speed, security, ease of use as both Flex and Silverlight battle for the RIA throne.

To say that Silverlight will become a Flash killer overnight is a bit premature. Flash players are (according to Adobe’s figures) installed on 97% of desktop computers and well on the way to be a leading platform for mobile devices as well. It is highly unlikely that Silverlight will reach that level in the next twelve to fourteen months.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Emancipate Power Of Drupal

Each software has some limitations and need to be improved with time,similar is the case with Drupal. Now we have Drupal's latest versions in our hand i.e Drupal 6.8 and 5.14.These updates have been made in the previous versions which were being used Drupal 6.7 and 5.14. As the previous versions were not suitable for use in combination with versions of PHP before 5.2 released. No doubt 6.7 and 5.13 releases were able to remove the flaws by reportage via bug tracking system and critical security weakness.

Drupal 6.8 has eight major maintenance releases from the previous version and are generally called as the eight maintenance release of the Drupal 6 series. Only fixes for bugs have been promised in it. New features are only being added to the forthcoming Drupal 7.0 release. The bug reported in 6.7 release is: Rolling back PHP 4 incompatibility.
Similar to 6.8 release here in 5.14 release there are fourteenth maintenance release of the Drupal 5 series. The bug reported in the 5.13 release is : Rolling back PHP 4 incompatibility.
Even after the up gradation of Drupal 5.12 to Drupal 5.14 it is suspected that under certain conditions HTTP_HOST is not defined or sent to the Drupal website. This in turn affects Drupal 6.8 also.
Both Drupal 5.x and 6.x branches are under maintenance,so there is requirement to give bug fixes (not merely bug reports) more maintenance releases regularly. Also there is need of running update.php to refresh the menu cache and other caches on the website.

A-1 Technology can provide you with the best of Drupal features like Content Management Systems, Blogs, Collaborative authoring environments, Forums, Peer-to-peer networking, Newsletters, Podcasting, Picture galleries, File uploads and downloads and much more. Our services will definitely set you at such a level of certainty that no other company can ever provide.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

iPhone 3G To Be Unlocked

Till day whole world was in this misconception that Apple has forgotten to add the software to unlock the iPhone 3G but according to Ars Technica Apple did it intentionally so as to retain the gleam of how to unlock & breakout. Also if it would have been released the same time then it would have affected severely the response at App Store. Even the iPhone development team thought that its a bug on their part. But now we are going to give you the key to open the lock of iPhone 3G by delivering you with the software very soon.

A piece of information was communicated in October about the goal to be achieved soon. Apple 3G is yet facing the problem after once the dodge has been fixed by Apple regarding the iPhone available to unlockers free to use phones on mobile networks of their choice easily.

Though there are methods to arrange SIM card which can be used with the network of the person's own choice to work with iPhone 3G but its not possible for a normal person to try at home. So here our developers will be providing you with a software which you could download for unlocking it.

It has been proved by various reports that Apple's Mac OS X 10.5.6 update is helpful in avoiding all the rage of unlocking tools like PwnageTool and QuickPwn from identifying iPhones connected to Macs running the latest software.

Apple was expected to fight with the help of Mac platform against the unlockers. Earlier it was difficult to unlock iPhone as it required to breakdown without listening to the iPhone development team's advice. Chances of getting iPhone 2.2 patched were there but iPhone development team has made it possible with out waiting time lapse.

At A-1 Technology we provide iPhone development solutions and implementation to various companies and individuals. We achieve our objectives by providing best iPhone solutions to our clients in a fair, honest and transparent way.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Taking your Business to that Extra Mile: Agile Technology

Agile technology being different from the traditional software development process repeatedly synchronize the activities. No doubt sequential development is easy and popular to follow by the team members in which particular fixed steps are to be carried out for every project. but it had some limitations like one has to go through all the phases.

Agile programming reduces the work load. It makes the return on investment faster because of the shorter turnaround time on each component. Also it puts the software into action more quickly. The basis of Agile methodology is face-to-face communication, with written documents as the discussion points. This means that in this work is done collectively despite of working on separate units individually. No one person can hold out information, resources or data from the other team members. Applications that require a distributed development don't work well with Agile.

It improves the quality of the application and involves the user early in the development process. It breaks down the application development project into small modularized pieces. One piece is addressed at a time in a short time slot. This adds to the application and represents a complete part of the functionality. Each piece is an iteration and is like a mini-project in its own right.

At present every body wants to have a quick return on their investment. But if business follows the same traditional time consuming development process a project suffers. But by using the Agile development technique one can use a part of the application today and hence we get a benefit in advance i.e quickly without being forced to wait for whole of the application to be got completed.

Some more common Agile programming methodologies are:

- Extreme programming (XP)
- Scrum
- Adaptive software development (ASD)
- Dynamic systems development method (DSDM)
- Feature driven development (FDD)

With A-1 Technology, you can achieve the cost-effective, flexible Agile services that your business demands without the need to compromise on either speed or quality. Our Agile developers focus on technical excellence and deliver business value. We ensure commitment to quality and excellent skill pool.

