Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Impact Of Mobile Phones.

The communication industry in India is one of the rapidly emerging sectors and is estimated to the surface as the 2nd biggest international Mobile Application Development platform market. As per TRIA report Indian communication industry has registered a 3.5 % hike in its telecom subscribers in Dec 2009. The sector touched 562.21 million. Yeah ! Its quite surprising. You will be more surprised if you start evaluating others countries stats. This hike is all because the mobile experts are updating everyday a new smart phone in the market with new set of applications. List of some smart phones which are popular in the mobile market are as follows:-

iPhone Platform:- iPhone Programming is fully based on iOS . It has features like video camera, text messaging, visual voice mail, portable media player,web browsing. It supports Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity and has a virtual keyboard rather than physical one. The third party applications are also available on apps store which are nearly 300,000 in number. These apps are based on diverse functionality which includes Games, GPS, Face Time, Social networking sites and so on.
Android Platform:- We all are familiar with android programming which is based on open source platform. The Android's operating system is based upon modified version of the Linux Kernel. There are currently 150,000 apps available for Android store run by Google and they can also be download from third party sites.