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GPS -Accurate maps when you need them. No folding required

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. GPS satellites broadcast signals from space that are picked up and identified by GPS receivers. Each GPS receiver then provides three-dimensional location (latitude, longitude, and altitude) plus the time. It has become very popular among professionals ranging from surveys to engineers to archaeologists.
Many engineers may be happy with the degree of accuracy possessed by hand-held GPS. This has been an essential item ( or surveying tool) for field investigation and reconnaissance work. The hand held one may not be the best equipment, where accuracy within a meter is required. For example, for surveying involving trench stakeouts, contour surveys and recording of sites at scales up to 1:2500, using of Differential GPS may be appropriate. For more precise recording, such as grid layouts, excavation plans and topographical surveys, Carrier-Phase GPS will have to be used. Thus implying very high level of accuracy up to millimeter.
GPS Vs Total Station
Until recently the Total Station Theodolite (TST) has become the preferred tool for setting out of trenches, surveying sites or topographical surveys. Frequently in archaeological work, Now GPS has become the popular tool for many surveying professionals. It outperformed TST when the work has to be done:
o Where sites are remote and has limited access, hard details are not available, and positioning may be unreliable.
o Where more man power is required,
o where line of sight cannot be maintained between the instrument and prism.
o where no dependency can be maintained on permanent landscape features.
o when there is no dependency on a maintained line of sight between the base receiver and rover.
In addition, GPS may need less man power and less time to complete same coverage of TST. In other words, both setting up and surveying time is considerably reduced.
There are thousands of apps in iphone app store related to GPS Tracking which proves useful to Design Engineers. These apps are so powerful that it would not have been necessary to pay a single penny for any other GPS apps. The eight powerful GPS apps are listed below:
AmAze GPS is a free turn-by-turn voice GPS app for the iPhone. It offers many of the features of expensive GPS apps!The graphics are decent, and the voice part is really helpful when you are driving to new location .To download it simply tap on “keyword” or “local search” and you will get what you request!
Automilez If you need to really keep track of where you are going and how much time and money you are spending, this is the perfect app for you! Automilez has a sweet interface, but you do need to create a free account first. Then you simply add in your odometer reading when you start and click “stop” when you are done!
GPS Logbooks this app is pretty wicked sweet if you fly the plane or you have to observe the site from the top of location.You can share your flight log book with the world using this handy dandy app.This is a cool app for travelers! As you are flying, simply write a note, and it will update your online logbook with where you are when the post was created.
GPS-LoggerThis app is awesome for geocachers! .GPS-Logger is sweet because you can go back and ADD those photos taken on “un-smart” cameras.It is a great app because you can take pictures or add them in later and connect them to a specific location on a specific date. Now engineers don't have to worry about the location.
GPS-R This is the perfect app for engineers. Not only does it track where you are going, it also tells you when you are near something that you have to do…like buy milk or take back library books. This is an awesome mashup between a to-do list and GPS! GPS-R is sweet because it will remind you of certain tasks when you are near them geographically. Now you dont have to take the help of anyone when you are in a new location.
GPS Tracker- GPS Tracker is quite nice. While it is a little tricky because you have to apply for a free code, it is a nicely done app.Basically, it tracks your phone, so if you are lost in the woods, someone can find you. I hope to never need it, but it will be awesome if I do!. The iPhone updates every few seconds so folks back home can see where you are on the map!
Iwant -This is a sweet little app that lets you know what is around you. Since we go on a lot of hiking trips in areas we don’t know all that well, this helps us find gas and places to eat.
Waze:It is a social app that lets you connect with other Wazers via chatting and map pinning. The BEST part, though, is that its main purpose is to help you navigate traffic. It is kind of like a Way Cool Updated Smokey and the Bandit kind of tool!

If you want Technology in your pocket then stick around! -GPS is here to make your work Faster, Simple and Easier.

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