Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Snappy to build native Windows applications: Delphi 2009

Delphi is a software development environment for Microsoft Windows applications. It was originally a confidential research project which evolved into a product called AppBuilder. One of the original goals of Delphi was to provide database connectivity to programmers as a key feature and a popular database package.

Delphi 2009 works more efficiently with IDE enhancements like the all new Class Browser, robust build configurations, and improved resource management. It permits greater visibility into COM and ActiveX source code & gives greater flexibility and complete control. Delphi 2009,the latest version also helps in building AJAX enabled web apps with VCL for the Web. It is available in various editions:Delphi 2009 Professional ,Delphi 2009 Enterprise,Delphi 2009 Architect.

Delphi 2009 not only supports development of native Windows applications but Delphi 2009 makes powerful, efficient and secure database applications by separating data and business logic with new DataSnaps. New Delphi language enhancements include generics and anonymous methods. It helps in creating great looking user interfaces with new VCL components, Ribbon controls, PNG Support, enhancements to existing components, and continued support for the Vista interface along with helping in the Expansion of business to global markets .

Delphi 2009 helps in meeting the challenges of the rapidly expanding global market, and expand the reach of applications to more users. Delphi is a solution for rapidly building high performance Windows applications.

Delphi is the premier development environment for software developers and database application developers who need to deliver high performance and easy to maintain software applications. The powerful Delphi language and compiler deliver high performance and access to all the power and speed of native Windows development.

Delphi also provides a comprehensive set of editing, refactoring, and debugging tools in a complete solution focused on making development faster and easier. At A-1 technology, we have expertise to work on Delphi2009 so as to meet your requirements of windows applications.