Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In-App add with Rich Format Leaves Memorable Impression on User's Mind.

A latest survey report released by Web measurement firm Compete, has specified that consumers tend to remember ads within apps for longer period as compared to the ones they see in the mobile Web. The survey found out that 52% of smartphone owners remember the in-app ads they have come across, compared to 40% who could recall ads which they encountered during surfing the mobile Web.

If we categorize the smartphones via their platforms, then 65% of iPhone users were able to recall in-app ads, as compared 33%, who could remember mobile browser ads. But, on the whole, it was seen that percentage of recalling was a little higher in users of Google's Android platform (55%), in comparison to iPhone users (51%). Meanwhile, only 22 pct of BlackBerry apps users could remember a few advertisements.

One of the reasons why in-apps are more remembered by the users might be because they display rich media formats, which simply lights up the screen. Moreover these ads appear at regular intervals, like when playing a game. Due to this, they tend to grab attention of the users more as compared to standard mobile Web display ads.
The study further revealed that the users least remembered ads coming via text messaging/ SMS, with 27% recall among iPhone and Android users.

In April, Google came out with its study results specifying that 82% of smartphone users notice mobile ads, especially display ads, and a third notice mobile search ads. These ads had positively effected many users; for instance, a mobile ad stimulated half of the users to take an action at some point, with 35% visiting a Web site and 49% making a purchase.
The survey report by Compete ranked the following app categories in the first quarter as the toppers to be downloaded.

1.Games (55%)

2.Weather (44%)

3.Social networking (39%,)

4.Entertainment (38%)

5.Maps/ navigation (36%)

In 2010, apps related to social networking moved up from the fifth to the third most-downloaded type of app
So, over all it wouldn't be wrong to conclude that the scope of Mobile App Development is on full boom for a next few years and so is the scope of the App Developers.