Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Once you have your colors

Once you have your colors, what good are they if you can’t find anything to wear!

Apple is rocking in each and every field.It seems like just yesterday when Apple first announced the release of a mobile phone i.e iPhone. Since that time, the iPhone has revolutionized communication. People are using a wide range of iPhone applications with diverse utility to solve various problems. Games allow users to kill time during the boring moments of the day. Other iPhone apps let consumers review banking information, find the lowest gas prices, and keep up with their favorite sports teams. What is the hottest great fashion app for your new iPhone? Let's take a closer look.

ColorMatchGirl iphone application:-

Start a new profile and the CMG main creation profile page will appear and than Adjust the brightness of your iphone/ipad.Choose a part of your body that best represents your skin tone.and click a picture of it.Scroll through the color strip to match the color on the right with the photo of your skin tone.-Scroll up or down to select your eye/hair color.Tap anywhere in the color wheel at the top to select from this season's hot colors,Or simply choose a color you feel looks good on you.The fabulous fashion secrect of “Having Your Colors Done” is now available to women everywhere.


• CMG will feature the first Shop By Color retail search engine connected to thousands of retailers.

• Shop directly from your color palette.

• Shop for your prom dress, or a new suit. Find colorful accessories, hosiery, or pick the perfect bathing suit to match your tan. The possibilities are endless and soon you’ll be asking…