Fully Loaded : ANDROID ‘full stack’

Android is often cited as a ‘full stack’ as its platform is provided with an OS, sys bins/libs, JRE and SDK or mobile devices including an operating system, middleware and key applications. Android application is designed to simplify the use of components. Android application is written using the Java programming language and run on Dalvik, a custom virtual machine designed for embedded use, which runs on top of a Linux kernel.
Any application can publish its capabilities and any other application can make use of those capabilities which can be used to build an application, including lists, grids, text boxes, buttons and even an embeddable web browser enable applications to access data from other applications.


An activity is embodied as a screen and breaks up high level functional elements in an Application. When navigating through an android system the forefront process operates upon the ‘context’ of the shown Activity. We examine the relationships between different types of activities in an attempt to completely understand their life cycle and how it affects the surrounding system.


The AndroidManifest.xml serves as an application’s contract between it’s end environment and the other installed applications. An application can choose to expose its intentions, services and content to outside applications by using AndroidManifest.xml.

Libraries :

Includes set of C/C++ libraries System C library, Media Libraries, Surface Manage, Lib Web Core , SGL, 3D libraries, Free Type & SQLite.

A-1 Technology is delivering software or web service on the G1 Android mobile phone. You can have one of the first third party applications on this new technology. The beta version of the Android SDK provides the tools and applications necessary to begin developing applications on the Android platform using the Java programming language. Our developers use set of tools for good productivity & deep vision in the applications.

Friday, December 12, 2008

ColdFusion 9 : Whats Next?

The latest buzz that is hitting the IT industry is about the latest version of ColdFusion. Information has already appeared on Adobe Labs about ColdFusion 9. Although the date of releasing ColdFusion 9 is not yet revealed but its expected, sometime in 2009. This is certainly an exciting news for ColdFusion developers as Adobe has finally given information not only on the next version of ColdFusion, but also announced the much anticipated official ColdFusion IDE.

The good bits of ColdFusion 9 has some exciting features including :
  1. ColdFusion services exposed for Flex and AIR via Action script libraries.
  2. CFC Enhancements.
  3. Implicit Getters and Setters.
  4. Explicit local scope.
  5. CFSCRIPT Enhancements.
  6. Full definition of components via script.
  7. Closed gap between CFML and CFSCRIPT.
  8. Language Enhancements.
  9. New and Import Keywords.
  11. onServerStart method.
Adobe also announced an official IDE for ColdFusion, codenamed Bolt. This IDE will fling some snappy features for ColdFusion developers:
  1. Application Code Generation.
  2. Server management.
  3. Easily extensible through the Eclipse framework.
  4. CFML, HTML, Javascript, and CSS Syntax Highlighting.
  5. Code assist for tags, functions, variables, and components.
  6. Code folding.
  7. Snippet creation and management.
  8. Outline viewing.
  9. RDS Explorer for files and databases.
  10. Line-level Debugging.
At A-1 Technology, our ColdFusion developers are working hard to provide you best services. We guarantee customer satisfaction, for best ColdFusion hosting. Our services sets you a level of certainty that no other company can match.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Check out ROR 2.2 for some additional features

The latest version of Ruby on Rails (ROR) 2.2 is geared with internationalization framework, thread safety, easy access to HTTP caching, fully compatibility with Ruby 1.9 and J Ruby, and latest documentation features . It enables you to use Edge Rails to deal with some more additional features.

ROR is one of the fastest growing technologies in the Web, driven by increasing demand for the highly-interactive database-backed web applications. Also rich applications can be made by the help of ROR and e-Commerce websites using its web development environment. RO R not only speeds up your work but enables you to works with a wide range of web servers and databases. Rails is basically for infrastructure and hence it is good for mostly all type of web applications like software for collaboration, community, e-commerce, content management, statistics, management.

Being an open-source web framework ROR is best for programmer happiness and endurable productivity. We already know that Rails is a full-stack framework for developing database-backed web applications according to the Model-View-Control pattern. It lets the writer to write beautiful code by favoring convention over configuration.

It is intended to be used with an Agile development methodology which is used by web developers because of its appropriateness for short, client-driven projects.

ROR has fetched popularity among developers across the globe who are contributing constantly to add value to this magnificent frame work further so as to make this a platform of choice for organizations world wide.

At A-1 Technology our passion lies in delivering excellent ROR services to our clients. We strive to bring innovation to the IT industry. We like working with companies and individuals who share this passion. We possess a wide variety of skills and we are well-experienced Ruby on Rails Programming. We confidently deliver best ROR services to our clients.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Snappy to build native Windows applications: Delphi 2009

Delphi is a software development environment for Microsoft Windows applications. It was originally a confidential research project which evolved into a product called AppBuilder. One of the original goals of Delphi was to provide database connectivity to programmers as a key feature and a popular database package.

