Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The HONEYCOMB'S Platform

The biggest achievement which the Android developers can count is that they have launched Android phones very late but still it is emerging high on a great speed and have become one of the biggest enemy of iPhone platform or you can say that it is the competitor of iPhone mobile market.

Now a day such phones that run on android operating system is people's first choice. All the mobile brands are making android phones and are seeking attention of people. There are lots of reasons for high demand of Android phones because they are easily available in the market but Apple iPhone 5 are only available in the Apple stores.

Revolutionizes the tablet experience:- Android 's widgets allow you to scroll and view through inbox. flip through the latest news stories and thumb through your upcoming calender appointments. When we receive an e-mail, android tablet briefly flashes the info at the bottom of your screen .You can customize notifications service whenever you want.

Voice-to-text technology:-You can also use Google 's voice actions system -accessible via an icon on the home screen. Honeycomb tablets have fully integrated support for voice-based input. Anywhere you can type text, you can speak it.

Suopports browsing technology:- Honeycomb's browser is as close to the desktop experience as you can get on a tablet. The browser allows you to have multiple tabs, to open pages in "incognito" mode, and to automatically stay synced with your computer's Chrome installation. That means your bookmarks are always available and always up-to-date, wherever you go -- no PC connections or service subscriptions required. Honeycomb will soon support flash based browsing content.

Fell free to use services:- Android gives to opportunity to use your tablet freely whenever you want. It is free from Apple -enforced restrictions on how you can customize your device and what you can do with it.