Thursday, April 11, 2013

Points of consideration for SharePoint 2013.

The latest 2013 version of SharePoint is collaborated server resolving Microsoft’s all-purpose enterprise issues. It encapsulates many enhanced features, including redesigned user interface, SkyDrive Pro for increased storage and documents synchronization, improved task management, renovated search engine and creative e- discovery features.
As a content management and enterprise collaboration tool, SharePoint has reached to matured status. Enterprises primarily use SharePoint to build public sites, intranets, blogs and wikis even for searching and arranging documents, storing documents. It is generating around 2 billion annual revenue and Microsoft is pushing hard this latest version.
With more feasible alternatives to SharePoint dynamically coming to market, there exist certain challenges those need to be resolved by Microsoft.
SharePoint mobile challenges Mobility is the need of the hour and workplace is totally entrenched by Smartphones and Tablets. Getting mobile access to enterprise application has become indispensable. According to reviews, Microsoft has not focused much on SharePoint integration and mobility, In fact there is no sense of urgency around it and it is confounding.
SharePoint News Feed Application is provided by Microsoft, which is designed to give users access to people and documents they consider.Currently this facility is available on iOS and Windows Phone. At the end of the second calendar quarter, Windows 8 version is due which will have deeper integration of SharePoint mobile and later on Android. These apps are not much broader in their scope and functionality. You can implement only the part of SharePoint offers with this.
SharePoint social media challenges SharePoint’s enterprise social networking capabilities were incapable and this fact was revealed by Microsoft’s decision taken last summer to plunk down 1.2 billion for Yammer. And further, to make up for that Microsoft has banked upon third party add ons from companies. Takeup of SharePoint Online is a matter of concern as the cloud hosted version of the product is not up to the par.
Competitors list is increasing its number including IBM, Jive Software and Box, and Google. Despite of its enthusiastic success in enterprise, situation is entirely changed, and SharePoint must prove its worth all over again.

Monday, April 01, 2013

The Nitty-Gritty of Mobile Cloud Computing.

Instead of developing mobile apps for the rigid platform, Cloud computing has made developing applications much flexible. Cloud computing encompasses on demand availability of the storage, software and processing power. It is embedded with device independence, reliability, ease in access, security and least required maintenance. Cloud computing services have become easy to reach for all enterprises that deliver compatible and resilient services to employees and customers with enhanced business agility.
Bringing the cloud computing services to the mobile environment is termed as Mobile cloud computing. It consolidates the elements of cloud computing and mobile networks, providing excellent services to mobile users. In mobile cloud computing, powerful mobile configuration is not much required since all the entangled and complicated computing modules are processed in the cloud itself.
It is the amalgamation between cloud computing and mobile network offering optimal applicability for mobile users. Rather than keeping on individual devices when data is kept on internet, cloud computing exists there providing on demand access.
Security aspect of Mobile cloud computing
One of the key issues that most of the cloud providers are considering is securing user protection and integration of application data. As mobile cloud computing is a combinational field of cloud computing and mobile networks, the security related matters are categorized as: mobile networks user’s security and cloud security.
  • Mobile network user’s security – Different mobile handsets such as Smartphones, laptops, PDA’s and cellular phones are well aware of the numerous security instability and vulnerabilities such as malicious codes. Some cloud computing applications can prompt to security breaches as these devices troubling the user ultimately. Two main issues regarding subscriber’s security are:
    1. The best way of capturing security vulnerability is to run security software and anti-virus programs on mobile devices. Mobile devices are litigated with processing limitations which is why securing them from these threats could be more hazardous as compared to regular computers. Number of approaches can be developed transferring vulnerability detection and protection mechanism to the cloud. The application must handover to the user after it passes through some level of threat evaluation. All file activities before sending to the user need to be verified if it is malicious or not.
    2. Scenarios are created for privacy issues when personal information such as your current location or user’s hidden information is revealed.
  • Information secured on the clouds – Enterprise and individuals both take the bonanza of storing large amount of data in the cloud.
  1. The integrity of the information stored on the cloud must be properly ensured by the user. Every user access must be authenticated. Different approaches can be proposed ensuring integrity of the information stored on the cloud.
  2. Numerous authorization mechanism have been proposed with the means of cloud computing in order to secure the data access. Some make use of open standards and support the integrity of the various authorization methods.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Open Source is a Proven Hit.