Delphi 2009 works more efficiently with IDE enhancements like the all new Class Browser, robust build configurations, and improved resource management. It permits greater visibility into COM and ActiveX source code & gives greater flexibility and complete control. Delphi 2009,the latest version also helps in building AJAX enabled web apps with VCL for the Web. It is available in various editions:Delphi 2009 Professional ,Delphi 2009 Enterprise,Delphi 2009 Architect.

Delphi 2009 not only supports development of native Windows applications but Delphi 2009 makes powerful, efficient and secure database applications by separating data and business logic with new DataSnaps. New Delphi language enhancements include generics and anonymous methods. It helps in creating great looking user interfaces with new VCL components, Ribbon controls, PNG Support, enhancements to existing components, and continued support for the Vista interface along with helping in the Expansion of business to global markets .

Delphi 2009 helps in meeting the challenges of the rapidly expanding global market, and expand the reach of applications to more users. Delphi is a solution for rapidly building high performance Windows applications.

Delphi is the premier development environment for software developers and database application developers who need to deliver high performance and easy to maintain software applications. The powerful Delphi language and compiler deliver high performance and access to all the power and speed of native Windows development.

Delphi also provides a comprehensive set of editing, refactoring, and debugging tools in a complete solution focused on making development faster and easier. At A-1 technology, we have expertise to work on Delphi2009 so as to meet your requirements of windows applications.

Monday, December 08, 2008

“fast-start now” : The latest SAP feat

Helping customers is most important task that SAP understands and that made it launch “fast-start now,”. This fast-start now will help in getting started with the SAP Business All-in-One fast-start program even faster and less expensive, through discounts on software license purchased in Q4 2008. Also the SAP zero percent financing now offer customers to get proven solutions that boost visibility and efficiency and cut operating costs, while keeping their cash. SAP customers can get zero percent financing for up to 12 months on purchases greater than $64,000 by SAP Financing offers.

The present economic environment requires the right technology solutions as essential tools to help, support and manage businesses and drive efficiency by reducing costs. The innovations and drive to improve makes SAP is the world’s leading provider of business software.

The SAP Business helps in getting started faster with an ERP solution that can help company drive great efficiency and accelerate growth. SAP is taking another big and innovative step towards bringing leading-edge business application technology to smaller mid size customers . Whether at office or in between meetings, fast-start program can help get the ERP solution the company needs.

At present, more than 76,000 customers in more than 120 countries experience the ease of SAP applications. SAP offers applications and services that enables companies to become best-run businesses. SAP is capable of understanding complex challenges of wholesale distribution.

A1 Technology, an offshore software outsourcing company. We have an expert team working on SAP technology. our team has worked hard for numerous big and small businesses to help them achieve their goals. At A-1 technology, we have best in class resources for SAP technology that can help in leveraging the capabilities of SAP to reduce development cost and time to market.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Software Developments 2008 : A Summary

Mobile phone operating systems and new web browsers rage: that's how we'll recall the year 2008 when it comes to software. Here is a brief summary of all wonderful developments:

iPhone 2.0 and the App Store
Though the iPhone was launched in 2007, but this year the iPhone 2.0 software and the new iPhone 3G model with a faster data plan and GPS came out to hype almost as big as the original iPhone launch. The combination of an operating system that finally ran third-party apps officially plus pinpointy GPS goodness set the bar for what users can expect to get from the next generation of smartphone with a fast internet connection, full-on browser, and spot-on location-awareness. Plus, dozens of the apps available for the phone are free.

Google Android
Google's answer to Apple's proprietary iPhone hardware and software came in the form of their very own touch mobile phone operating system, Android, which launched this past October. Unlike the iPhone, this new mobile platform is open source and will run on various handsets going forward. As an iPhone user frustrated by limited apps, crashiness, and lack of copy and paste, Android is like a breath of fresh air.

One of the few software apps on this list that's not open source or made by a ginormous company, new instant messenger client Digsby took chatters by storm with its ability to consolidate your IM, email, and social networking in one place.

Google Chrome
On September 2nd, Google released the first beta of Chrome, their new web browser which they hope you'll make your window to the web and all its apps. Last month's browser breakdown for Lifehacker readers was 62% Firefox, 22% IE, 8% Safari, and 6% Chrome. Not bad for a browser that's been out only a few months.)

Firefox 3
June 17th of this year, the makers of Firefox set a new Guinness World Record for most software downloads in a given day, at more than eight million downloads of the new browser iteration in 24 hours.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Share your popularity with Feed Chicklets

For any blogger, first chicklet was probably RSS subscriber stats via FeedBurner but now Google Reader is one of the most popular feed readers out there. One of the best features of Google Reader happens to be the "Shared Items" feature. Sites like ReadBurner and RSSmeme aggregate these shared items and from the looks of these sites, there's a ton of sharing going on. ReadBurner offers chicklets for just about every page on the site. Keep up with the number of items shared for an author, source, or a user.

