Friday, March 04, 2011

A Salute to Android

According to Neilsen report formulated by evaluating mobile market from Nov 10' to Jan 11' it indicates that Android is in the top list and has highest score in the mobile market. It had beat up iPhone and Blackberry with the gap of 2% . The mobile market graph tell that Android market has own up at 29% and rest iPhone and Blackberry products sales is only 27%. So , now this story is old which says that iPhone is still ahead in the race . Now the most loving phone is android only. With rose there are thorns too. As Android platform is developing side by side Android developers are worried too as they wants to make it a secure one because of following reasons:-

The popularity of Android devices:- When any thing comes out with name and fame all tries to get it through good and bad means. Same is the case with Android application platform. As it is being popular so hackers are trying to take it and the cyber criminals are realizing that and acting and preparing themselves according to this. The popularity of android can become an inviting target for malicious hackers.

The existence of malware:- The concern about the android programming security issue is very sensitive one because malware is present over there. If the concept of malware not present in android than the google have being feeling safe but now they have to think and make their platform a secure one.

The security companies are observing:- As we all know that the android platform is open source one and there is always a chance for hacker to hack any programming while other brands like apple are regarded as secure one so every company is pointing on android platform

Source foe revenue potential:- We all adopt illegal methods to earn money and we choose only that platform which is finacially a stronger one and is collecting great earning in the market i.e economically strong. The cyber criminals attacks only that operating system that have most users. So mobile technology have to make android a secure one because we all know that this is today new smartphone and in future it will be at high level due to its wonderfull apps.

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