Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Race Of Smartphones

Today phones had become everyone's necessity . It is most reliable communicating network with others through text, images, videos and voice. These two things which really makes it different from today's mobile platform from those of past mobile technology are as follows:-

Third Party Applications:- When the mobiles were first introduced no one was well aware of its use and applications only people use them to receive and make calls to one another. But now time has changed today people are well aware about this device and now people wants to mould this device according to their needs so, to fulfil all their needs there are plenty of apps available in mobile market.

Successful Media Library:- Today's smart-phone media capabilities often equal to those of laptop and even desktop PCs. This is due to iTunes library and invention of A5 chip.

Phones are becoming more dashing day by day:- As i am doing research on various mobile platform i found that iPhone is fully based on iOS, Android phones are using the latest version 2.2 of Google and Window Mobile are fully based on Java. Whatever the other mobiles expert reports says that android is first in the race but i object on this. No doubt it is gaining popularity but it is still lagging behind because iPhone programming has proved itself as there are 350,000 iPhone apps in the market while Android based phones has 150,000 apps .In short this indicate that which phone is more successful and best for you.

Apple's iPhone 4:- Apples each generation phone offers a greater number of features. The iphone 4 has great features like the highest resolution screen with its front and rear cameras enable video calls and conferencing. Face-time offers best while interacting with other users. But the two biggest attractions of the iPhone 4 are its immense number of apps and its robust media capabilities.