Sunday, November 09, 2008

Coda Application for Mac Developers

For Long Mac Developers world wide have been using Dreamweaver to develop beautiful interface and complex functionality. Now there is even better and cheaper, The "One-window Web Development" application Coda for Mac OS X by Panic.

In one tabbed window, Coda provides text editor, file transfer, svn, css, terminal, books, and more. Coda uses the power of Transmit, the award winning FTP companion also developed by Panic. The tabbed layout could possibly be one of Coda's best functionalities. One can easily flip between editing a file, to a preview, while keeping everything organized.

Here's the kicker...I recently purchased Dreamweaver.Dreamweaver CS4 application and licence = $399 (Upgrade $199)Coda = $99. I'd advise must checking out the free trial .