Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Taking your Business to that Extra Mile: Agile Technology

Agile technology being different from the traditional software development process repeatedly synchronize the activities. No doubt sequential development is easy and popular to follow by the team members in which particular fixed steps are to be carried out for every project. but it had some limitations like one has to go through all the phases.

Agile programming reduces the work load. It makes the return on investment faster because of the shorter turnaround time on each component. Also it puts the software into action more quickly. The basis of Agile methodology is face-to-face communication, with written documents as the discussion points. This means that in this work is done collectively despite of working on separate units individually. No one person can hold out information, resources or data from the other team members. Applications that require a distributed development don't work well with Agile.

It improves the quality of the application and involves the user early in the development process. It breaks down the application development project into small modularized pieces. One piece is addressed at a time in a short time slot. This adds to the application and represents a complete part of the functionality. Each piece is an iteration and is like a mini-project in its own right.

At present every body wants to have a quick return on their investment. But if business follows the same traditional time consuming development process a project suffers. But by using the Agile development technique one can use a part of the application today and hence we get a benefit in advance i.e quickly without being forced to wait for whole of the application to be got completed.

Some more common Agile programming methodologies are:

- Extreme programming (XP)
- Scrum
- Adaptive software development (ASD)
- Dynamic systems development method (DSDM)
- Feature driven development (FDD)

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