Thursday, December 04, 2008

Web based and stand-alone applications to .NET

.NET is a set of technologies in the Microsoft .NET Framework for building Web applications and XML Web services. .NET has added ease for developing Web applications as it requires less codes. The .NET Framework created by Microsoft is a software development platform focused on rapid application development (RAD), platform independence and network transparency.

.NET has brought new functionalities and tools to the application programming interface. It provides a new reflective, object-oriented API. .NET is designed to be sufficiently generic so that many different high-level languages can be compiled.

.NET pages execute on the server side and generate markup such as HTML or XML that is sent to a browser. It supports multiple .NET languages including built-in support for VB.NET, C#. .NET, adds flexibility to the choice of your programming languages.

.Net is very beneficial both for the programmers and for the end users. The advantages that . NET includes its Powerful database-driven functionality, .Net allows programmers to develop web applications that interface with a database. .Net is object-oriented and has many programming tools that allow for faster development and more functionality.

It is a more faster web application.The two aspects of .Net that make it fast are compiled code and caching. Initially the code was interpreted into "machine language" when your website visitor viewed your page. But today, with .Net the code is compiled into "machine language" before your visitor ever comes to your site.

.Net allows programmers to set up pages or areas of pages that are commonly reused to be cached for a set period of time to improve the performance of web applications, plus it allows the caching of data from a database so your website isn't slowed down by frequent visits to a database when the data doesn't change very often.

.Net was tested and found to be over 10 times faster for the average user than Java's J2EE technology. While there have been some debates about the methods of the testing it is interesting to note that this has been validated by 3rd parties.

Its memory leak and crash protection feature is outstanding as .Net automatically recovers from memory leaks and errors to make sure that your website is always available to your visitors.

Its multiple language support programmers are capable of writing their code in more than 25 .Net languages . This feature allows programmers to develop your site in the language best known to them and it means that you can more easily find programmers to support the work on your site.

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