Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Open Source is a Proven Hit.

Open source technology is considered as production and development a trend that allows end users and developers to go through the source code and can even modify it. Although, open source is not only product enforced by open source licenses rather is most popular, stepping well to manipulation of its code and add- ons.
The times you create a web site, chances are you are using a web browser. The cost of using out of line products can add up, especially when trying to enhance your business. This article emphasize on some top open source options for you to consider.
  • PHP – Stated as personal home page, PHP is a strong storage for many message boards. Proprietary Softwares can be used but you need to pay licensing fees and updation fees. Using single site doesn’t calls for compulsive fees but if browsing different sites your cost can become significant part of your budget. Internet provides with some free providers, you need to search for it.
  • Email client – Thunderbird is the project developed by the brand who brought Firefox to the market. Using Thunderbird you can stop SPAM, send and receive Emails, and add plugins to design the program as per your requirement.
  • Web templates – There are number of sites offering some exceptionally well designed templates that is even reasonable to purchase separately. Everyone downloads copies but you can make changes in it accordingly to give it your own look. Best amongst all is CSS derived and web standard compliant.
  • Office software – MS office dominates as WordPerfect hardly hangs on. Even then there are ways out to these two productivity suites in the form of Another grand freebie associated with this site is the *pdf maker, saving heavy amount on Adobe acrobat purchase.
  • Web browsers – Gone are the days when only internet explorer was the only name suggested for internet browsing. Infact they are dormant but many web folks are not willing with Microsoft’s dominance and most of them are switching to Firefox, Opera, Netscape and Safari.