Thursday, April 28, 2011

Largest Storehouse for Smartphones Applications

Latest smartphones has altogether given a good platform for user. User wants to use latest upgraded software and application. Smartphones applications do amazing things in one's phone. In market serve Distimo has reported that the online app store Google (Android) offers 134,342 free applications and Apple's (iPhone) offers 121,845 free applications for download.

Distimo is an application analytic provider. It was founded to solve the challenges created by a widely fragmented app store marketplace filled with equally fragmented information and statistics.

Apple's iPhone new pricing are skyrocketing as compared the price offered by Google's Android. More people are now going with Android for its compatibility, pricing and less maintenance cost.

Apple's iTune is largest app storehouse at present with various applications and software option. With 75,755 applications, out of which 34,120 were for iPad alone. The total number of available iOS applications registers to 367,334.

Apart from the above surveys Distimo also estimated that over a six-month period RIM Blackberry applications will be twice in number and likely surpass Nokia's Ovi Store. With that applications provided by Symbian, Java has not been able to match the popularity of iPhone and Andriod.

With same user interface used by iPhone and Andriod, Android apps are much cheaper in price. Smartphones user are always looking for best product in reasonable price, hence Android has the potential to lead the application world.

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