Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What effects does Cloud Computing have on information technology?

The ever growing advancements of information technology is focussing on reduced infrastructure, greater applications, storage space and cutting down on costs. Cloud computing has garnered an immense amount of attention of late, it is increasingly also being used for mobile computing. Cloud computing can also be confused for web hosting, however they both have different technologies.

What is cloud computing?. Cloud computing helps us in accessing software, data services and storage services without investing in IT infrastructure or software over the medium of the internet.Involving third party hosting these in large servers. Cloud computing solutions are being used by topo notch companies like Amazon, Yahoo,Google and Microsoft.

This is of three types software as service(SaaS, platform for service (PaaS) for developers and Infrastructure as a service(IaaS). Cloud computing seems to have remarkable effects on information technology.It offers to bring down the costs which are otherwise spent on manpower or infrastructure.Offering easy expansion it gives you the flexibility of using more resources if you are expanding your business.It has gained its brownie points in being environmental friendly.

It would be unfair to call this technology as the answer to Information technology issues. It's security as well as privacy is questionable. Maintenance of sensitive and encrypted data,recovery over loss of data and accountability are issues that have been raised with its gaining momentum.The end user today wants to protect his privacy and avoid abuse or be monitored by someone.

Increasingly being deemed as the answer to all IT requirements,it has to pass the litmus test to be adopted for IT requirements globally.