Monday, December 27, 2010

HTML 5 And Apple's iAd Producer Tool.

On 21Dec,2010 Apple rolled in a new tool called iAd Producer to help advertisers design their own iOS iAd ad spots.Apple has launched an iAd Producer, automatically managing HTML5 and CSS3 behind ad development for iOS devices, letting the user to focus on creating content.

Apple and HTML 5 development go hand -in hand?

*Users can choose what device they are building for and the producer gives them an overview of the structure and flow of the ad. It also offers a visual editing canvas for each page.
*The producer offers numerous templates for the iAd, includes a component and asset library for graphics and offers built-in animations.
*It also features a built-in simulator to test the iAd, to see how it runs on the desktop or on target devices on the local network.
*iAd Producer offers developers a JavaScript editor with auto completion, syntax colouring and auto indent for coding. The editor provides quick access to available events on your page.
*It also features JavaScript debugging, letting developers set breakpoints within the code with a click and interactively evaluate JavaScript expressions.

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