Open source technology is considered as production and development a trend that allows end users and developers to go through the source code and can even modify it. Although, open source is not only product enforced by open source licenses rather is most popular, stepping well to manipulation of its code and add- ons.
The times you create a web site, chances are you are using a web browser. The cost of using out of line products can add up, especially when trying to enhance your business. This article emphasize on some top open source options for you to consider.
  • PHP – Stated as personal home page, PHP is a strong storage for many message boards. Proprietary Softwares can be used but you need to pay licensing fees and updation fees. Using single site doesn’t calls for compulsive fees but if browsing different sites your cost can become significant part of your budget. Internet provides with some free providers, you need to search for it.
  • Email client – Thunderbird is the project developed by the brand who brought Firefox to the market. Using Thunderbird you can stop SPAM, send and receive Emails, and add plugins to design the program as per your requirement.
  • Web templates – There are number of sites offering some exceptionally well designed templates that is even reasonable to purchase separately. Everyone downloads copies but you can make changes in it accordingly to give it your own look. Best amongst all is CSS derived and web standard compliant.
  • Office software – MS office dominates as WordPerfect hardly hangs on. Even then there are ways out to these two productivity suites in the form of Another grand freebie associated with this site is the *pdf maker, saving heavy amount on Adobe acrobat purchase.
  • Web browsers – Gone are the days when only internet explorer was the only name suggested for internet browsing. Infact they are dormant but many web folks are not willing with Microsoft’s dominance and most of them are switching to Firefox, Opera, Netscape and Safari.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Facebook’s Graph Search

Facebook graph search is a search engine which is designed to respond user query. The search engine acquires collective data from over one billion users and external sources in order to serve users with best possible search result.
But now Facebook is stretching arms by taking preventive measures for the user protection. Facebook is slowing down its move to a tool that let user search out others by personal information or by common interest. This new idea emphasis on special minor security. Social network is implementing specific graph search rules for teenagers.
In January Facebook launched graph search in beta. As a social network search engine it offers various new ways to uncover friends, photos, places those are saved in this big pool of Facebook. But its other side exposes personal information that should strictly not be revealed.
According to the new rules if a minor is searching, only friend and friends of friends between the ages 13 to 17 will be shown. If an adult does a search that could display a minor’s age or location, the only result that comes is that person’s friend. Details like birthdays, school, and hometown will be only available about users under 18 years to their friends and friends of friends. But yes, the minors will be secured only if they provide their correct age to Facebook.
But privacy consultants are worried. Though the new Graph Search will not display any unwanted or prohibited information and put all the data together at one place that could be used awfully. Graph search has currently been available only to some handful testers. And Facebook will keep on fine tuning the tool as it rolls out.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cloud Based Development is the Future of Application Development.

Organizations have often faced lot of hassles while developing and testing web applications. It has been seen time and again that traditional roadblocks like cost, lack of process, scalability and methodology often hinder the successful deployment of an application. Often done at a project level, these actions remain underutilized and under-resourced. There is a huge demand for substantial infrastructure and flexible management of resources to undertake a large scale project.
There are various variables that account for unpredictable operations, gradual building of capacity and optimal utilization. Although it is a crucial IT function and many administrators understand the inability to provide the scale and flexibility for development and testing teams, it often delays the application development life cycle and hampers the delivery of an application.
In order to overcome all these hurdles, a cloud based developmental model can be undertaken to match the highly dynamic and resource intensive needs of the application development and testing. The pace of technology is moving at a rapid pace and developmental teams need to be flexible and agile in order to incorporate new ideas and functions in deploying an application.
Cloud-based development offers immediate deployment of application without upfront infrastructure cost which can be up-scaled or downsized as per requirement. Mobile application development can be taken to a whole new level while incorporating with cloud computing. It changes the whole scenario and the way an application is developed, tested and deployed.
One of the biggest advantages of undertaking cloud-based resources is that it enhances the competitive edge over the competition of maintaining their own data center without any additional cost input. It also provides testing teams with a self service model from a pool of shared but secure infrastructure resources. By making configurable templates, they can run them in parallel with the development team and customize it as per a particular project.
It is an hybrid solution which gives enhanced ID and access control to safeguard data. By automating approval work-flows and encapsulating infrastructure management it reduces the cost as well as time taken to develop an application.
However for any enterprise or business to undertake cloud computing development, there are some consideration that ought to be kept in mind. Control and Security, Overall performance, Real time monitoring of development, Operational management should be foreseen in order to ensure that there are no hindrances. In this competitive environment, success only embraces those who are able to incorporate new technology to have an edge over the others.