Thursday, December 04, 2008

Share your popularity with Feed Chicklets

For any blogger, first chicklet was probably RSS subscriber stats via FeedBurner but now Google Reader is one of the most popular feed readers out there. One of the best features of Google Reader happens to be the "Shared Items" feature. Sites like ReadBurner and RSSmeme aggregate these shared items and from the looks of these sites, there's a ton of sharing going on. ReadBurner offers chicklets for just about every page on the site. Keep up with the number of items shared for an author, source, or a user.

Twitter now has a chicklet for users to display the number of followers on their blog using TwitterCounter. TwitterCounter displays your stats just like FeedBurner and allows you to see your growth (or loss) over the a period of time.

Using chicklets you can share your growth with your community, more the chicklets more prospering your blog is :)