Twitter now has a chicklet for users to display the number of followers on their blog using TwitterCounter. TwitterCounter displays your stats just like FeedBurner and allows you to see your growth (or loss) over the a period of time.

Using chicklets you can share your growth with your community, more the chicklets more prospering your blog is :)

Professional Xml Conversion Services for Xml Process

Extensible Markup Language (XML ) is a mark up language that provides a format for describing structured data. It is designed also to carry data and not only display data..This facilitates clear-cut declarations of content and more meaningful search results across multiple platforms. So, XML enables a new generation of web based data viewing . Any one can defines their own tags to code the xml file. The tags are self-descriptive and easy to use.

XML looks similar to HTML. It is basically subset of SGML (Standard Generalised Markup Language) & hence can be delivered over web. XML standards are defined by the World Wide Web. So, structured data is always uniform and independent of application or vendors. XML documents are extensible, structured and self- validating in themselves.

A document is entitled to be called an XML document only if it sticks to the rules laid down in the XML specification. XML documents are designed for use by XML processors. Its processor has a component called the XML parser which analyses XML markup and determines the structure of the document data.

The information converted in xml format is identifies more accurate, flexible, and adaptable way. We can convert data from various formats like hard source, pdf, tiff, jpg etc to xml format. The process is largely automated. It uses some manual conversion procedures. This combination of processes helps in converting complex structures and hierarchies safely and efficiently to XML.

It also means the portable benefits of PDF,JPG etc documents can be enjoyed alongside the business benefits of XML.

XML conversion services provide a full range of data conversion services, delivering all-in-one, consistent services of the highest standard and in the very cost-effective manner which helps in saving time and money of the clients, and through sling of assets. It also provide customized and perfect data conversion solutions on time, whenever required.

These data conversion services ensure high quality, accuracy and result-oriented services in time; cost effective solution of outsourced work; consistency in the quality and productivity of data conversion related work. Data conversion services fulfill your outsourcing requirement by specialized in data conversion process using highly advanced and automated techniques. At A-1 Technology our developers create brilliant to solve your objectives and provide a full range of data conversion services through xml.

Website Database Design and Maintaining Their Uptime

Databases adds convenience of storing vast amounts of information, allowing the information to be sorted, searched, viewed, and manipulated according to the business needs and goals.

A computer database relies upon software to organize the storage of data. The structure or format of a database, described in a formal language supported by the database management system is a database model. The model in most common use today is the relational model. Other models such as the hierarchical model and the network model use a more explicit representation of relationships .

A wide range of database languages are available at present, MySql is most preferred . MySql is the most widely used database language. As it covers most of the basic data flow tasks with database maintenance tasks and puts together these techniques into use.

Storing data is a great feature of databases, for many database users the most important feature is fast and easy retrieval of information. In a relational database, it is very simple to pull up information regarding an employee, but relational databases also add the power of running queries. Queries are requests to pull specific types of information and either show them in their natural state or create a report using the data.

All databases be it small or large, are stored and located on hard disk or other types of storage devices and are accessed via computer. Large databases may require separate servers and locations, but small databases usually fit easily as files located on computer's hard drive.

Several databases require passwords and other security features in order to access the information as it might contain confidential and important information that should not be easily accessed everyone. Some databases can be accessed via the internet through a network, other databases are closed systems and can only be accessed on site.

The database management system is of two types: the server database and the desktop databases on the basis of their user applications. A server database is aimed at multi-user applications, whereas a desktop database is for single-user applications.

The database maintenance is very important. At A1 Technology our effective database management applications eliminate downtime to provide your business a flexible and powerful tool to protect the performance of their valuable business operations.

A-1 Technology offers its extensive experience to build interactive & efficient database solutions for it's global client base. We offer custom database design & development solutions according to customized needs of clients.

Our database designers provide you proper documentation, high quality of web designing, and proper usage of storage process for accessing the data. Our database designers take complexities of your work in a better way so that you can concentrate on core issues of your business.

A-1 Technology provides database designing and maintenance services that are custom built and tailored to meet your specific need as our experienced database experts help you select the right database technology in order to develop your custom application.

At A-1 Technology our developers create brilliant designs to solve your objectives. We provide you best database designing services that include database design ,database development and programming ,database integration and conversion ,database management and administration ,database maintenance and support.

Web based and stand-alone applications to .NET

.NET is a set of technologies in the Microsoft .NET Framework for building Web applications and XML Web services. .NET has added ease for developing Web applications as it requires less codes. The .NET Framework created by Microsoft is a software development platform focused on rapid application development (RAD), platform independence and network transparency.

.NET has brought new functionalities and tools to the application programming interface. It provides a new reflective, object-oriented API. .NET is designed to be sufficiently generic so that many different high-level languages can be compiled.

