Monday, February 14, 2011

Doc Keeper Pocket Personal Assistant.

Risk of losing ID-Don't Worry Doc Keeper Pocket Personal Assistant is Here!!

Doc Keeper Pocket Personal Assistant a graet iPhone app to organize and keep secure backups of all your important information, ideal for people like me who are at risk of losing my ID. It protects passwords and passports alike, helping me keep ready for whatever life throws at my next. It’s more than a "things to do" app or a PDA... it’s the one safe & secure, portable centralized place you’ve been looking for to store and access all your documents, contacts, dates, passwords, account numbers, receipts, financial,statements,transcripts, maintenance schedules, memberships, medical information... well, you get the idea. Doc keeper will provide you what you need to know when you need it from any location.

Safe and Secure: PIN ⁄ Password required security enabled features enhances built-in iPhone feature hardware encryptions, pass-code lock and remote wipe functionality.

Password Organizer: Everything today requires a pass code, password, combination or username and login. Need we say more?

Friendly Reminders: The best personal assistants never let you forget important dates, meetings, birthdays, or that your car registration is about to expire. This iPhone Software Programming Doc Keeper Pocket Personal Assistant will never let you down.

Image and Photo Storage: Maintain actual images of your important documents, reports, medical records, purchased, insured and household items for easy recall and forward. Combined with your document storage, it’s an invaluable resource if ever faced with lost or stolen items.

All your vital documents all stored in one safe, secure and accessible place... your pocket. That’s why it's called... your pocket personal assistant.