Friday, April 08, 2011

Don't Let iPhone See You NAKED !!!

The iPhone 4 is a wonderful gadget developed under the supervision of Mr. Steve. It was announced on June 7, 2010 at the WWDC 2010 held at the Moscow center, San Francisco and was updated on 24 , 2010 in U.S, France, Japan. The iOS of iPhone 4 is similar to previous ipad and iPhone. It is known as touchscreen smartphone with features like A4 , Retina Display and Facetime.

Iphone and Facetime:- The iphone is built with two front cameras one on the front and other on the back to serve the facetime feature properly. The iPhone software developer has designed facetime feature in such a way that only a single tap can make you use this feature. If you want to start a video call with your friend just tap on its name and tap the face time button. It is awesome as it works in both portrait and landscape modes. Someone has rightly said that Rose has thorns too same is with facetime.

Issues regarding Facetime:- Many users are complaining against facetime . According to their complains they have seen some photos taken iPhone front facing camera, which they never clicked.

Some complains are as follows:- One of the girl stated in her report , "My boyfriend and I have both recently experienced this problem several times - when one of us is calling the other via FaceTime, an old picture freezes on our screen, while the person receiving the call only sees a black screen," wrote kar0786. "It's kind of creepy, because it brought up photos of both of us at work, where I have used FaceTime a few times but he never has.

We're just wondering how/why this is happening, and if there is a fix. It's not terribly inconvenient, but it's definitely unsettling, where is seems that even if we haven't taken a picture or used FaceTime, the camera is keeping images." Another wrote, "I have a dashboard mount for my phone. I had left the phone in the car when I ran in to get my sandwich. This was at a strip mall that I had never visited before and never connected to any WiFi. I parked in the middle of the lot, about 75ft from the doors to Subway. Ran it, got my food, hopped back in the car. I hit the button to see if anyone called me (no one did) and drove off. After I got in to where I was working and ate my sandwich, I tried to use FaceTime and saw a frozen image of me in the car from 20-30 minutes prior!"

So, lets be careful while accessing Facetime.