.NET pages execute on the server side and generate markup such as HTML or XML that is sent to a browser. It supports multiple .NET languages including built-in support for VB.NET, C#. .NET, adds flexibility to the choice of your programming languages.

.Net is very beneficial both for the programmers and for the end users. The advantages that . NET includes its Powerful database-driven functionality, .Net allows programmers to develop web applications that interface with a database. .Net is object-oriented and has many programming tools that allow for faster development and more functionality.

It is a more faster web application.The two aspects of .Net that make it fast are compiled code and caching. Initially the code was interpreted into "machine language" when your website visitor viewed your page. But today, with .Net the code is compiled into "machine language" before your visitor ever comes to your site.

.Net allows programmers to set up pages or areas of pages that are commonly reused to be cached for a set period of time to improve the performance of web applications, plus it allows the caching of data from a database so your website isn't slowed down by frequent visits to a database when the data doesn't change very often.

.Net was tested and found to be over 10 times faster for the average user than Java's J2EE technology. While there have been some debates about the methods of the testing it is interesting to note that this has been validated by 3rd parties.

Its memory leak and crash protection feature is outstanding as .Net automatically recovers from memory leaks and errors to make sure that your website is always available to your visitors.

Its multiple language support programmers are capable of writing their code in more than 25 .Net languages . This feature allows programmers to develop your site in the language best known to them and it means that you can more easily find programmers to support the work on your site.

A-1 Technology has a very strong skill set in . NET programming due to its early start with this technology. We at A1 Technology provide you .Net Services that include Designing and Programming using .NET, Migration of web based and stand-alone applications to .NET Development, Support and Enhancement of existing applications in .NET ,Porting of Legacy applications to .NET based application and Windows Application Development in .NET.

A-1 Technology has a dedicated .NET vertical in the company focused solely on .NET projects. The company also enjoys a close relationship with Microsoft and as a result has access to latest release and to get acquainted with latest technologies. As your technology partner, A-1 Technology provides you best solutions at the best prices.

Comprehensive set of online e-commerce technology

Experts have started ranking e-Commerce as a productive and promising business area. Majority of businessmen get attracted to e-Commerce because it provides them a larger angle of conducting business any where and with any one across the globe. The Internet economy is on the verge to grow robustly, with both new and established companies reaping profits online. e-Business still has not drawn upon large potentials.

If you are running an online business E-Commerce Technology is something you need to understand. In order to create the foundation for the rapid growth of e-commerce, enterprises must take care of the effective e-commerce technology policies that embrace few important principles:

Innovation drives e-commerce technology, and rewarding creativity pampers innovation. Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents make up most of the area of law known as Intellectual Property. Intellectual Property's importance in Electronic Commerce is difficult to magnify. But, strong copyright, patent, and other forms of intellectual property protection are key to impart strength and vitality to the information economy to strongly protect your intellectual property.

Without online trust, security and privacy there will be no e-commerce and no growth. You must confidently ensure your consumer with safety, security and privacy of information. Protecting information and communications on Internet is very important for success of the online business. Security and privacy are factors that help you to expand the Internet business and the information economy.

The Internet is a global medium, and the rules of the information economy reflects this fact. Closed markets and discriminatory treatment can hamper e-business. Free and open international trade possibly makes us to realize Internet’s potential.

Supporting the physical infrastructure necessary to deliver digital content is vital to spurring technological growth when you are investing in an e-commerce technology infrastructure.

At A-1 Technology we implement various modules like order routing and fulfillment, online catalog management,credit card integration/e checks etc.,inventory management, online shipping and handling ,accounts receivable & general ledger ,messaging services, security using encryption via SSL modules as a part of e-commerce solution.

A-1 Technology’s e-Commerce website design solutions offer a unique combination of perfect design and technology. This comprehensive set of online e-commerce technology is designed to drag maximum out of your new or existing business. Our e-Commerce solutions help not only increase your sales but to reach your business to new horizons.

We also provide customer relationship management ,integration with other services such as Fedex, UPS, Quickbooks, eBay, Amazon ,extensive documentation, training and support, custom user interface design,advanced search options, up sell /cross sell module to enhance your sales.

A-1 Technology offers a vigorous blend of both creativity and technology available in the market to create custom solutions for your online marketplace. We also have our expertise in custom affiliate marketing capabilities or integration with services such as custom affiliate marketing capabilities or integration with services such as commission junction,Gift certificates services ,newsletter module,coupon/promotion module, admin module to manage complete store.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

WordPress Plugins to Make Your Blog More Social

A social blog is generally a blog that causes repeated visits from a user, in a regular fashion. Basically there are a couple of important elements that makes a blog social.

So it’s important that you take the necessary steps in improving your blog appeal if you want to build a community around it.

WordPress blogs are getting increasingly social, giving readers the ability to bookmark site to a number of services. WordPress being a powerful, open-source blogging platform utilizes the power of plugins extending it’s capabilities.

