Thursday, December 04, 2008

Comprehensive set of online e-commerce technology

Experts have started ranking e-Commerce as a productive and promising business area. Majority of businessmen get attracted to e-Commerce because it provides them a larger angle of conducting business any where and with any one across the globe. The Internet economy is on the verge to grow robustly, with both new and established companies reaping profits online. e-Business still has not drawn upon large potentials.

If you are running an online business E-Commerce Technology is something you need to understand. In order to create the foundation for the rapid growth of e-commerce, enterprises must take care of the effective e-commerce technology policies that embrace few important principles:

Innovation drives e-commerce technology, and rewarding creativity pampers innovation. Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents make up most of the area of law known as Intellectual Property. Intellectual Property's importance in Electronic Commerce is difficult to magnify. But, strong copyright, patent, and other forms of intellectual property protection are key to impart strength and vitality to the information economy to strongly protect your intellectual property.

Without online trust, security and privacy there will be no e-commerce and no growth. You must confidently ensure your consumer with safety, security and privacy of information. Protecting information and communications on Internet is very important for success of the online business. Security and privacy are factors that help you to expand the Internet business and the information economy.

The Internet is a global medium, and the rules of the information economy reflects this fact. Closed markets and discriminatory treatment can hamper e-business. Free and open international trade possibly makes us to realize Internet’s potential.

Supporting the physical infrastructure necessary to deliver digital content is vital to spurring technological growth when you are investing in an e-commerce technology infrastructure.

At A-1 Technology we implement various modules like order routing and fulfillment, online catalog management,credit card integration/e checks etc.,inventory management, online shipping and handling ,accounts receivable & general ledger ,messaging services, security using encryption via SSL modules as a part of e-commerce solution.

A-1 Technology’s e-Commerce website design solutions offer a unique combination of perfect design and technology. This comprehensive set of online e-commerce technology is designed to drag maximum out of your new or existing business. Our e-Commerce solutions help not only increase your sales but to reach your business to new horizons.

We also provide customer relationship management ,integration with other services such as Fedex, UPS, Quickbooks, eBay, Amazon ,extensive documentation, training and support, custom user interface design,advanced search options, up sell /cross sell module to enhance your sales.

A-1 Technology offers a vigorous blend of both creativity and technology available in the market to create custom solutions for your online marketplace. We also have our expertise in custom affiliate marketing capabilities or integration with services such as custom affiliate marketing capabilities or integration with services such as commission junction,Gift certificates services ,newsletter module,coupon/promotion module, admin module to manage complete store.