Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Android Market for Smartphones Redesigned by Google

It has not been really long since Google came out with a whole new Android Market website and now its all set to unveil a renovated storefront client for Android smartphones, with the aim of offering more user-friendly way to application discovery. Google is hopeful that the new Android Market client displays top apps and games in a more effective manner, as it boasts an enhanced UI and more functional download and purchase processes. Apart from this, it also will let the developers to experience better ways to market and merchandise their apps.

Some of the innovative features of the new Android Market client are a new homescreen promotional page created to feature top content, instant access to apps and games. Moreover, the page also connects users to books and movies. Whats even more exciting is that the Apps and Games pages will now include Top Paid, Top Free, Top Grossing, Top New Paid, Top New Free and Trending lists. In order to offer a more appropriate consumer experience, Google will make each list country specific.

Android market now also boasts a brand new app details page, which make it possible to move the name and price into an action bar at the top. Furthermore, the users will now be able to go through screen shots, scroll down to read the description of the app, add more information, reviews and related data or click a thumbnail link to screen a product video that displays in fullscreen mode when the device is in landscape orientation.

A more streamlined click-to-purchase flow that allows two-click transactions from the app details page is presented by the new Android Market client, when users decide to purchase an application. The Android Market also works to enhance cross-sell opportunities by presenting a list of other apps available from the same developer to the user , when he purchases an app.
In other developments, Google is striving hard to move the Android Market update to smartphones running Android 2.2 and above. It's a matter of another few weeks and the update might reach all phones.

At present, there are over 250,000 apps being offered by Android Market. May onwards, Google has been living over 500,000 new Android devices each day. The U.S. Smartphone market is 38.1 pct dominated by the Android operating system, higher from 33.0 percent three months earlier. Next comes Apple iOS with 26.6 percent market share, followed by Research In Motion's BlackBerry at 24.7 percent.