Monday, April 09, 2007

Impressed, The Arabs Come India Calling


India’s IT prowess is not only being recognised in the West and Far East, but now even the Middle East wants a Made In India tag for its IT products. Recently, Bahwan CyberTek Pvt. Ltd., a $45-million Oman-based global provider of hybrid technology solutions, announced the shifting of its headquarters to Chennai, with a view to ramping up operations in India. It has also restructured its business operations in India, by bringing them under N.P. Menon, Chief Operating Officer, who reports directly to the CEO of the BCT Group.

All its global development, business process outsourcing (BPO) and training operations are being consolidated at its new 180,000-sq. ft. facility in this South Indian city’s IT corridor. Making the following announcement, Durga Prasad, Chief Executive Officer of the BCT Group in India, said: “We are pleased that India, which has been at the centre of our strategy and growth, is now the company’s flagship arm. The move allows us to leverage the high quality talent available here to effectively support our global delivery model. It also positions us well, to tap into growing market demand for many of our Cuecent range of products here in India.”

Menon, designated head of the consolidated Indian operations believes that the BCT group in India will witness all round growth, from significant ramping up of its development presence, expansion of its sales footprint in India, to increased thrust in the research and development (R&D) centre for its Cuecent product division located here.

Set up in 1999 as a global provider of hybrid technology solutions, the Middle Eastern firm’s goal according to Menon is to make India among the largest market for its products, besides being BCT’s development and R&D hub. Bahwan CyberTek Pvt. Ltd.’s marquee clientele includes Cadence, AdOne, Capital One, Captura, Xpedior, Shell, GE Capital, JP Morgan Chase, Charles Schwab, National bank of Oman & Emirates bank. And, apart from Oman, UAE and the US, BCT has a regional presence in Mumbai and Bangalore in India.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Why you should outsource your work?

As our business grows, we may face times when we just cannot do it all and if we try, we will end up in the hospital with a nervous breakdown. Although most small home business owners can’t afford to hire their own employees, today there are wonderful possibilities of outsourcing some of our work. Perhaps it’s worth it to take that big order to our local printer shop if need be. Hunt around for a best deal. Often times you can cut a deal with a company when you purpose to use them as your main outsource for that exact task that you need done. Using a virtual assistant can also be a fine choice for outsourcing. You can train them to help you with some of those tasks that are weighing you down. If you are able to accomplish even more with some help, then you’ll be able to profit more too. However, take time to do your research or find recommendations before tempting to hire someone and start off with a small task to see how things work out for you with your new assistant.

Outsourcing can really be beneficial for a various reasons. Several companies enjoy benefits such as reduced labor costs, larger workforces, access to industry experts and increased flexibility through outsourcing. However, despite the obvious compensation to outsourcing there are some situations when outsourcing is not a good idea. Although there a number of scenarios where outsourcing is a feasible business option there are other scenarios where outsourcing is not the best idea. In these situations it is better to keep the work in-house rather than attempting to make an outsourcing situation work out.

Benefits of Outsource your Work

Outsourcing the work has become a very popular alternative for a number of very suitable reasons. Outsourcing initially emerged as a way for companies to cut costs by having processes such as assembly and manufacturing done in overseas locations where costs were much lower. Operating costs and Lower wages and both contributed to these reduced costs. These lower costs were appealing because they significantly improved the profit margins for the companies. However, outsourcing the work is now gaining in popularity by a various other reasons. While cost reduction is still a main advantage, other elements such as access to industry experts, a bigger workforce and more flexible options are being embraced as welcomed advantages offered by outsourcing.

Outsourcing takes various forms. The reason why businesses outsource their non-core services is generally to save money and time. For a small business owner, this is even more relevant and usually has to take on the task of CEO, accountant, personal assistant and chief marketing officer. This means that the normal small business owner is too busy running the business to actually run the business. For customers, Outsouring brings innovative and streamlined products and services like CRM, billing, and data warehousing. For employees, it brings enhanced performance critical applications like e-mail, intranet and online collaboration

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Outsourcing SEO will help you take forward your business

Anyone who is associated with doing business must be very familiar with the term outsourcing. Well outsourcing is nothing but giving your work to an outside firm or company to do it for you. This may sound unbelievable for someone who is not in to business, but for anyone who is dealing with business this comes as a life saver.