Plugins are basically small applications that perform a function or process. There are numerous Plugins available for WordPress, and they all serve different purpose.
Some of the social networking plugins available for WordPress are pretty nice, and you can check out right here:

1) Share This:
This plugin allows your visitors to share your content via social bookmarking sites and/or e-mailing the post to a friend. This supports the share icon project. For those who do not like using widgets, classic plugin is still available. Version 2.3, 2008-08-21 is the Latest Release of this plugin.
2) Twitter Tools:
It creates an integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account. You can pull your tweets into your blog and create new tweets on blog posts and from within WordPress.
3)Popularity Contest:
This plugin will help you see which of your posts are most popular. Views, comments, etc. are tracked and given configurable point values to determine popularity.
If you are using WordPress 2.3 or later,you must download this version 1.3b3, 2007-12-16 .
4)Link Harvest:
This plugin will go through all of your posts and pages and compile a list of all external links. Then it will create a link roll for you based on your actual linking activity. You can have a full page display (like I do) or a little sidebar display. This is a complicated plugin, make sure you read the README, 1.0, 2007-02-26 Latest Release Version.
5)WordPress Mobile Edition:
A PDA friendly interface for your blog. You can download latest version 2.1.1, 2008-04-08 and see it in action by visiting this site in a mobile browser. If your mobile browser is not automatically detected.
This plugin allows you to easily present a list of posts you select outside of your blog chronology. Very useful for featuring things that might otherwise slip into the nether regions of your archives. Download its latest release,1.2, 2007-09-27 version.
7) Shortcut Macros:
This plugin allows you to set up shortcuts that expand into longer text when you save a post/page. For example, if you link to some site (say XY) often, you might create a macro of XY. You type ##XY into a post/page and when you save it will expand to XY. You can download its latest version 1.2, 2008-03-30 .
8)Comment License
This plugin shows a license with terms of your choosing in your comments form. You can edit the terms of your license in the options page. Use its Latest Release1.2, 2008-03-30.
9)WP Unformatted
This allows you to add custom fields to a post to disable auto-formatting and/or auto-smart-quote conversion on a per-post basis. Latest Release: Version 1.1, 2007-01-24.
10)WP Since Last Visit
Shows the number of new posts and comments (including indicators showing what posts and comments are new) since a visitor last came to your blog. Latest Release: Version 2.2, 2004-07-05.

WordPress is one of the fastest growing blog hosts on the web, and bloggers all over the world understand this. Now, with the addition of different applications and tools you can enhance your blogging experience and make it even more useful and exciting for you.

A-1 Technology is a perfect destination to get the best WordPress service as we have expertise in WordPress . Our team comprises of specialists of WordPress enabling our clients to take maximum benefit in WordPress.
A1 Technology designs, builds, and supports elegant network solutions for companies and professional firms. As your technology partner, we provide you best solutions at the best prices.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ruby on Rails: Breakthrough innovation in CMS

Web programming required a lot of repetition and time consuming steps before the introduction Ruby on Rails. But at present Ruby on Rails has proved to be an innovation penetrating all the obstacle and restriction in its way of entry to programming.

At present, web designers and software engineers can develop a website much faster and more simply with the help of this powerful web application, enabling them to be more productive and effective in their work. After researching the market, Ruby on Rails stood out as the best choice and it will be true to consider it a key business advantage.

It is the most well thought-out web development framework and has become a standard to even well-established tools as they are comparing themselves to ROR.

Radiant CMS Features of ROR:

  • An elegant user interface.
  • The ability to arrange pages in a hierarchy.
  • Flexible template's with layouts, snippets, page parts, and a custom tagging language.
  • Special page-oriented plug-ins called behaviors.
  • A simple user management/permissions system.
  • Support for Markdown and Textile as well as traditional HTML.
  • Operates in two modes: developing and production depending on the URL.
  • A caching system which expires pages every 5 minutes.

A1 Technology is a globally renowned New York based company that delivers best ROR programming. We design, build, and support elegant network solutions for companies and professional firms our team works hard to rise your business to apex. We at A1 Technology apply unique business strategies to deliver world class quality in ROR. As your technology partner, we provide you best solutions at reasonable rates.

Friday, November 21, 2008

SEO friendly Flash

  Although Flash accessibility programming has become the best means to get your Flash content recognized by spiders, the fact still remains that when it comes to website design for search engine performance, textual content still reigns supreme. And when you are ready to optimize Flash content using SWF Object 2.0. You must include traffic-driving, keyword-based messages. Understand the keywords your target market is searching for and feature them in the messages within your Flash content.

If replicated in Flash replacement content, these keywords have the potential to drive traffic to your website. Give more emphasis to language over images. While deciding your Flash design scheme,always remember that language can be replicated in replacement content but it is not applicable in the case of images. If possible, leave your images out of your Flash content and focus on content that can be replaced and recognized by engines.

