Friday, March 25, 2011

Twitter vs. Facebook.

Which is better for small business promotions?

Today, we cannot deny the fact that the internet has become the major source for all types of business. You can take the internet as one of the most effective marketing tool as almost all business whether big or small, are promoted through the internet.

Small business and facebook:- Facebook has already reached more than 500 million subscribers because of its Facebook application development platform which offers you variety of apps like games, photos sharing, status sharing, quiz apps and so on. Just imagine if only 2% of these subscribers would know about your business. This is definitely a lot that any marketing tool can offer today.

How to promote your small business via Facebook:- Firstly,you have to create a facebook account and than you are going to create a fan page and this fan page is going to be your business page where you can post all the info of your business like what services you are providing ,what is your exact location and you can post photos and videos related to business tours and share it with other facebook users. Other way of promotion is to offer discount and coupons to the people using the facebook page, as most of the people usually gets attracted to such offers. Even though if you offer your products at a discounted price, you can still make up for the sales as more people will patronize your product.

How to tweet your small business via Twitter:- Twitter lets instantly get the word out about your product, service, project or an idea. As the twitter is a promotional tool so, while accessing it you have to be more careful. First of all manage your Twitter account and use twitter search bar to see what people are looking for and talking about particular topics which you found interesting. And don't forget to reply on other people's tweet too. People with whom you actually converse are going to be your friends and will be most receptive to your business. Secondly, make sure that your tweets aren't perceived as ads. Your posts need to offer people something, whether it's information or entertainment. So, always keep in mind that the twitter is not a bulletin board you need to be there for participating in the conservation. If you follow all the rules than your business will be on the top.

Which is the better tool?

According to me facebook will serve you the best for promoting small businesses as you can share the videos, pictures , create events and invite others and also can participate in voting too. If owners are debating between Twitter and Facebook, they should first consider their audience.