Friday, December 12, 2008

ColdFusion 9 : Whats Next?

The latest buzz that is hitting the IT industry is about the latest version of ColdFusion. Information has already appeared on Adobe Labs about ColdFusion 9. Although the date of releasing ColdFusion 9 is not yet revealed but its expected, sometime in 2009. This is certainly an exciting news for ColdFusion developers as Adobe has finally given information not only on the next version of ColdFusion, but also announced the much anticipated official ColdFusion IDE.

The good bits of ColdFusion 9 has some exciting features including :
  1. ColdFusion services exposed for Flex and AIR via Action script libraries.
  2. CFC Enhancements.
  3. Implicit Getters and Setters.
  4. Explicit local scope.
  5. CFSCRIPT Enhancements.
  6. Full definition of components via script.
  7. Closed gap between CFML and CFSCRIPT.
  8. Language Enhancements.
  9. New and Import Keywords.
  11. onServerStart method.
Adobe also announced an official IDE for ColdFusion, codenamed Bolt. This IDE will fling some snappy features for ColdFusion developers:
  1. Application Code Generation.
  2. Server management.
  3. Easily extensible through the Eclipse framework.
  4. CFML, HTML, Javascript, and CSS Syntax Highlighting.
  5. Code assist for tags, functions, variables, and components.
  6. Code folding.
  7. Snippet creation and management.
  8. Outline viewing.
  9. RDS Explorer for files and databases.
  10. Line-level Debugging.
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