Tuesday, December 23, 2008

MutliVariate Testing a boon for Marketers

Many of us have been using sophisticated tracking and optimization systems for online campaigns which generally rely on previous data or history of visitors' activities. But do we look at what happens once the audience arrives on our Web site? If we do look, what do we do to ensure the conversion process is followed to completion?

There's something which really works to increase conversion rates and that is multivariate testing. Multivariate testing softwares allows you to analyze multiple variables at once and to isolate each variable's individual effect.

By creating zones on Web pages in which content can change, multiple page combinations are possible. Multivariate Testing softwares interface allow you to glean best-performing combinations from which you can adapt your site. Bottom line, these softwares enable marketers to rapidly test product and offer content to maximize selling effectiveness.

These software applications eliminate performance barriers and optimizes a site to meet objectives. By using multivariate testing technology marketers can optimize communications based on real-time behavior of actual customers rather than using educated guesses or relying on historical information.