Thursday, December 16, 2010

Windows mobile application Development

Windows Mobile Application is the latest technology every techno freek should process. This technology allows the user to browse the internet, send receive mails, check with schedules contacts, and prepare presentations, in short manage your whole business with the usage of your mobile. To add on to this high level application you can also use Microsoft windows software's like Outlook, Office and Windows Live.

Our extended support, diverse knowledge and unique delivery process in the field of various Windows Mobile solutions allows us to meet all your business and personal requirements. With diversified experience in creating windows mobile application and working in the most competitive platform of Windows Operating System we assure to be the best choice for you in partnering with.

A-1 Technology create applications for:
» Enterprise
» Retail l
» Industrial
» Consumer

Various Devices that function on Windows Mobile Application are:
» Pocket PC’s
» Smartphone
» Portable Media Canter
» On Board Computers