Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Approval for apps for iOS platform surpasses 500,000 mark

Yesterday was a big day for Apple as the number of individual apps passed for its iOS platform surpassed the 500,000 mark. However, if we look at the active apps available in the Apple Store, there might be approximately 40,000 of them, but the thing worth mentioning here is that the number of approved apps is a great thing in itself for developers and app seekers alike.

With the aim of celebrating this occasion and highlighting others since the Apple App Store launched on July 10, 2008, an infographic was yesterday unveiled by 148Apps, independent mobile app blog, along with Chomp, the leaders in app search technology, and Chillingo, a top app game developer. They have included top apps of all time, number of developers contributing to the 500,000 number, a timeline of approved apps, growth projections and more in this infographic.
Well, we have got a few amazing statistics for you from the infographic:

  1. Do you know, you will have to shell $891,982.24 and over 7 terabytes to get all available applications?

  2. While nearly 36% of all apps are free, paid apps have an average price of $3.64.

  3. The numero uno paid spot for the total 275 days has been held by Angry Birds released by Chillingo and developed by Rovio.

“The fact that it has taken less than three years to reach this number is remarkable. With the improved tools for developers and steady adoption of smartphone technology, I anticipate there is still a lot of runway,” expressed Jeff Scott, founder of 148Apps on this milestone.

Meanwhile, the Android Marketplace, which came into existence 8 months after the Apple App Store in March 2009, is considered to be the closest competitor to the iOS App Store. It contains nearly 294,000 apps and 3 billion app downloads.

The infographic, is available via the 500k apps Facebook fan page: