Friday, December 26, 2008

50 Free Apps For your new iPhone

Got an Apple (AAPL) iPhone or iPod touch ? Here's 50 of free apps to load your phone up with:

SteadyCam: If you are tired of taking blurry pictures from your iPhone, by using this application in low lighting situations you can avoid future blurry shots. Utilizing the accelerometer, once you push the shutter button it will only take a picture when the motion is the least, thus giving you a clear picture. AppStore link

WifiFinder: Whenever possible, a reliable Wi-Fi network is always a great asset. However, due to the nature of the iPhone OS, finding a good network that actually works and is within your range can prove difficult. WifiFinder helps by giving more information about each network and avoids the traditional Settings>Wi-Fi menu route. Definitely a great application for when you’re on the go. App Store link

Google Mobile: Recently updated with voice recognition technology, this application can prove extremely useful when in the need of information. Combining a number of a iPhone services such as location and your Contacts, it will provide relevant information based on a number of variables. App Store link

Units: If you’ve ever needed to convert quarts to gallons or cups to ounces, Units solves the issue of converting units quite nicely. Units makes for quite a bargain when compared to other paid applications that do the same thing. App Store link

Night Stand: Ever need a digital clock? Night Stand provides a wonderful digital clock which you can customize to your liking which can be great when you’re traveling. App Store link

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Some applications are paid but available at negligible prices:

Instapaper, free or $10 for Pro version: Save Web pages to read later. Great for saving news articles, blog posts for train rides, rainy days, whenever. Pro version has neat auto-scrolling feature powered by the iPhone's motion sensor.

Tap Tap Revenge, free, or Tap Tap Dance, $5: The iPhone's equivalent of "Guitar Hero" or "Rock Band." Play along with music, including new live multi-player mode on the free edition. If you're not sick of Christmas music yet, check out Weezer's $2 Tap Tap Revenge Christmas edition, too.

Sol Free, free, or Solebon Solitaire, $2: The cleanest, best looking solitaire game we've seen on the iPhone yet. Popular on the NYC subway.

Rolando, $10: The iPhone's equivalent of "Mario" -- and the best iPhone game we've seen so far. Makes great use of the phone's motion sensor, touchscreen, and gravity. (Our review here.)

Frenzic, $2 on sale: Addictive, speed puzzle game. Great for Tetris lovers. Fifteen minutes every morning will get your brain turned up to 11. (As of this afternoon, we're the 422nd best Frenzic player in the world.)

Aqua Hoops, $1, or free Aqua Baller and Aqua Punt: Mimics those plastic kids' toys: Use the touchscreen and motion sensor to sink small basketballs/footballs into their goals. Beat others' scores on the Internet.

Labyrinth LE, free, or $7 for full version: Tilt your iPhone or iPod touch to move steel marbles across a wood surface. Another classic board game that feels even more fun on the iPhone.

Real Soccer 2009, $6: The reason we didn't buy a Sony (SNE) PlayStation Portable. A great soccer game -- just as good as you'd find on any other portable gaming system -- with wi-fi multiplayer mode.

Voice recorder, $1: Record a conversation, take verbal notes for later, or eavesdrop on the table next to you.

Koi Pond, $1: Watch beautiful fish swim around your screen, and scare them away with a touch. Great for your kids or if you've had too much egg nog.

Ocarina, $1: Neat, bizarre musical instrument. Also see/hear what others are playing around the world.

Texas Hold'em, $5: Beautiful poker game built by Apple. Wi-fi multiplayer gaming for up to 9 people.