Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Facebook’s Graph Search

Facebook graph search is a search engine which is designed to respond user query. The search engine acquires collective data from over one billion users and external sources in order to serve users with best possible search result.
But now Facebook is stretching arms by taking preventive measures for the user protection. Facebook is slowing down its move to a tool that let user search out others by personal information or by common interest. This new idea emphasis on special minor security. Social network is implementing specific graph search rules for teenagers.
In January Facebook launched graph search in beta. As a social network search engine it offers various new ways to uncover friends, photos, places those are saved in this big pool of Facebook. But its other side exposes personal information that should strictly not be revealed.
According to the new rules if a minor is searching, only friend and friends of friends between the ages 13 to 17 will be shown. If an adult does a search that could display a minor’s age or location, the only result that comes is that person’s friend. Details like birthdays, school, and hometown will be only available about users under 18 years to their friends and friends of friends. But yes, the minors will be secured only if they provide their correct age to Facebook.
But privacy consultants are worried. Though the new Graph Search will not display any unwanted or prohibited information and put all the data together at one place that could be used awfully. Graph search has currently been available only to some handful testers. And Facebook will keep on fine tuning the tool as it rolls out.