Monday, March 07, 2011

Whether you call FB a time-saver or a time-suck

How to use Facebook so it doesn’t use you this is quote involves a serious discussion .The usage of fabcebook and the need to develope customized facebook application had suprised the Google with its most trafficked website in countries like U.S. Today the facebook is being used by all if we need any info about any person we just log in our facebook account and gets all.

But as the facebook popularity is rising day by day the question of privacy also exist here. How much sharing should be done? What do facebook developers do with juicy data? these types of concers are taking place.So, well if opt some precaution while accessing our fb we can cewratinly be one of the best user of this and take all the advatages of this site.

Tips for avoiding facebook potential dark side:-

Don't be too much liberal:- Accepting everones friend request should be avoided . The unknown person request should never accepted as it will loose your standard and privacy as in the direct way you are empowering your all info to the strangers. And these kind of friends are just timepass because they will never respect you, yours ideas , your values and so on.

Be picky with Apps:- The third party apps gain access to your personal account when you install them . Even facebooks apps like Farmville also gets access your info. So, if you have already install any app in your account but have not used it than i will prefer you to delete it. Because if you're not using it than also facebook developers are doing something out of it. When you download any app it always alert you .So ,the choice to "allow" is up to you. Pretty simple.