Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Latest In Mobile Market

Today, smartphone are the hot topic of conservation all over the world. Lets take a look at what's new in the smartphone market and what the mobile industry players of Apple, Blackberry and Android are offering in the upcoming months.

According to Sanford Bernstein: the iphone 5 will be having these five features which are as follows:-
1.For iAds It will be having larger advertising platform.
2.A digital "locker" in the "cloud" to synchronize content between users' Apple devices
3.A music streaming service based on subscription.
4.An "aggressively priced video subscription service"
5.And voice interface service taking user request in a verbal way.

Android Go Global: The latest Android 2 Global allows users to have the same functions of their phone on more than 220 countries. The Verizon world phone automatically detects and switches to the GSM network, making for smartphone operations overseas simple.

Some of features of the Droid 2 Global include:
• 1.2 GHz processor on the Android OS 2.2
• Acts as a mobile hotspot with up to 5 other Wi-Fi enabled devices
• International power adapters
• 8 GB of on board memory; 8 GB pre-installed Micro SD card
• 5 MP camera
• Runs on CDMA and GSM networks, allowing for international use

Blackberry and PlayBook: Blackberry is one of the classic handset of today. It is not only a business phone but also good for playing games and developing games applications. Blackberry consists of java platform which is best for developing games platform. In addition, the BlackBerry JDE provides a full suite of interfaces and utilities to take advantage of some of the unique features of the BlackBerry smartphone. BlackBerry is, what some would say, the first in the smartphone solutions for business executives and RIM is constantly innovating its products and launching mobile phones that help to improve efficiencies, even when you’re out of the office. PlayBook is poised to be just as successful as its sister products. The PlayBook features:
• 7” LCD display with 1024 x 600 screen resolution
• 3 MP high-def forward facing camera; 5 MP high-def rear-facing camera
• HDMI video output, Micro USB and Micro HDMI ports
• High-def video conferencing
• 1 GB RAM
• Fully Flash enabled
• Wireless connects to BlackBerry phone for real time access to programs and apps