Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Norton Internet Security for Mac 4.0 launched by Symantec

Internet security has become a serious issue which cannot ignored now a days. Even if there is nothing worth protecting on your system, it's still important to keep it locked internet security softwares . Even till few days back Mac users didn't liked using antivirus softwares. Also as OSX antivirus and security software was there and because of these the choices for sellers were less .

But now a days the behavior of people are changing slowly towards the security applications. Among various such applications one is Symantec's Norton Internet Security for Mac 4.0. It has various characteristics of security softwares.

Five years back there was a version released for OSX of NIS in which the security landscape was provided in it.. Now this new Security for Mac 4.0 is a new version. This suite has a firewall along with the features of Norton AntiVirus with the Norton Confidential application. So it can be said that it is very much similar to AIM 1.0 with the only difference with NIS of its usefulness.

NIS provides virus, phishing, and spyware protection also and that too for just $80 for a year of service, or $30 more than Norton AntiVirus on its own. It also helps in protecting files, in updating list of hateful IP addresses. It keeps an eye on Internet worms and all applications.

Its not just a protection from viruses but it is providing Norton Internet Security Dual Protection which is much more than viruses. It provides Dual Protection by combining both the versions of NIS along with cost of $90 only. So its not a very big agreement for just a little money if one regularly use Windows and OSX.