Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Check out ROR 2.2 for some additional features

The latest version of Ruby on Rails (ROR) 2.2 is geared with internationalization framework, thread safety, easy access to HTTP caching, fully compatibility with Ruby 1.9 and J Ruby, and latest documentation features . It enables you to use Edge Rails to deal with some more additional features.

ROR is one of the fastest growing technologies in the Web, driven by increasing demand for the highly-interactive database-backed web applications. Also rich applications can be made by the help of ROR and e-Commerce websites using its web development environment. RO R not only speeds up your work but enables you to works with a wide range of web servers and databases. Rails is basically for infrastructure and hence it is good for mostly all type of web applications like software for collaboration, community, e-commerce, content management, statistics, management.

Being an open-source web framework ROR is best for programmer happiness and endurable productivity. We already know that Rails is a full-stack framework for developing database-backed web applications according to the Model-View-Control pattern. It lets the writer to write beautiful code by favoring convention over configuration.

It is intended to be used with an Agile development methodology which is used by web developers because of its appropriateness for short, client-driven projects.

ROR has fetched popularity among developers across the globe who are contributing constantly to add value to this magnificent frame work further so as to make this a platform of choice for organizations world wide.

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