Monday, March 21, 2011

Googley Moogely Folk Is Over NOW!!

Yeah! It is pretty true that Googley Moogely folk is over. Now, Google's experts are busy in digging up applications at regular intervals into the iPhone apps store based on iPhone programming. All these apps are fully free. Here, presenting you a list of such apps so that you can make best use of such offers.

Google Places App:- This iphone app will provide you complete information regarding the geographical locations you want to explore. No, doubt there are other apps too like GPS which works same as this app but here we can feel more secure because this app is powered by Google .It also suggests you a list of new locations based on your likes and dislikes.

Google Shopper App:- It is designed to help user to find the products in the iphone's arsenal. While accessing this app we have an option to take out the picture of a product or scan it's bar-code or you can even use microphone to say the name of product which you are looking for, once the search is complete the Google shopper will pull up the product information, reviews, local as well as online prices and much more.

Google Translate:- This app has the ability to translate the words into more than 50 language. For instance, if you type something in the text box, Google will automatically translate that particular word displaying the translated text on your screen. This app will also allow you to speak any particular word over the microphone and it will translate that word into desired language.

Things seems to be wonderful here and i can't wait for this. Here i go with iphone on my palm and tapping these apps on its screen.