Friday, March 11, 2011

Flash Programming In Action

If we talk literary than a sudden intense burst of radiant enery is called a flash. But if we talk in technical language than Flash is a multimedia platform used to add animation,video and interactivity to web pages. It has been positioned as a tool :RIAs ( Rich Internet Applications).

Benefits of flash:-

-Supports bi-directional audio and video streaming.

-Able to manipulate vector and raster graphics.

-Very handy with rich UI components like calender or fancy Nav. Systems.

-Work like complex animations and playing video can be done in flash, which otherwise would be difficult and not possible in HTML alone.

-Supports wide array of platform and browser.

-Ideal for multimedia.

Well suited for interactive applications and games.

Flash Services Platform:-

As i have already mentioned that flash is used for video and audios services. As 3 versions of flash are well known to us such as Flash Action script 1.0, Flash Action script 2.0, and Flash Action script 3.0. Only a flash programmer has perfect knowledge to meet the creative and technical development needs of the customers. With his creativity and professionalism , you will experience the maximum return on investment. The game lovers use flash designers, flash developers use flash as a versatile tool to create highly interactive web application and make it a successful one.