Friday, December 26, 2008

New 'Task Manager' Turns Gmail into a To-Do List

Google was in a tight corner with complaints regarding its Gmail system on the rise.Users had a reason to complain because the Gmail operating system tended to become unmanageable when it came to handling complex and more advanced tasks. To fill the gaping hole Google's Gmail team has eventually come up with a solution suited to both sides involved.

The news is that Google has added a new tool to its online suite of applications; It is a Task Manager for its mail services, which, if reports are to be believed, will allow users to operate their agenda and Gmail lab applications more efficiently and conveniently.

Google has gone a step further by adding instructions to familiarize users with the new application. To make the task manager start working you first enter your mail box and select the settings at the top; Then you click the Labs option and allow the new feature to appear at the top. Later on you select “Enable” and “Save Changes”, so that your task gets remembered and the task manager kicks in.

The most interesting part of this new feature is that you get the option to customize your tasks list the way you want and to let them stay visible no matter what you are doing. So, without bothering about what activities you are performing while creating a task, you have the convenience of reverting back to it, and find it exactly as you left it. Additionally, this program makes available a plethora of tasks options, that further enhances your pleasant mailing experience. Should you feel that a particular task does not required to be saved by the program, you always have the choice to delete, move, indent, or un-indent it, etc.

The most versatile attribute of this new task manager is that it can easily convert all your mails into tasks; It enables you to read your mails, to click on them, and to do whatever you find necessary at a particular moment. Converting mails into tasks is a simple procedure; Just remember to select a message, click “More Actions” and then select “Add to Tasks”.

This last feature is indeed turning out to be the most admired one, and a majority of reports are acknowledging this fact. We can say without an iota of doubt that this new application of Google is by far the most important releases we have witnessed in recent times regarding email processes.

Tasks is a killer feature designed by Gmail Labs with which users can keep track of things that they need to do. Users can construct lists of items, set due dates and notes, and even add Gmail messages directly to Tasks. Tasks will be right there to address your needs when you integrate it with your Gmail account.