Friday, July 08, 2011

Google Trying to Take Over FB with Google+

It wouldn't be wrong to say at all that Google has pulled up its socks to soar above its competitors. That's why it recently unwrapped its new updated look, apart from unveiling Plus One, the Plus social network and the recent PageRank update. Speculations are strong that Google is planning to unveil a social network via Google+. It is unsure whether this strategy of Google will work or not.

One thing is absolutely clear that Google is aiming at taking over the popularity of Face book and become the big social players themselves. Though Google refuses to admit it, but insiders have said that the project is even called “Googbook” internally.

Before Facebook had taken over, it was Google's Orkut which used to triumph its music on web. But Google has pretty much information regarding the visitors on orkut, who can now acquire their own social opinions called +1 which helps quality websites climb up the pages. But practically seeing, it should not act as a hurdle for highly successful Facebook. Though Google+ has got an excellent response from everywhere, at the end of the day, its about an individual's own choice. Those who are addicted to FB will still remain its fan.

Also it would be hard for anyone to give up over 500 friends and 1000 tagged pics just to switch over to some other social site, even if benefits are larger. However, lets not conclude that Google+ wont have any following. One can have two accounts on different social networking sites. Apart from this, Google+ does offer quite a lot of attractive features like connections not requiring to be two-way, eradicating any clutter from people you don’t actually care about in your stream. Apart from this, it will be pretty amazing to watch how Google advertises with the aim of showing Facebook stars in daytime. But there still lies a possibility that once the initial excitement fades out, Facebook might prevail again.

Now let us give the comparison between Google and FB a backseat and rather talk about the innovative features of Google+. Overall, it's a very simple interface, notifications are great, interactions like hanging out voice chat etc are commendable. As of now, its on BETA, but it wouldn't be wrong to say that the version is much better than many other unveiled by Google in past.