You can also use videos that contain content that can be "replaced." Customer-engaging video content with keyword-rich messages actually help stimulate search engine visibility if it is replicated in text form. Just keep in mind that if your video primarily consists of dialogue, the "spoken words" must also be available in readable form to qualify to be "replaced" in text form.
You must Include links in replacement content, If your Flash content features links to other important parts of your website, make sure to include them in the Flash replacement content, making them visible search engine crawlers. Avoid spam tactics and make sure the replacement content made available for search engines is an accurate representation of the Flash content that is made available for users.

A1 Technology
employs a large pool of software professionals having best knowledge in Flash Applications . We at a1 Technology  have  goal oriented team of Flash Programmers  enabling our clients to draw maximum benefit in Flash.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Drupal: Adding Flexibility and Ease to your CMS

Drupal is open source software distributed under distributed under the  General Public License and is maintained and developed by a community of thousands of users and developers. It is a web content management system and web application framework written in PHP.
Drupal is a free software package that allows an individual or a community of users to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website. Several people and organizations are using Drupal to power scores of different web sites, including:
  • Community web portals
  • Discussion sites
  • Corporate web sites
  • Intranet applications
  • Personal web sites or blogs
  • Aficionado sites
  • E-commerce applications
  • Resource directories
  • Social Networking sites

By accessing Drupal development services you can easily build an attractive, highly functioning website complete with all the unique possibilities. The most important feature of Drupal is that it has no bounds. It is absolutely free web design application that enjoys the benefit of several practical and expert minds. Its functionality and flexibility add to its good reputation.

Drupal is ready to go from the moment it is downloaded.  The build in functionality , combined with dozens of freely available add on modules will enable features such as: Content Management Systems, Blogs,Collaborative authoring environments ,Forums , Peer-to-peer networking, Newsletters, Podcasting ,Picture galleries ,File uploads and downloads.

A-1 Technology is a well established offshore software outsourcing company. We at A-1 Technology provide quality and professional Drupal services.  At A1 Technology, we focus on providing best Drupal related solutions. Our vision is to deliver best software solutions, leveraging technology, delivered by best team of technologically geared  people. We provide cost-effective solution that  deliver bottom-line results to end-use customers.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Real Estate Crisis

In the past year we have been year we have been seeing real estate decline significantly.  I personally held of on buying real estate as whenever I looked at it, I thought it was well overpriced.  So the downturn did not come as a surprise to me but the size and ferocity of it, did. 

The lifecycle of this real estate crisis’s can be summarized as follows:

  1. As long as housing prices were rising homeowners were willing to borrow more and more to buy real estate.  And as long as someone was willing to lend them money at cheap rates everything was ok.
  2. The lenders reckoned that as long as they could package the securities and sell them to financial institutions, then it was of their balance sheet and they did not care.
  3. The financial institutions were of the view that as long as the securities were rated by an accredited credit rating firm, then they could buy that security and hold it.
  4. The credit rating firms were rating security based on current home prices and foreclosure rates and accordingly gave them high ratings.
  5. Regulators turned a blind idea to the possibility that home prices could decline because they had a vested interest in keeping the bubble going and turned a blind eye to any naysayer who dared to think otherwise.   That is why Alan Greenspan looked at it and called it a froth and not an bubble. 

How can we fix this going forward.  The most important thing would be for regulators to call a spade a spade.  Next time we are in a bubble, the regulators should be able to recognize and say it is a bubble.  Of course, we do need to look at how we can fix mortgage fraud which became systemic during the bubble. 

This is my personal view and in no way represent the view of my company or any one within the company.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mary Meeker Internet Presentation

Fans of Mary Meeker and people interested in figuring where the internet is going maybe interested in this presentation:

Two important observation -
  • Mobile is going to be big
  • Online Advertising is going to slow down

Courtesy of Techcrunch

Add functionality to your website with magical PHP Scripts


It is a widely used general purpose scripting language especially for Web development, It is server side scripting language for creating Web pages. It is extremely easy to understand & learn and can be embedded into HTML. Being an open-source language, PHP is popularly used by large group of developers. It supports almost every common database like Oracle, Sybase and MySQL plus it includes external libraries to generate PDF documents and parsing XML.


You don't have to spend mega bucks as PHP is absolutely free to use open source language. There is no license fee to acquire PHP. It is extremely easy to install and learn language. Its striking features make it popular among people as a result of which it is popularly used by millions of people across the globe.


• High performance and reliability
• Low development and maintenance cost
• Can easily embed itself into the HTML code
• Fully compatible with servers like Apache and IIS

PHP Adding functionality:

PHP greatly adds functionality to your website. It allows you to write scripts that enables your visitors interact with you through your website. PHP enables your business website, to get feedback of the products and services from your customer. PHP Development Services assists organizations to deploy their collaboration, resource planning, customer and supplier management systems as web applications. At present internet serves as a powerful media for your business and PHP enhances your online business as it can capture almost all aspects of human endeavors through web pages.

