Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Which deserves your hard-earned cash?

The popularity of mobile application development platform is catching fire. Every day we notice new features discovered by mobile developers. The two smartphone which are gaining popularity in the market are iPhone and Android. Both these handhold gadgets rollout with exciting new features and innovations with each release. As recently Apple has released iPad 2 in the market. We can evaluate iPhone and android devices from different and countless angles. So, here is the true review of both android and iPhone devices:-

iPhone is the winner in following phases:- The new users can easily use iPhone and understand its feature easily with less time. It has one main button at the bottom of the screen and everything you do consists of tapping app icons from the home screen. iPhone is packed up with good battery life than android phone. iPhone devices carries syncing in a better way than android .If you really use Outlook, Address book or iTunes than iPhone is the better and good option for you. iPhone also wins the trophy in the field of game and music from Android.

Android expertise in these areas:- Android is surely beating iPhone in several ways .Android phone is the invention of Google so if you rely on google tools than android is the better option to go. The biggest benefit of these phones is that you can customize the wallpaper which you like, no need of jailbreak software like iPhone. What we really like in android is that it is based on open source.

Which phone is a better option:- In the term of economic sale iPhone is ahead because it is an old platform and every year we are introduced with new iPhone version while android is just out a few months before. Apple's has vast numbers of stacked in its favor. It gets huge discounts on components, because it buys so many at once. It designed its own processors everything instead of purchasing from third party. And it sells iPads through its own retail and online stores, which gives it an even bigger chunk of the cash from each sale. So, you are smart enough to choose which gadget is good for you.

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