Outsourcing is a life saver because you can shed off your workload and yet will be able to take care of all your work. Is it not amazing that you do not have to lose sleep over anything and still you will be able to meet all your deadlines? If you provide SEO services to your clients then nothing can be better then outsourcing SEO services to a third party. Ideally the work is done in by professionals in countries where the cost of labor is low as compared to your country. So outsourcing SEO services for your company means that you will be able to save huge amounts of money.

Manually searching and fining out free directory from the web is a time consuming work, but this is one of the most crucial elements of SEO and so this needs to be done at all costs. So if you outsource SEO service this will be taken care of very easily. You can be assured that the work will be done efficiently and also at a lower rate.

Writing is another important element of SEO and you can get things written for you online business site from professionals who work in the outsourcing firm. Writing can be a tiring, time consuming and exhausting task. It is very important to have the proper content on your site, otherwise you will lose authenticity and this can have severe repercussions on your business. Only a specialist can do this writing job for you.

Outsourcing SEO services can be done in two ways. There are firms that provide outsourcing SEO services wholly and there are also some freelancing professionals who will do the work for you. If you are looking to outsource certain SEO works say like writing content for your site or redesigning your site, you can hire the services of freelance professionals. However if you are looking for SEO services in totality you can hire the services of an SEO firm and they will do the work for you. Before you hire the services of either a freelancer or an SEO firm that will do the outsourcing work for you, just make sure that you are fully aware about the kind of work that they will do for you. You can check out their portfolios and find out exactly what they are capable of doing and see if you like what they are offering to you. After all you will be handing over to them a very important sector of your business and so you must find out what things they can do for the SEO of your online website.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Do You Understand Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a term which has received a great deal of attention lately. Despite the increasing trend in companies relying on outsourcing there are still some who do not clearly understand what is meant by the term outsourcing. This article will examine some of the key elements of outsourcing to help the reader develop a better understanding of the concept of outsourcing.

Outsourcing Defined
What is outsourcing? This is the most basic question many have about the subject of outsourcing. They are not yet interested in more complex aspects of the issue because they have not yet grasped the most basic understanding of the process. In the simplest language outsourcing is when a company delegates the completion of certain tasks to an individual not employed by the company directly. This individual may be an independent contractor or an employee of another company who is subcontracted to complete these tasks. In exchange for the individual's services, he or his company receives monetary compensation.

This description of Outsourcing makes it far easier to understand the concept. Most people incorrectly assume outsourcing only applies to situations where large corporations have products manufactured overseas by a subsidiary and don't realize examples of outsourcing can be seen just about everywhere in corporate America.

Domestic Outsourcing
Domestic outsourcing refers to outsourcing where both the primary company and the independent contractor or subsidiaries are located in the same country. One of the main reasons for outsourcing is to reduce costs but it is not always necessary to outsource work overseas to reduce costs. Cost savings will be discussed in greater detail in the section on the benefits of outsourcing but essentially outsourcing results in a savings as a result of a reduction of labor costs.

Overseas Outsourcing
Overseas outsourcing is the type of outsourcing most people already understand. This is where large corporations such as Nike, and even some smaller companies, employ manufacturing plants overseas in third world countries to upsize their profits. This is significant because their costs including wages, materials and building lease would be considerably higher in the United States than they are in these other countries.

Benefits of Outsourcing
Now that you have a clearer understanding of the concept of outsourcing, you might wonder why companies would go to the trouble of outsourcing certain tasks. Outsourcing is popular because there are a great deal of benefits to the companies who outsource the work. Some of the benefits include:

* Reduced labor costs
* Increased workforce
* Greater flexibility

One of the main reasons companies resort to outsourcing is it can significantly reduce costs. In the case of overseas outsourcing of manufacturing tasks, costs can be cut dramatically because there are lower wages and costs associated with managing and maintaining the manufacturing plants. However, companies also enjoy a cost savings when they outsource tasks domestically. Reduction of labor costs is the primary source of savings in this case. Independent contractors hired on a contract basis for the purpose of completing specific tasks are often not given benefits such as social security, Medicare and workers' compensation.

Another benefit to Outsourcing is enjoying a larger workforce without actually hiring additional employees. Companies who maintain networking relationships with qualified individuals have more opportunities open to them because they are able to rely on these individuals to assist them if they acquire large or complicated projects.

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