A1 Technology, with an excellent team of experienced PHP developers has successfully completed numerous PHP Web Programs. Our PHP Development Service enables clients to effectively store and display content on their site. Our PHP software professionals work closely to analyze your needs through detailed assessment processes. You can outsource all your PHP Development Requirements to us and focus on other core business activities.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SAP Releases First Sustainability Report

SAP announced the release of its first sustainability report, that highlighted the key measures of SAP's corporate environmental, social and governance performance, as well as its products and services that help enable more sustainable operations of its customers.

Employing Web 2.0 Tools to Encourage Collaboration on Sustainability Based on its successful working model of collaboration and co-innovation. Acknowledging sustainability requires both transparency and stakeholder engagement SAP has issued an open call for communication in order to define SAP's top corporate sustainability issues, as well as its product and service solutions.

Using Web 2.0 tools, SAP is fostering an exchange with key stakeholders to challenge and guide SAP's approach to sustainability. Interested parties can log on to the SAP Collaboration Workspace to share their views on SAP's sustainability efforts, secure feedback directly from SAP and interact with other like-minded stakeholders.

A1 Technology being a global leader in web based solutions has a long history of driving initiatives that aim to improve technological solutions by working with its customers all around the world. Our team members have all the established and emerging skills in abundance among them for providing best SAP solutions.

Monday, November 10, 2008

CMS Can Raise Marketing and it Synergy for SEO Success

A Content Management System (CMS) can help organizations strike the perfect balance between the technical and business sides. Optimizing a company’s Web site for search engines is a critical task for marketing professionals. The business owner also contributes what he knows best create quality content with speed and accuracy.

Here is how a CMS can enhance both the business and technical sides manage content:

Effortless Publishing

By enabling even non-technical users to create and publish content effortlessly, a CMS can provide all the standard tools that marketers need for SEO. With a familiar, easy-to-understand interface, users can quickly publish and deep-link content without worrying about back-end inconsistencies. A CMS can save the Web developer significant amount of time and effort by simplifying the process.

Quick Posting and Updating of Content

Key to an efficient content process is the work flow. An effective CMS usually has built-in hierarchies with powerful work flow features. Content can be posted by any author and verified by the respective authority before it gets posted. This reduces dependence on the Web developer and allows business owners to quickly update existing content or publish new content.

Demystifying Search Engine Techniques

Many search engine terms, such as meta tags, anchor text, keyword density and more, can be unfamiliar to non-technical users. With limited understanding of these essentials, the generated content can be far from optimal. A good CMS can demystify SEO techniques, and give business owners the power to fully make their Web sites search engine friendly.

Navigation is Everything

Just as human beings like being given directions, search engine spiders too are fond of Web sites that are structured well, and make finding content an easy task. The more web pages search engine spiders find, the greater are the chances of the Web site being ranked higher.

CMS enables organizations to maintain World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) compliance for enabling a good structure for their Web sites. The W3C provides the guidelines by which Web sites and Web pages should be structured and created. It also ensures that proper use of standards which in turn, helps search engines interpret content easily. Further, a CMS helps create a comprehensive site map which ensures that search engines can follow and index each link.

‘Strategic Goals’, your content creators need:

A tool or set of tools that allows them to create, manage, publish, reuse and retire content on the Web site and all other online customer touch points – such as landing pages, micro sites, mobile content and syndicated content.

The flexibility to do all of this, including changes to design and templates, both for business users in non-technical environments as well as more technical developers.

A way to streamline work flows and set up approval processes so that all content goes through the appropriate channels before appearing in front of a customer.

The freedom to quickly adapt, change or re-purpose content without worrying about creating brand inconsistencies, design gaffes and other site problems.

Simple ways to ensure that content is search engine-friendly; making keyword inclusions, Meta tagging, search friendly links and title pages easy to work with.

A way to integrate Web analytics with the content tools, so content creators and marketers can continuously refine campaigns based on customer behavior. With the data from analytics, they can also ensure that your customers are easily getting relevant and need-specific content.

With an optimized Web presence, you are likely to see much more traffic – to all your online touch points. The combination of high-value content and an effective CMS means a larger number of quality leads can be generated, which typically means more conversions and more revenue.


Technology, no matter how advanced, only provides tools, techniques and approaches to achieving a goal. Web developer still needs to focus on how they can work together with the campaign managers to analyze Web trends and build a more streamlined and high-performance Web site. high degree of sensitivity to customer needs and our own competencies in responding to those needs both in terms of our products and in terms of our communication. Once we’ve got the core sorted, working with a cutting-edge, easy-to-use technology solution just makes for a winning combination.

A1 Technology is a full service off shore outsourcing firm serving clients throughout the world. We help you harness the power and potential of CMS to attract and engage visitors, communicate your message and generate leads. A1 Technology is your one stop solution, combining our award winning graphic and website design, with our industry leading content management system to provide the ease of use and best service you expect and deserve.