Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Android And Market.

Android is finally beating up iPhone and blackberry phones, in U.S market. After evaluating the statics of the Android sale chart we can say that 33% of the U.S citizens owns a smart-phone, Android is on first number in the race and Blackberry stands second with 28.9 % and on third is iPhone with 25.2 % sale rate. But still android needs a lot of work to do so, that it can gain the trust of the customers in the market.

- The biggest draw back of Android application development platform is the inability of smart-phone to stay current on software. So, Android developers should reduce fragmentation. As apple stressing on new software to increase its portability and ability with new operating system like apple the android should also be in touch with latest software as the latest phones are using a version of android that became updated four months ago. So, its a time for something new.

- Android is very well known for its open source platform as codes are all ready available and you can just go on its store and develop any application with the help of given codes. It is heard from one source that Google is now paying attention to the " Non fragmentation clauses " upon licensees. It is quite upset for that users who always want to see his handsets different from others. I really appreciate this but it is very much risky concept for Google because if the other OS proves more attractive to users like Window Phone 7 they will ultimately move towards it.